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An All Knowing God & Freewill

If you are at all logical like I am the title of this should seem like an Oxy Moron.   (Contradiction of Terms)  However when one is dealing with Christians one thing that must be expected is to hear the utterly absurd touted as if it is completely sane.

Even if a God exists and is All Knowing than the ideas we have of Freewill are really an Illusion we have because we are not All Knowing.  To something that is All Knowing there can be Nothing that it doesn’t know.  Hence the word All.  If a God would be limited to only knowing what Might happen or could happen than it would really be no different then us and it wouldn’t be a God.

It is completely inconsistent to say in one breath, as Christians and their stupid bible does, that God is All Knowing and then gets angry or jealous at anything.  These are qualities that are completely incompatible and hence making this God completely Impossible.

Let’s say for example that You are married and You know that after being married for 5 years, 6 Months, 21 Days that your spouse is going to have an affair with a Co worker.  You know this will happen and nothing can change it happening otherwise you would know that too.  Given this complete foreknowledge of what will occur would you really be able to be angry or jealous from this happening?

I contend you would not be capable of having any emotional reaction to it since you would’ve known it would happen for 5 Years, 6 Months, 21 Days.  Any emotional reaction would’ve been there when you first knew it would happen.  By the time it actually did happen you would have reached a point of acceptance of what is.  Especially if you also know that after this event your Spouse will be killed in a car accident on their way home.

The knowledge of the events that will occur means existence is like a painting.  The picture is complete and can’t be changed.  It is what it is.  Like it or not that is how that picture looks. 

If such a being would have this type of knowledge then I contend it would be devoid of emotion regarding anything that would occur.  That it would know the tragedies as well as the triumphs.   So the idea of anyone not living up to the standard of this being (God for lack of a better term) would be as stupid as someone saying to an Ant or an Inchworm that they are not living up to Human Standards.  Of course the Ant or Inchworm will not live up to Human standards.  The Human standards are beyond the comprehension of the Ant or Inchworm.  So why bully the Ant or Inchworm for being limited in what they can achieve because of where they happen to be in their process of Evolution?

Yet this very thing is what the bible God is doing and has done for thousands of years according to the Religions of the world.   Worst of all the religious will bend over backwards to defend this completely insane thought process.

The Religious take this stupidity even further when they try to Pray to change events.  If this God is All Knowing then it would have Known the events that would occur.  It would also know that these people were going to Pray and Sacrifice shit and try to do all kinds of crap to change the events that it knew was going to happen from the beginning.

Since this God knew the events that would occur as well as the prayers about it and that none of those prayers would be answered.  Then what exactly was the point in praying in the first place?  Nothing could change it because the God which is All Knowing knew what events would unfold.  There is simply no way around this.

To claim as i have heard some Christians try to say that God turns off his all knowingness is so utterly moronic I can’t help but laugh at it.  This would be like saying that you could choose to not know something. 

I have joked with my Girlfriend about this when at the store I pick up a dozen roses and I say to her, “Now turn off your All Knowingness so this will be a surprise.”

For someone to actually say this and not be being completely sarcastic would mean they are out of their fucking mind.  You simply can’t unknow something that you know.  It is as stupid as people who say to someone who said something nasty or insulting, “Take that back”

What is the person supposed to invent a time machine right there and go back in time so they don’t say what you don’t want?  Or what are they to suck the words back into their mouth? 

You can’t Un anything.  Once you say or do something it is done.  No amount of wanting to change it can make it not have happened.  Even if the person says they take it back the memory of it having happened is still there.  It did happen and there simply is no changing it.

This doesn’t mean we can’t learn from things that happen.  We can and we must.  However we can’t make that event not have happened. 

If a God exists our Freewill is an Illusion that we have but the idea of that God being demanding we think a certain way is completely moronic.  After all if it is All Knowing then it would know All of what we would think and do.  So the religion or lack there of with anyone would be completely meaningless to such a being.

 This is why when Christians try and resort to the God being a Cosmic Force behind the Universe that they are really pissing on their own feet.  The Personal interest in the life of any human is completely inconsistant with something that has a complete knowledge of everything that will occur.  It would also mean that this God / Force would know the Atheist as well as the Believer as well as they know themself if not better then they know themself.

