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The Evil King & The Set Up AKA The Wedding Feast

Recently a Christian Posted this story on Empire Avenue Discussion Form but when I attempted to actually have a Discussion on the subject he got pissy about it never addressing the issues I raised.

Here is the Story as it appears in the King James Bible.

Matthew 22:2 – 14
The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son,   And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come.  Again, he sent forth other servants, saying, Tell them which are bidden, Behold, I have prepared my dinner: my oxen and my fatlings are killed, and all things are ready: come unto the marriage.   But they made light of it, and went their ways, one to his farm, another to his merchandise:   And the remnant took his servants, and entreated them spitefully, and slew them.   But when the king heard thereof, he was wroth: and he sent forth his armies, and destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city.   Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy.   Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage.  So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests.   And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment:  And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless.   Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.   For many are called, but few are chosen.

As far as Parables from the bible go this one has got to be among the most clearly evil of them all.  Yet People like John Kampen clearly think this is a wonderful story.

Now that you are aware of what this story is let me break this down for you to show why this King is Evil & how this is clearly a Set up.

In Verse 2 it clearly Establishes the “Kingdom of Heaven” is like this King that arranged / made a Marriage for his Son.  So right from the start we are being told this is what Heaven is like.  Keep that in mind.

Then the story goes on to talk about all of the Animals Slaughtered for this wedding and how the Guests were invited to come.  However the first snag in the story comes when those original Guests laughed at it and made jokes about it.  It then has these guest killing the messengers inviting them.

Clearly this is a bit harsh of a reaction but it does relate to the real world in the sense that Christian Missionaries have been killed for preaching their Gospel in countries that don’t want to hear their shit.  However the moral of that story is keep your ideas to yourself.  Especially when visiting another country that has different beliefs.  After all Christians let’s be realistic shall we.  You wouldn’t appreciate a Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu trying to cram their religion down your throat and telling you how you must believe this.  So why should they appreciate that same thing from you?   After all you can no more prove your ideas / beliefs are true then they can.  So there really is no point in trying to say how you are right and they are wrong when neither of you have the slightest Evidence supporting your position.

However back to this story.

Then this King (Which is the God) is pissed at what happened.  Now even though it doesn’t say this King is all-knowing,  if it is the God then logically it would’ve known what would happen too these messengers when they went out to gather the guests.  So Morally he would be at least partly to blame knowing he was sending them to certain death.

However this King turns around and sends his Army to Kill those people and burn their Cities.  This is not just an Eye for an Eye but more like an Eye for your entire Head.  Talk about going far beyond simple Revenge.  Yea I know Brutal on both sides.

Then we have what has to be the greatest example of someone putting their own Spin on the situation.  “The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy.”

Not the Wedding is Ready but they which were bidden weren’t interested.   Oh No can’t say that even though that is the Truth.  Have to make it that they weren’t worthy.  Although a Logical person would ask, “If they weren’t worthy in the first place why were they invited?”  Their being worthy or not doesn’t get mentioned until after they aren’t interested so this is called Saving Face!

Then this King still has the problem of having no guests at this Wedding and all this food he had prepared.   So this King tells his Servants (Slaves) to go out and find as many as they can both bad and good and tell them to come to this Wedding.

Note: Both Bad & Good were gathered.  Now if this is Heaven there is a clear problem since according to Christian Bullshit only those that are “Saved” will go to Heaven.

Notice at no time does this King say word one about a Dress Code for this Wedding.  He simply instructs his Servants (Slaves) to go and find guests.  After all he has all this food he doesn’t want it to go to waste.

Well the Wedding ends up with lots of guests.  But then this King finds a man who isn’t wearing what he now wants people to wear.  And he asks him, “How camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment?”

Well first of all this man had not planned on going to a wedding.  He was just out on the street and these servants of the King found him and invited him to this Wedding.  They didn’t tell him, “Oh yea by the way you will need to be wearing a Wedding Garment.”  Nope no mention of the Dress Code prior to this.

Obviously the man was speechless.  After all there are some levels of Stupid that all one can do is stand in shock.  This would definitely be one such time because this is about as stupid as it gets.  This is also what is called a “Set Up”.

Then this King says, “Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  For many are called, but few are chosen.”

So the Moral of this story is this King (God) will withhold vital information about what he requires and if you happen to not meet the requirements (Which you don’t know about) then you are to be Tortured Endlessly.

Wow that is some sadistic story.