It would know the exact reasons why the person believes or not in their existence and since it would’ve known this for eons then it wouldn’t be a surprise or offense in any way!


Top Ten Signs Someone is a Religious & Not just Spiritual

More and more people are wanting to profess to not be religious but that they are Spiritual.  These people clearly don’t have the slightest clue what the term Spiritual actually means.  They are simply buying into the latest crock of Christian driven Bullshit.

The reason people like this “Spiritual” term is they think they can use that and just claim to believe in a “God” and not have to think beyond that.  The term Spiritual is so vague that it can be applied to anything mystical.  Just like the word God doesn’t denote any specific magical being.  It gives the person such a broad range to move that they can think and act like an expert when really they don’t know jack shit about human origins, how religious ideas have changed over history, historical facts, scientific facts, etc.

Here are my Top Ten Signs someone is Religious & Not just Spiritual.

10. They use a God of the Gaps mindset – When confronted with the fact that we have no evidence any God actually exists the person will try to find any question which can’t be answered by Science or Historical Evidence. When they find something that is unknown then Suddenly that means God did it. They have no real answer either but want to have any unknown be an automatic win for their God. This is called an argument from Ignorance.

9. They will talk about fictional characters from the Christian Religion like Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses & Jesus – If anyone says how they found Jesus or Came to know Jesus this is a clear sign you are dealing with a Christian. It doesn’t matter if they claim to not be a Christian later this is simply an attempt to Lie to try to get wiggle room on what their God is. The Religious will always look to wiggle like a worm on a hook to try to get away from anything they don’t like while demonizing anyone not just like them. Especially an Atheist. The Religious really don’t like the Atheist. They can better deal with a Satanist then they can an Atheist.

8. The Argument Something can’t come from Nothing – To the Religious person this seems to be an easy win because they don’t grasp what Evolution or Ancient Alien Theory is about. They also don’t realize that the only thing that says something came from nothing is Creationism. The biggest problem is their God itself has to be “Something” so it couldn’t have just been or come about from nothing. Which means this Argument defeats their ideas. Science doesn’t say that Something came from Nothing it is Religion which makes that claim.

7. Claiming the United States was Founded on Christianity This isn’t just inaccurate this is a bold-faced fucking lie. This isn’t a matter of Faith this one is a matter of Fact that the United States was specifically not founded on the Christian religion. In fact those very words are in the Treaty of Tripoli Article 11 “As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion” You can’t possibly get more clearly stated then that. Yet Christians clearly have no problem Lying when it suits their Religion even though it is in the fucking ten commandments that: “Thou shalt not bear false witness” Exodus 20:16 & Deuteronomy 5:20. Yea i bet none of you knew your Ten Commandments were in your fucking bible twice! Once in Exodus 20 and then again (as if you idiots even read the damn book you claim to believe) in Deuteronomy 5.

6. The United States is In God We Trust & One Nation Under God

This one going hand in hand with the previous bit of stupidity that Christians babble and is equally bullshit. The Phrase In God We Trust was added to money in 1861.That is 85 Years after the United States was founded!

It was 93 Years after this that the Phrase One Nation Under God was added to the Pledge. The God shit was Officially Added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 by Congress!

The God garbage was simply not intended to be part of the Motto of the USA. The idea with the first amendment was that Religion would be a personal issue not one that the government would take a position on at all. The First Amendment of the US Constitution which makes it clear: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”

Christians can’t handle a society where people have the Freedom to Not have the God shit shoved down their throat. Christians don’t want other religions ideas pushed on them but they are hell-bent on shoving their bullshit down other people’s throat and being, “If you don’t like it Leave.” As if They think the United States is a Theocracy! (Government run by Religion!)

5. The idea that People believe what they want to / It is a matter of Faith – On the surface this seems like one that is ok but when you stop and think about it there is a major problem with it. That problem being if you believe what you want to then your beliefs are not necessarily based on facts or evidence but only on what you want to believe. Just because you want to believe (Think) certain thoughts this doesn’t mean that they magically become true just because you believe them. A childs belief in Santa Claus doesn’t magically mean that presents on Christmas come from a fat man in a red suit giving you crap. Beliefs must be based on Facts & Evidence and not simply what you want to think. Wanting something doesn’t make it true.

4. Using the Bible as Evidence – The Bible is no more evidence of a God then Comic Books are evidence of Super Heros. The Bible is that which is making the claim. It is not evidence for that which it is claiming.

3. Any Claim of Jesus having been a Real Person – The very idea of there having been a Jesus Christ is so absurd it is a wonder anyone really believes this. After all let’s be clear on a few things. There was no city of Nazareth before the 3rd Century AD. Christ is not a last name but a Religious title meaning Messiah. So anyone that wishes to claim Jesus Christ was a Real Person that Really lived then provide the Last name of that Jesus. The truth of the matter is not only do we have no historical record of the bible Jesus but the Gospels can’t even agree on when this person was Born, Died or how many witnesses were at the tomb.

2. The Rapture & Trinity Ideas – Both of these are Church Dogma not something which can be claimed to be based on anything in the bible. The Rapture idea was first invented in 1830 by a woman named Margret McDonald. Not only is the Rapture idea not supported by anything in the bible but it is clearly a contradiction of what is actually written in the bible. While the Trinity idea was something which was voted on at the council of Nicea in 325 AD. This idea of a Trinity is really an attempt to have a Pantheon Religion called a Monotheism. There is simply nothing Mono (Singular) about a 3 in one deity. To try to equate it to marriage is the most absurd notion that could ever be presented because even if you think of a husband and wife as being one or United. They are still two separate people. They do not become the same person just because they are married. This shows how Christians simply do not grasp the Eastern concept of Oneness. Which really shouldn’t be a shock since the idea of Oneness is more of a Buddhist Philosophy then a Christian one.

1. The Claims of a Bible Code – This one takes the Jewish / Christian grasping at straws to such an insane degree that it is a wonder anyone buys into this shit. This claim is used to try to show that the Torah / Bible is some divinely inspired book. What none of these idiots stop to question is if hidden codes in a book are evidence of Divine Inspiration do you also think Moby Dick was Divinely Inspired?

Weak Ass Arguments for the existence of God

When people hear I am an Atheist I regularly get hit with a whole laundry list of arguments for the existence of God.  Typically this is the Christian God which people are attempting to assert exists.

However with even the most devout Theist the argument they attempt to use is not a Theistic one at all but a Deistic one.  This really shows me that they do not grasp even the most basic aspect of what they are professing to believe.

This ignorance regarding the subject matter isn’t something I hold against them but one that I do point out in my refuting of their so called compelling evidence / argument for their God.  What it really boils down to with most people is their God is a figment of their own imagination.  This is why their God always approves of whatever fucked up bullshit they personally want to do.  While being against anything they don’t like.

This is really nothing more then trying to impose your ideas / values / perceptions on others by calling it God and not being honest and saying it is what You think.  It is also intellectually dishonest as hell to try and assert the existence of something to which you have no logical or even probable reason for concluding such even exists.  So what if You think it does.  Why should that mean a damn thing to me?  You may think smoking Pot is a great past time even though all companies worth a damn any more do random drug tests and doing that shit can directly impact your job / income & subsequently your entire life.

Here are a list of the most common arguments for the existence of God and why each one of them Fails.

1.  The Fine Tuned Aspect of the Universe – This is a Classic example of a Logical Fallacy.  This argument is drawing the conclusion that a God exists on the fact that the Universe exists and that life in the Universe exists.  Just because the Universe & Life exist doesn’t mean there is an automatic win for the existence of a God.  Especially when you want to assert as all Christians, Muslims & Jews do that their God Personally takes an interest in their lives and their behaviors.

2.  The Earth being the Perfect Distance from the Sun –   This is yet another example of the same type of Logical Fallacy as the first.  Just because Life exists doesn’t magically mean your invisible friend exists.  The attempts to try and defend these Classic Logical Fallacies always have the Theist trying to use Deistic arguments not realizing that even if a Deistic God would be proven true that this wouldn’t advance their claim of a personal God at all.