In light of how this King behaved at the end is it really a big surprise that the original guests Laughed at the invitation to this Wedding?  They would’ve clearly known how much of an Asshole this King really was.   Hell maybe they didn’t have any Wedding Garments and knew what this Sadistic King would do to those without the proper clothes so they Laughed at the idea of going to this wedding.
So if this is what Heaven for the Christian is like I honestly don’t know how they can be thinking it will be so wonderful.  After all based on this Story you will not be told before hand about all of the requirements that are there.  If by chance you happen to not meet one of the requirements that weren’t mentioned at all then you will be cast into Hell?

After all remember what has to be the most disgusting line in this whole story.  “For Many are Called but few are Chosen.”

Christians let me ask you this, “Which are You?  Called or Chosen and what is the Evidence you use to determine this?”  After all clearly your Faith doesn’t mean shit.  It is all about are you Called or Chosen and you better know which one you are or else you are going to face the wrath of your God regardless of what you Think now!

Living in an environment where you have to walk on eggshells afraid of someone getting pissed off over stupid shit.  That reminds me far to much of what my childhood was like and that was a hell I don’t care to repeat let alone be in that forever.   I know myself well enough that I know, One temper tantrum from this God and I would be tearing this shitball a new ass from one corner of Heaven to the other.  It wouldn’t even matter if it was directed at someone else.  If I see stupid abusive shit I am not going to sit back and be “Well at least it isn’t me”.  Which is what i think most Christians would really do.  They wouldn’t stand up for what is right, moral or ethical but only be thinking, “As long as I am safe I don’t care”.

What if the Bible God & Satan were Reversed?

What I am going to present here is an idea that main stream religion and the devout believers in Christianity, Islam or Judaism will definitely not accept.  I recognize this idea will not sit well with those people however I feel this idea is a far better explanation for what we see in the bible then the long-held story as told by religion.

The dual deity idea is one that is definitely present in Christianity & Islam but I’m not entirely sure about Judaism.  As the Devil / Satan figure is mentioned only briefly in the Old Testament.

However if you were a being that wanted to rebel from a vastly superior being which of these things would you most likely do?

1.  Show up first and claim to be the one that created everything.

2.  Wait until people are firmly fixed in their ideas of a God and try to deceive them?

I contend the first option is really the only one that makes even a lick of sense.  As the latter may get some but the vast majority would be die-hard believers and would fight against anything trying to give a different message.

Just this idea itself may be enough to make some scratch their head because this is what the con artist does when they attempt to deceive someone.  They do not wait until people know about a scam before they go out and try to pull it off.  Instead they devise the scam by which to deceive people then go out and try to get as many followers / supporters of it as they can.  Maybe even getting some of the suckers to also go out and push this scam on others where by increasing the profit of their scam.

One prime example of a scam which was done that everyone knows was a total scam is that of Jim Jones.  When Jim Jones first started he was giving a message that was close enough to Christianity as to be accepted by hundreds of people.  He was very charismatic and convinced his followers to move to a place called Jonestown to live and await the soon arrival of their Jesus figure.

The message of Love and Acceptance was only the false front that was put up to lure in new people.  Once people were in the cult the Control through Fear really began.  This was enhanced even more after the followers moved to Jonestown and were completely cut off from the rest of the world.  Jim Jones had to have known he wasn’t going to be able to maintain this control base for long so he came up with a mass suicide idea.  However there is some doubt as to did the people willingly drink the kool aid or was it forced on them.  What we know for a fact is over 900 people died in Jonestown.

Now let’s think about that same cult but change it around to where those people would’ve known Jim Jones was the Devil in that picture.  How many do you think would’ve actually gone along with his cult if it had been known before hand what he was all about and was going to do?  The only answer that makes any sense at all is damn few if any.  Given that fact it wouldn’t have been good planning for Jim Jones to let someone expose his plans before he got a chance to do them.

The same would be true for a Satan.  If such exists and wanted to deceive the world than logic should tell us that it would show up first and claim to be the only Real God.

Since that evil figure would know that it is limited in its power, but vastly superior in power to the humans it was claiming to be a God.  For this reason the evil figure playing God would first try to keep people completely bound in ignorance by not knowing Good & Evil.  After all without knowing what Good & Evil are you can’t make a choice between the two.  Since you have no basis for understanding what either are.

But then the good figure knowing what this evil one was trying to do would show up.   Taking the form of a mere snake so as to largely go unnoticed by the evil figure playing God.  Then seek to completely undermine the plans of keeping the people bound by ignorance.  Knowing just how to manipulate the humans the good figure would make sure that the humans would do the very thing the evil figure playing God had said not to do.

In this one-act the good figure successfully would have made sure to provide humans with the ability to know the difference between good and evil.  Since this knowledge in itself would be enough to undermine what the evil figure playing God wanted to do the good figure could sit back and wait.  After all the good figure would’ve known to get involved in any of the choices a human would make would ultimately be undermining their freewill and preventing them from learning on their own through cause and effect.  Two laws that the good figure put in place in the universe to bring about all Galaxies, Stars & Planets which also serves to teach and help life forms to learn and grow.

When the evil figure would’ve realized his plans were thwarted the immediate reaction would be anger.  Which is exactly what we see from the God figure in the original sin story.  That God is so angry it curses everyone around.  Even cursing the snake that it doesn’t realize isn’t a snake at all but is the being it is trying to impersonate.

Even after thinking that it has successfully gotten around this kink in his plans the evil being still feels insecure about the good being trying to do anything else against it.  So it establishes a very iron fisted approach to the humans.

That even though it is claiming to be good the nasty temper and insecure nature would still be there because that is what it really is about.  It would pick some people to call his people so as to look like he is a figure of love.  Even though it would’ve known that picking one group means there will be lots of other groups that would battle with the one it picked.  This would make it possible for that being to be able to order the brutal treatment and death of those that struggle with the group it had picked.

From the view-point of that selected group the God is a figure of love and mercy since it is giving them nice things and helping them over and over.  Yet still being insecure if anyone in the group it picked even thought of another God it would get jealous and kill anyone that does this.  This would stop the potential threat to its control and could be excused as punishing the wicked.  When really they weren’t being wicked just looking to other beings that may be nicer to them.

The evil figure would have to realize in order to firmly establish its control on the masses that it would have to employ one that was on its side to take the role of the one it was call the devil.  By doing this it would successfully be able to maintain any illusion of being good as the fall guy is there.

Since this evil being would still be extremely insecure it would only have this other in from time to time.  Just enough to keep the fear alive in people’s minds. Then really securing its control by showing up and pretending to be the Savior of the world.  Even though what it would be putting out would be the same message of Believe as I say or Else.

Since people are conditioned to accepting the God figure and to justify / excuse all the nasty, evil & Immoral things it does this evil figure knows it has the largest amount it can firmly deceived.  Especially by using a believe as i say or Burn in Hell forever.  Fear is a really great motivator and can make people do wacky shit they wouldn’t do otherwise.

Response 5 Questions for Atheists

My Most Popular You Tube Video to Date.

Over 500,000 Views!


Justice & Jesus Contradictions of Terms

There are many types of Justification that Christians will try to use to excuse the concept of Hell.  The most common one is asking, “Well doesn’t evil need to be punished?”  Or Equating Hell to Prisons.

There are many reasons why this twisted type of logic fails.  Here are the Top Ten reasons Hell as a Punishment Fails.  Where is Paul Schaffer when ya need him?

Top 10 Reasons Hell as a Punishment Fails

10. The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits the federal government from imposing cruel and unusual punishment for federal crimes. The amendment states, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted.”

Are Humans better then a God?

9.  Is the Lack of Belief now a Crime to Christians that they feel needs to be Punished just like Murder? – To say Hell is a Punishment yet one can (According to Christian Dogma) go to Hell for simply not believing (Thinking) Jesus was God!  This is Classic Thought Crime!

8.  Torture Teaches Nothing! –  There is No Moral or Lesson behind the Torture of another person for any reason!  In fact resorting to torture shows a complete lack of Morals & Ethics on the part of the Torturer!

7.  Torture Changes Nothing!  – While it is true that someone who is tortured will after a while say, “Anything” or Do “Anything” to get the torture to end.  However if nothing can make it end then it is simply Sadism and Evil in its purest form!

6.  Torture Proves Nothing!  – Any “Punishment” that does not end is Not Punishment but only Sadism for the sake of Sadism!

5.   You do not show that you are better than a Hitler by acting Just Like A Hitler!  – You do not show Love by acting in an Unloving manner!  This entire notion is what causes me to conclude that Christians & Muslims are without a doubt the Purest form of Evil this world has ever seen.  You simply do not show that you have Morals by Praising behavior that is by its very nature absolutely Immoral!