3.  The Atheist can’t Prove God doesn’t exist so this means God Exists – This is one Atheists hear a lot and it has to be among the absolute dumbest reasons to believe in God.  This argument is showing that the person doesn’t grasp who has the burden of proof.  If I assert that I can Fly or Walk on Water yet offer no evidence to support this claim then you are not required to accept my assertion just because I said it.  It is the one making the assertion that something exists or that they can do something to prove their statements are true.

After all I could say to you that, “You are not watching me every second of everyday so how do you know I don’t fly or walk on water when you are not watching me?”  This would be no different then the Christians assertion that, “You don’t know what exists in All of the Universe so you can’t say God doesn’t exist.”

Without a reason / evidence to believe a claim is true there is no reason to assume it is.  So it is logical to say that such doesn’t exist or is impossible until evidence is presented to show otherwise.

4.  Even if Aliens Genetically Manipulated Life on this planet to bring about Humans who made the Aliens – This argument is one I hear a lot because of what I point out with the Sumerians.  However this is completely irrelevant on multiple levels.

A.  These same people will try to point to either the Bible or Jesus and both are completely dependent upon the basis of the Sumerian epic of creation as well as influences from the Egyptians as well as other cultures.

B.  The question of how an Alien race came into being is something we can’t answer since we do not know where their Planet is or what their History is.  It also has no bearing on the subject of a God unless they could show Evidence for their God creating the Alien.

C.  These same people will buy into the we were made in God’s image idea.  If this would be true and Aliens Genetically Manipulated us then Logically your God is that Alien race not some force that is behind the Universe or The Aliens creator.

5.  The Force Behind the Universe Claim – This one is popular now because of Quantum Physics however this doesn’t help Theism at all.  This is strictly a Deistic idea and one that a Theist has no place even attempting to use.

This one is also invalid because even if some Force or Cosmic Source would exist this wouldn’t mean that it would give a Damn about You, Me or Anyone let alone what behaviors we have or Sexual Lifestyle we enjoy.  Additionally a Force or Cosmic Source wouldn’t even be what we would consider to be a Lifeform so the idea that it is a God thing is stretching the idea of a God to an absurd degree.

6.  The idea that to believe God exists and find out there isn’t one is better then not believing in God and finding out God exists – This is the Pascal’s Wager argument.  Of all of the examples of Christian Stupidity this one has to take the cake.  I realize Christians don’t like to be told they are stupid but this argument is so damn dumb I can’t help it.

The Reasons Pascal’s Wager Fails are:

A.  This is assuming the odds are just 50/50.  Either there is a God or there isn’t.  However this is simply not the case.  There have been over 4,000 Gods worshiped in Human History.  Which means the Odds of being right just from the number of Gods alone are over 4,000 to 1.

B.  This is also completely ignoring the All Knowing idea regarding the Christian God.  If that God is real and is All Knowing then it would know you are simply trying to fain belief in order to save your own selfish ass.

C.  You can’t simply Believe something just because someone says it.  If this were possible then people would honestly believe in Invisible, Magical, Flying Blue Smurfs just because someone says they exist.

This also ties in with the Question I had asked of If you believe in God why don’t you believe in Odin, Zeus, Thor, Etc.  The answer I got was word for word for what the Atheist says about the Christian God as well as all Gods.  “Because there is no evidence any of them actually exist.”

D.  If the only reason you are good is to try and avoid some afterlife location that is not Moral or Noble that is simply Sucking up.  Your Entire Motivation behind why you act as you do would also be known to an All Knowing God.

E.  If the God is All Knowing and created some for Damnation & some for Glory (Romans 9:21 – 23) then the choices you think you are making are really not anything this All Knowing God wouldn’t have known you would make.  Which means your idea of having Freewill is actually an Illusion you have because You do not know the future.  However Your lack of knowledge about the future doesn’t magically mean that you have Freewill if there is something which does know the Future.