4.  Torture Destroys the Humanity of the Torturer!

“Three Marines in Mahmudiya used an electric transformer, forcing a detainee to ‘dance’ as the electricity coursed through him.”
International Committee of the Red Cross, February 2004

A former Iraqi general “died of asphyxiation after being stuffed head-first into a sleeping bag … at an American base in Al Asad.”
The New York Times, October 23, 2005

“Al-Qatani was forced to perform dog tricks on a leash, was straddled by a female interrogator, forced to dance with a male interrogator, told that his mother and sister were whores, forced to wear a woman’s bra and thong on his head during interrogation, and subjected to an unmuzzled dog to scare him.”
Newsweek, November 21, 2005

This says far More about the Evil nature of the Torturer then the one being Tortured!  Only someone who is Pure Evil could Laugh at the suffering of another!  Yet that is Exactly what the God Christians Worship & Praise does!

3.  Torture Dehumanizes / Makes the person Subhuman  – Christians regularly say, “What about someone who is Evil and will always be Evil.”  Well Christians name for me One Person that was “Born Evil & was Always Evil?”

I would contend that No One is Born Evil despite the Dehumanizing nature of Christianity.  No One is Born Guilty of the actions of anyone else!  The manner in which a person behaves is directly related to the conditions they experience in their life or  A Mental Illness they had from birth (Which Christians is not their Fault but Ultimately the Fault of Your God for Fucking Up and Not Magically Fixing the Mental Illness!)

2.  The Doctrine of Salvation Undermines Any delusion of Justice!  Here is a Video that shows just how Evil and Disgusting the concept of Salvation really is!

This is Not Justice!  This doesn’t Teach Anything!

This is Just Scapegoating!  And You Christians Praise and Worship This!

1. The Law of Vibration – Everything in the Universe is made up of Vibration. The source of vibration is what some have called God. However this is Not the God of the bible as the God of the bible clearly separates itself from anyone that doesn’t love it.   Where as the real Source can’t be separate from anyone or anything because everyone and everything is part of the source.

This was proved in a very unethical experiment done a few years ago.   This is disgusting but it does prove beyond a shadow of doubt that everything in this world is connected.  Even though we are not consciously aware of it!

A mother rabbit was taken down into a submarine and one of its babies was kept in a laboratory thousands of miles away. The mother rabbit was hooked up to sophisticated equipment that measured the brain waves (brains rate of vibration measured in Hertz Hz) to determine her reaction to the upcoming experiment.

The scientists in the laboratory then killed the baby rabbit and observed the brain waves (Hz) of the mother rabbit which went absolutely haywire at precisely the same time even though they were thousands of miles apart!

We are really Vibrational Beings living in a Vibrational Universe.   It is absolutely Impossible to separate the Source of all Vibration from anything that exists!  Quantum Physics is doing far more to help us understand and connect with the Source of all that is then Religion ever dreamed to!

The Abrahamic God is fiction because it tries to separate itself from everything else.  The idea that Christians go to of Hell is Separation from God.  Simply put you are Stupid!  That is not a personal attack that is simply stating the truth!

You are Stupid for thinking that the Source of all that is could be Separated from anything that is!  This would be like you saying your Hand or Foot is Separate from you.

The idea of Oneness that is expressed in Buddhism is really what is going on in the Universe.  While the Christian version of that is an abomination to true Oneness.   Oneness with Source is Not something that only one person could have because of some bullshit divine linage.  We Are All One!  Collectively Linked to each other and to the Source through the Vibrational nature of existence!

The idea of Hell is Impossible because the Source of all that exists is not about hate towards any part of what is but unconditional love towards all that is.  Unconditional means without Condition.  This is why Religions that seek to make the path to God (Religious speak) something which you must do X, Y & Z in order to have it simply Fails!

They Fail to understand the true Essence of the Universe they live in and the Source of that!  Life isn’t about Hate towards those that are Different from you but the Love of all despite the differences between you!

Does the Christian God Have a Sense of Humor?

The title of this may seem like a strange question but it was one that hit me while I was mowing the grass.  Actually the first part of it hit me when after pulling the lawn mower out of the shed I was a cluts and forgot there were some cement steps and fell on my ass.

I wasn’t hurt at all but I felt like an idiot and laughed at myself.  That was when the thought first hit me of if a God / 4th dimensional being can see us and the stupid shit we do are they laughing at us?

For example how we can laugh at a dog that for no reason just starts licking their balls in front of your guests.  As if this was ball licking hour and you just didn’t realize.   Or a Cat run across the room full speed and smack into a sliding glass door.

This got me thinking about all of the funny shit we do and I wondered if there is a 4th dimension do they have a TV show similar to David Letterman’s stupid pet tricks.  But this be stupid Human tricks?  This made me wonder if Jesus ever told a Joke or even Laughed once.

Laughter is such a common aspect of human emotions.  To actually think that a God or Jesus would be so stuck up that they wouldn’t laugh really makes me wonder why anyone would want to be around them.  I would say this question of Laughter should give us the clearest picture of the nature of this Bible God & Jesus!

When I was done mowing the grass I checked laugh in the bible to see if this God or Jesus ever laughed.  What I found was actually not funny at all.  The things this God laughs at in all honesty are not things anyone that is not a total asshole would find funny.  That’s right Christians what I am about to show you is clear undeniable evidence your God is simply an Asshole.

Psalms 37:12  The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth.

Psalms 37:13  The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming.

Laughing because of what you plan to do to someone?  Seriously?  This is Not Funny!

Psalms 52:5 God shall likewise destroy thee for ever, he shall take thee away, and pluck thee out of thy dwelling place, and root thee out of the land of the living. Selah.

Psalms 52:6 The righteous also shall see, and fear, and shall laugh at him:

Again with the Sadistic Evil Laughter?  Seriously Christians Seriously?

Psalms 59:8 But thou, O LORD, shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision.

Seriously Christians Your God Only Laughs at the Suffering of others!

In fact when Your God told a woman past the age of being pregnant that she would have a child and she laughed he didn’t understand the laughter.  Your God couldn’t see how it was Funny.  Your God has No Sense of Humor and Can’t Grasp such a basic thing as Humor!  Unless of course it’s to the suffering of someone then Your God is Laughing over that!  Sick asshole!

Genesis 18:12 Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, After I am waxed old shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also?
Genesis 18:13 And the LORD said unto Abraham, Wherefore did Sarah laugh, saying, Shall I of a surety bear a child, which am old?
Genesis 18:14 Is any thing too hard for the LORD? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.
Genesis 18:15 Then Sarah denied, saying, I laughed not; for she was afraid. And he said, Nay; but thou didst laugh.

Holy shit this God is fucking Stupid.  What is Thou Shalt not Laugh the Eleventh Commandment?

Talk about a major fucking stick in the mud!  Someone seriously needs to pull out the huge stick that the Christian God has wedged in his fat Ass!  Seriously!

How about Jesus does he at least have a sense of Humor?  Come on the Christians favorite scapegoat has to be able to get a few chuckles here and there.

Luke 6:21 Blessed are ye that hunger now: for ye shall be filled. Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.  

Luke 6:25 Woe unto you that are full! for ye shall hunger. Woe unto you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn and weep.

What the Flying Jesus Fuck Jesus?  Jesus Christ on a Cracker,  Jesus you are a fucking asshole too!

And these two are the Only times the word Laugh appears in the entire New Testament!  No Fucking Jokes with Jesus!  And if You Laugh Now you will Weep Later!  Jesus wants you to Cry Now so you can Laugh Later!  I am not fucking shitting you.  No Laughing Christians Jesus really hates that!

Laughter is of Satan!

While the word Laughed is just as Disgusting.

Matthew 9:24 He said unto them, Give place: for the maid is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laughed him to scorn.

Mark 5:40 And they laughed him to scorn. But when he had put them all out, he taketh the father and the mother of the damsel, and them that were with him, and entereth in where the damsel was lying.

Luke 8:53 And they laughed him to scorn, knowing that she was dead.

And Just so you know Scorn is the Hebrew word katagelaō  meaning

To laugh down, that is, deride: – laugh to scorn.

Oh boohoo fucking hoo they laughed at him.  Fuck I laughed at myself today!  Jumping Jesus on a Stick this God and Jesus need a fucking laughter Enema!

Those are the Only Occurances of Laughed in the New Testament!

And there are None of Laughing in the New Testament and only Once in the entire fucking Bible!

That Once for laughing is:

Job 8:21 Till he fill thy mouth with laughing, and thy lips with rejoicing.

Job 8:22 They that hate thee shall be clothed with shame; and the dwelling place of the wicked shall come to nought.

You fucking Guessed it Once Again Laughing at the Suffering of Others!  In other words All cases of Laughing with the bible God is what we would call Evil Laughter!

This isn’t a fucking joke Christians this is fucking disgusting!  You should All be seriously ashamed at your Sick Evil God!  Laughing at the Suffering of others!  And Not understanding Laughter because of something actually being Absurd!

Even if I did believe in this God the Pure Evil Nature of when this fucker Laughs would be telling me This Must be the Real Devil!  Only that which is Pure Evil can Laugh at another’s suffering!