7.  The Argument that the Bible is Evidence of the Existence of God – This is called Circular Reasoning. 

The Bible is no more Evidence of any God then Superman Comics are evidence of Superman.  You can’t use that which is making the claim as evidence for the existence of that which is claimed.

8.  If there is anything that the Atheist / Science can’t explain then that means God did it – This is called a God of the Gaps mindset and one that is a very slippery slope to try and base your God on because the more we learn through science the less room there is for your God.

9.  Nothing can come from Nothing / Something can’t come from Nothing so this means God Exists – This is not a Math issue this is simply an argument from Ignorance.

After all if you believe a God exists at all then that means this God is by definition “Something” which means that what you are calling God can’t have come from Nothing.   By the same token if we are so complex as to require a creator then the God which is more complex then we are would also have to have a Creator which raises the question who made your God?

Simply put this means your God had to have a Creator and that Creator had to have a Creator and so on infinitely.  After all Something can’t come from Nothing.

After all if you go by Quantum Physics what we call nothing isn’t really Nothing but Infinite Quantum Potential.  The idea brought forward in M Theory makes far more sense then the whole God notion.  That being that there are an Infinite number of Universe bubbles and when two touch they make a Third Universe.  Since we do not know how many Universe Bubbles there are it is impossible to say how many exist which can’t support life at all.




10 Deep Questions for Everyone

Since the most popular post for me so far has been my follow-up to the 10 questions I want to see how this one goes.  These questions by their very nature are much deeper in thought.

The purpose of these questions is to provoke you to thinking on a deeper level.  Perhaps on a deeper level then you have ever thought before.  I realize the religious will try to answer these from the mindset of their religious beliefs.  However they are phrased in a way as to make quoting from a bible or a so-called holy book difficult if not impossible.

Just saying well the bible says so is really not an answer.  The reason the bible says so is not an answer is no Christian, Muslim or Jew would accept, “Well this is what the Sumerians or Egyptians wrote so that proves it is true.”

Since no Christian would accept as fact the claims of another religion because it is what their book says then you can’t use that as evidence for what you believe.  To try to do this is trying to have a double standard.  While you may like your double standard because it benefits you there is no logical reason why anyone else should like your double standard.

If you as a Christian, Muslim or Jew want to use your so-called holy book as evidence then you must first provide reasons why that holy book is reliable evidence.  It is important to realize Circular Reasoning doesn’t prove your claim.  Here is an example of Circular reasoning.

1.  How did the Universe come into being?  (Be as Specific as Possible)

2.  How did Life on this Planet begin?  (Be as Specific as Possible)

3.  How did Human Life begin?  (Be as Specific as Possible)

4.  Do you accept the possibility of Aliens having been on Earth in the Ancient world?

5.  Define as clearly as you can what you believe God would be like.  What makes something a God?

6.  What matters most in life the beliefs people have about a God or how they treat each other & live their life?

7.  Since Life is not based on All or Nothing why should an afterlife be based on All or Nothing?  (For Atheists Assume for the moment an afterlife does exist)

8.  Do you accept the idea presented by Quantum Physics of Multiple Dimensions?  That there are 10+ Dimensions?

9.  Is there anything someone could say that would convince you their religion or lack there of is true?

10.  Why should anyone believe in your religion or lack there of?

Bonus Question:  What is the Meaning of Life?  Not just your personal life but all life.

This last is completely subjective and is intended only to get you to think about the grand picture of life.

Response 5 Questions for Atheists

My Most Popular You Tube Video to Date.

Over 500,000 Views!


Justice & Jesus Contradictions of Terms

There are many types of Justification that Christians will try to use to excuse the concept of Hell.  The most common one is asking, “Well doesn’t evil need to be punished?”  Or Equating Hell to Prisons.

There are many reasons why this twisted type of logic fails.  Here are the Top Ten reasons Hell as a Punishment Fails.  Where is Paul Schaffer when ya need him?

Top 10 Reasons Hell as a Punishment Fails

10. The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits the federal government from imposing cruel and unusual punishment for federal crimes. The amendment states, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.”

Are Humans better then a God?