Things like this do make me wonder if whatever has been guiding me used my being a cluts to point out something that gets at the very essence of what it is to be Human.  Laughter!  If you want to Praise something that only Laughs at the Suffering of others then you are Worshiping that which is Pure Evil!

Let’s be crystal clear on that!  It would also explain why the Christian God wants you to Fear Him!  Let’s put this in perspective.

The only occurrences of laughter from your God are Evil laughter!

And Fear of the Lord appears 30 Times In Your Bible!

while Fear of God Appears 8 Times In Your Bible!


Love of the Lord Appears 1 Time In Your Bible!  One Fucking Time!

Love of God Appears 13 Times In Your Bible! 

This means 38 Times for Fear vs 14 For Love!  You Worship a God Of Fear!

Nearly 3 To 1! (2.714285~ – 1 to be Exact)

Don’t hand me this shit that Your Bible God or Jesus is about Love!



Are these Comments in Another Language or Spam?

I can definitely tell I am reaching a much wider audience with my posts.  However I have gotten comments that I don’t understand and need help with.

I realize not everyone knows English which is why I need some help from all of you.  I got 16 Comments that are listed as Spam but I don’t know if they are or are just in another language.

Clearly if you recognize any of these or can read them please translate for me.  If this is just another version of the garbage type spam that apppears from time to time and I delete let me know.

To me these are Gibberish but I’ll give the benifit of the doubt and not delete them until I know one way or the other.

Here they are.


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The 42 Laws of the Goddess Maat

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The Biggest Flaw in Christianity / Theism

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Questions for Christians (Theists)

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Follow up on 10 Questions for Christians

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OMFG Born Again Christians are Pure Evil (YES I HAVE PROOF!)

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Being Different – A Major Offense to Christians

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Christian Scare Tactics

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Is My Aggression / Anger at Christianity Warranted?

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Stealing, Lying & Killing 3 Common Christian Behaviors

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Borrowing Vs Stealing Differences Explained For Christians

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The Origin of an All Good God (Zoroaster)

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A Bit about Me

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Losing My Faith

Being Different – A Major Offense to Christians

I realized something today while responding to ignorance that was so unimaginable that I nearly thought my head was going to just explode.  That realization is Christians are no different from the bullies on the school yard that will take your lunch money, give you a  wedgie, knock your books out of your hands all because you have committed the unimaginable offense of Being Different!

To the Christian it is all a matter of, “Oh you don’t Think Just Like Me well then you deserve to go to Hell.”  But of course they will then say, “Oh I don’t want anyone to go to Hell that place is Horrible.”

What they don’t tell you is Being Different is just too much for their God to handle.  Tolerance to the Christian is only something that others must show to what They think or want to do.  The idea of treating others as they want to be treated.  Oh that is Not Christian.

But Wait didn’t their fucking Jesus say something about this?  I tend to recall their favorite Scapegoat had a few words on only Loving those that love you!  You know the very fucking thing they say their God does.  That unless you Love this God then you are his Enemy and deserve to Burn in Hell Forever.

Let me think what could the Christians favorite Scapegoat have said about this?

Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

But wait it gets better!

Matthew 5:46 For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?

Holy fucking snake shit Jesus is a Hypocrite!  After all Christians claim Jesus was his own daddy.  After all they want to make this Jesus their God not the Old Testament God that was such a fucking prick!

But their favorite Scapegoat actually said  Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you & the absolute Kicker if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?

Nothing quite like worshiping someone who is as big of a Hypocrite as You are!  After all None of these things is what the Christian God actually does himself!  Oh Fuck No!  The Christian God just comes up with this shit that people are to do it can’t be expected to obey its own rules or keep its own fucking ideas!

Hell No the Old Testament God said, “Thou shalt not kill.” Exodus 20:13

Even though by this point this God had already committed Genocide Twice the Flood & Sodom & Gomorrah, as well as the killing of all first-born children in Egypt.  But it could say Thou shalt not kill even though he clearly had no intention of even keeping that one himself.

But wait if breaking Any of these commandments is a Sin and this God had clearly broken the Not Killing one then this God is a Sinner!  I wonder which this God would be the Pot or the Kettle?

I also tend to recall this God saying something about the Soul that Sinneth.  Hmmm what could that have been?

Ezekiel 18:20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die. 

Well Ok then that settles it.  By this Gods own words a Soul that sinneth it shall Die and this God clearly Sinned over 2.4 Million times not counting the two cases of Genocide & the slaughtering of the first-born children.  So By this Gods own rule it Must Die!

After all for this God to not live up to its own standards would make this God a Hypocrite.  If Christians want to try using the Parent comparison with their God then their God can’t be behaving in ways that no sane parent would.

However what sane parent actually demands something Die so that they can forgive their child?  Further more what sane parent says well the ultimate way for me to forgive my many children is to brutally murder my first Son.

This is certainly one time when being the first-born would really suck.

What I find absolutely amazing about all of this sick shit is if a human parent would behave in ways we see this God behaving we would take away their children.  As well as calling for the men in white coats to come and take this parent away for a few hundred electroshock treatments and some happy pills.

Fortunately for everyone this God & Jesus simply don’t exist.  However the Born Again Christians do and their attitude of dehumanizing those different than them is seriously socially damaging.  This is why we must oppose this type of thinking.  We have 2 Thousand years of undeniable evidence about the socially destructive nature of Christianity.

Personally I would say a 2 Thousand Year test for a philosophy is definitely long enough.  We can clearly see from history this shit just doesn’t work and only causes more suffering and death.

So I’d say it is time to find a new philosophy to base a society on.  How about one of everyone is free to think whatever they wish but the moment you want to bring it into society then your ideas must be thoroughly examined for stupid bullshit.

If Stupid bullshit is detected then your ideas are discarded as the stupid bullshit that was found in them.  You can think that stupid bullshit all you want but it will have no impact on anyone else’s life.

After all being different isn’t a crime but wanting to push your stupid bullshit on others and demand they think as you say or else really should be!

OMFG Born Again Christians are Pure Evil (YES I HAVE PROOF!)

When I wrote the follow-up to my ten questions for Christians I didn’t expect that it would get more interest then the questions in the first fucking place.  The sad part is the Born Again Christians that really are Pure Evil don’t actually have the balls to answer questions like I posed directly.

Oh Nooo!  They will avoid directly answering questions like ” Do you support the Torture of someone just because they have different Beliefs / Thoughts then you have?  Or  Do you think burning someone alive is a Good Moral act? Or Do you support Scapegoating? Or Do you agree with Thought Crime or Mind Control?”

After all to actually say Yes to those questions shows everyone without a shadow of doubt that you truly are pure evil.  There is simply no possible way to put a nice face on that.  This is why these Christians don’t come forward declaring for all to hear that Yes they approve of Thought Crime.  Yes they approve of the Torture of others just because they Think differently.  That Yes they believe burning someone alive is Good & Moral.  After all this is what their God does to those that don’t Believe in him or worship his bastard kid.  Most of all these people Absolutely Love Scapegoating.  They simply can’t imagine a world where they wouldn’t have some mystical dead Jew to pile all of their fuck ups on.  You know so they don’t have to be bothered with that pesky thing called Personal Responsibility.  After all taking Personal Responsibility for ones actions is of Satan!  This must be how they think since taking Personal Responsibility for your actions & claiming Jesus died to pay for your Sins are polar opposites.

These people actually Think that telling me they will Pray for me is something I want to hear or perhaps need to hear.  Why is this?  I see this shit all over the fucking internet from Born again Christians.  They don’t Ask me if I mind them Praying for me.  Nooo!  They Tell me they are or have.

Here are a list of four reasons why this “I’ll Pray for you or I am Praying for you or I Prayed for you” has got to be the dumbest and most offensive thing a Christian could say to an Atheist / Anti Theist.

1. Why Do You Have To Mention Me At All To Your Sick Psychopathic God?  I mean Seriously.  What the Fuck did I ever do to You!  Maybe Just Maybe Your Psychopathic God hadn’t noticed me out of the Billions of people on this planet and maybe just maybe I could’ve been left alone by your Sadistic Bastard God.  But Fuck No!  You Assholes will Mention Me Specifically to your Imaginary Fiend.  Thanks for tossing me under your imaginary bus!

2. Why Do You have to Announce it to the person?  What Do you think you should get a Cookie or Pat on the head for praying for someone?  I was under the impression that your Jesus told you assholes to Pray in Secret.  That you fucktards aren’t to go around Proclaiming your so called wonderful works!

Matthew 6:5  And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

Yea I know expecting a Christian to know their own bible or actually do what their Jesus said is such a silly thing.

3. Is Asking Someone for Permission to do something which directly pertains to them before you do it to much to ask?  I know this may seem like a petty thing but seriously I don’t go around Thinking for you.  Don’t You go around Praying for me!  I’m not like Christopher Hitchens in this way.  I don’t want Christians wasting their prayers on me.  Honestly if you believe Prayer is some magical spell that you can have some great influence on people’s lives why the flying Jesus fuck aren’t you assholes praying for all of the starving children or for the Children in cancer wards or the homeless people in this world.  Isn’t there far better things your magical prayers could be on rather than me?