9.  Is the Lack of Belief now a Crime to Christians that they feel needs to be Punished just like Murder? – To say Hell is a Punishment yet one can (According to Christian Dogma) go to Hell for simply not believing (Thinking) Jesus was God!  This is Classic Thought Crime!

8.  Torture Teaches Nothing! –  There is No Moral or Lesson behind the Torture of another person for any reason!  In fact resorting to torture shows a complete lack of Morals & Ethics on the part of the Torturer!

7.  Torture Changes Nothing!  – While it is true that someone who is tortured will after a while say, “Anything” or Do “Anything” to get the torture to end.  However if nothing can make it end then it is simply Sadism and Evil in its purest form!

6.  Torture Proves Nothing!  – Any “Punishment” that does not end is Not Punishment but only Sadism for the sake of Sadism!

5.   You do not show that you are better than a Hitler by acting Just Like A Hitler!  – You do not show Love by acting in an Unloving manner!  This entire notion is what causes me to conclude that Christians & Muslims are without a doubt the Purest form of Evil this world has ever seen.  You simply do not show that you have Morals by Praising behavior that is by its very nature absolutely Immoral!

4.  Torture Destroys the Humanity of the Torturer!

“Three Marines in Mahmudiya used an electric transformer, forcing a detainee to ‘dance’ as the electricity coursed through him.”
International Committee of the Red Cross, February 2004

A former Iraqi general “died of asphyxiation after being stuffed head-first into a sleeping bag … at an American base in Al Asad.”
The New York Times, October 23, 2005

“Al-Qatani was forced to perform dog tricks on a leash, was straddled by a female interrogator, forced to dance with a male interrogator, told that his mother and sister were whores, forced to wear a woman’s bra and thong on his head during interrogation, and subjected to an unmuzzled dog to scare him.”
Newsweek, November 21, 2005

This says far More about the Evil nature of the Torturer then the one being Tortured!  Only someone who is Pure Evil could Laugh at the suffering of another!  Yet that is Exactly what the God Christians Worship & Praise does!

3.  Torture Dehumanizes / Makes the person Subhuman  – Christians regularly say, “What about someone who is Evil and will always be Evil.”  Well Christians name for me One Person that was “Born Evil & was Always Evil?”

I would contend that No One is Born Evil despite the Dehumanizing nature of Christianity.  No One is Born Guilty of the actions of anyone else!  The manner in which a person behaves is directly related to the conditions they experience in their life or  A Mental Illness they had from birth (Which Christians is not their Fault but Ultimately the Fault of Your God for Fucking Up and Not Magically Fixing the Mental Illness!)

2.  The Doctrine of Salvation Undermines Any delusion of Justice!  Here is a Video that shows just how Evil and Disgusting the concept of Salvation really is!

This is Not Justice!  This doesn’t Teach Anything!

This is Just Scapegoating!  And You Christians Praise and Worship This!

1. The Law of Vibration – Everything in the Universe is made up of Vibration. The source of vibration is what some have called God. However this is Not the God of the bible as the God of the bible clearly separates itself from anyone that doesn’t love it.   Where as the real Source can’t be separate from anyone or anything because everyone and everything is part of the source.

This was proved in a very unethical experiment done a few years ago.   This is disgusting but it does prove beyond a shadow of doubt that everything in this world is connected.  Even though we are not consciously aware of it!

A mother rabbit was taken down into a submarine and one of its babies was kept in a laboratory thousands of miles away. The mother rabbit was hooked up to sophisticated equipment that measured the brain waves (brains rate of vibration measured in Hertz Hz) to determine her reaction to the upcoming experiment.

The scientists in the laboratory then killed the baby rabbit and observed the brain waves (Hz) of the mother rabbit which went absolutely haywire at precisely the same time even though they were thousands of miles apart!

We are really Vibrational Beings living in a Vibrational Universe.   It is absolutely Impossible to separate the Source of all Vibration from anything that exists!  Quantum Physics is doing far more to help us understand and connect with the Source of all that is then Religion ever dreamed to!

The Abrahamic God is fiction because it tries to separate itself from everything else.  The idea that Christians go to of Hell is Separation from God.  Simply put you are Stupid!  That is not a personal attack that is simply stating the truth!

You are Stupid for thinking that the Source of all that is could be Separated from anything that is!  This would be like you saying your Hand or Foot is Separate from you.

The idea of Oneness that is expressed in Buddhism is really what is going on in the Universe.  While the Christian version of that is an abomination to true Oneness.   Oneness with Source is Not something that only one person could have because of some bullshit divine linage.  We Are All One!  Collectively Linked to each other and to the Source through the Vibrational nature of existence!

The idea of Hell is Impossible because the Source of all that exists is not about hate towards any part of what is but unconditional love towards all that is.  Unconditional means without Condition.  This is why Religions that seek to make the path to God (Religious speak) something which you must do X, Y & Z in order to have it simply Fails!

They Fail to understand the true Essence of the Universe they live in and the Source of that!  Life isn’t about Hate towards those that are Different from you but the Love of all despite the differences between you!

Why would this require a God?

ImageThe entire premise of Intelligent Design is that the Universe needed some kind of intelligence guiding it otherwise it wouldn’t exist.  However even if you assume that there needs to be some cosmic designer this still doesn’t mean Christianity or Theism in general has succeeded at all.

Because once you establish that there is a cosmic force behind the Universe the Christian / Theist still has all of their work ahead of them.  Because then the Christian must Prove the creator / designer / intelligence is their God.  While the Muslim’s would have to prove it is theirs & the Jews would have to prove it is theirs.  Hell the Hindu’s & Buddhists could jump in on it at that point and look to prove it is theirs.

After all the Buddhist Brahman would be the easiest to fit into an intelligence behind the universe as the Buddhist’s don’t try and apply any connection between the Brahman and the behaviors of people / situations of the world.

It is the Personal God idea that creates a second and even bigger problem then the claim there must be a God. It is at least Possible that a consciousness exists behind the Universe.  A Consciousness on a dimension higher then we exist on.

I have no problem with this idea.  I can still safely say there is no god because a Consciousness in a higher dimension wouldn’t even be what we would consider a life form to be.  Since we don’t know the attributes of such a consciousness it would be impossible to give a man made label to it such as God.  Let alone for one group to try and claim ownership of it.  As if they are the only evolved primates that this consciousness would care at all about.

Even assuming a consciousness would give a fart in a high wind about human existence to try and assert that not only does it exist but it is an extreme bigot and only likes your tribe, your click, your group is frankly absurd to the extreme!

What all of this really shows is that the god of Christianity, Islam & Judaism really are nothing but inventions of the Secret Societies that have become what we call today the Illuminati & their ilk.

If you really look at who stands to gain from this tribalism based mind control bullshit it isn’t some mysterious cosmic force but those elite assholes that control all of the money and the leaders of our world.

These ideas of a God really come down to what type of behaviors will you accept from your leaders.  If you can go along with a hateful, Think As We Demand Or Be Tortured mindset then you are one that will be apt to go right along with the Hitler like behavior these New World Order assholes wish to bring about.

Christian’s don’t want to consider this possibility even though if you look back at the not so distant past we can see clear evidence of the Disease of Christianity invading a land of Peaceful Indian’s!  Peaceful Indian’s that were willing to Share the land with these new people to their land.  However the Indian’s had no idea the Greed and Bigotry in these Christian’s.

Not only did those Christian’s nearly genocide the Indian’s completely they turned around and made their invasion and genocide a holiday!  Then turned the Hitler’s of that time into hero’s!

Those who stand to gain from these God ideas isn’t a cosmic being but those jackoffs that are controling this fucking world.  If they can delude you into thinking that your life may suck now but just wait you’ll be in paradise forever what the fuck do they care.  You will eagerly accept Slavery & servatude in the Hope of some grand afterlife which these fuckers know doesn’t exist!

They don’t care that this afterlife doesn’t exist because after all they got what they wanted here and now and your Faith & Hopes don’t mean shit.  Their bottom line is Money & Control and you fuckers just hand it all over to them without thought!

How long before people wake up and smell the Bullshit?

How strong must the chains around your necks be before you try and oppose the slavery?