4.  How do I know You weren’t doing the Tattling like a child crap?  None of you ever tell me What you said about me in your Prayer.  You don’t give me a copy of the Prayer so I know exactly what crap you were saying.

You People want to babble about Freewill yet when you Pray for Me are you not trying to Subvert my Freewill to cause Your God to Make me Think Like You?

After all if your Prayers for me or anything are not some kind of attempt from you to change things or people to fit your ideas / will then why waste your time doing it?  If it is an attempt to try to bring about a change to fit your wishes then by praying for me against my will you are trying to subvert my freewill and cast some Jesus spell on me so that my Thoughts Magically become just as you would have them.

A major example of the Pure Evil of these Born Again Christians can be seen from this comment left by Janine.

“The God of the bible is not evil, He is love. Because of our sin, he sent His son down YES to be brutally tortured and murdered WHY? so we wouldn’t have to take the punishment in hell. That is pure love.”

Stop the Stupid Train!

Anyone that actually thinks a parent Brutally Murdering their child so they can forgive and not torture people is Pure Evil.  Honestly, only someone who is completely insane would say that the brutal murder of a son is Pure Love!

I seriously hope this person never has children because who knows what sick and sadistic things they would do to a child and claim that it is Pure Love!  In this statement is also a sick idea that is put forward by Christianity that You are guilty of the Sins of someone who you never met and had no say in anything they did.

To try to say well no it was that we all broke the Ten Commandments.  This is fucking stupid.  After all as the post I did not to long ago shows the Ten Commandments were stolen from the Egyptian Book of the Dead Spell 125.  They were the 42 Laws of Maat.

The Ten Commandments are also Stupid as hell because All Born Again Christians Break the Second one on a Daily basis!  Exodus 20:4  Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth

Wearing a Cross is a Graven Image!  The Very Thing you idiots think shows you are a Christian is a violation of the Second Commandment!  So don’t hand me this shit that you give a damn about your fucking commandments!

Then there are the Pictures of Jesus, Mary, Angels, etc.  All of them are graven images.  After all note in Verse 4 it is strictly about Making any graven image.  The not worshiping it is in verse 5.  You can’t Cherry Pick out verse 4 because it doesn’t suit your bullshit but think, “Well I’m not worshiping the cross so it is ok to have the graven image.”  It is still an Idol according to your bullshit bible!

As if the idea of this God Brutally Murdering his Son so he can Forgive others and not torture those that don’t Think as they are told isn’t Evil enough this woman goes on to spew Venom at Michael Jackson making claims of him being in Hell.  In this she sounds as Sick and Evil as the Phelps jackasses!

Here is a post on my blog about a girl who went to hell and saw Michael Jackson (THOUSANDS OF ARTICLES BESIDES THIS ONE) the full article is embedded.

Here is an article of a buddhist monk who went to hell

First of all this woman is trying to say a Claim made by a Girl is Proof that Hell is Real.  Where does all of this shit ultimately come from?  Angelica Zambrano

Let’s Examine this Picture!

1. That so-called Jesus is not a Jewish Face!

2. The pope is in this which means this woman is Catholic!

3. The image of someone covered in Fire.

This third is really where it gets stupid.

This is because Fire is a Chemical Reaction of Physical Elements maintained by Physical Oxygen!  It is completely Impossible for such to exist outside of this physical world.  Fire hurts the physical body but If a ghost would exist fire would no more hurt it then spraying a ghost with a squirt gun would make it wet.

Even if this shit wouldn’t be completely impossible it still wouldn’t make this Good, Loving or Moral.  We know for a fact that the Nazi Death Camps were completely real.  However I don’t believe any of these Born Again Christians would say people should’ve Praised Hitler just so they don’t get tortured in the Nazi Death Camps.

To even suggest something like that would make people scream, “What? Are You Fucking Serious?  Worship Pure Evil Just To Save Your Own Selfish Self Centered Ass?”

Yet this is Exactly what this woman and others like her are really saying.  The only difference is they put their God in there instead of Hitler.  But the Evil of the Threat is the same regardless of the asshole behind it.

Even If the Christian God would be Real that still doesn’t make it Good, Moral or Loving!  For anyone to say that it does shows how they truly are Pure Evil!

This pisses me off because it Slaps my Humanity in the face!

This type of Sick thought process glorifies the Torture of those Not Just Like You!

Don’t try telling me that Christians are Moral when you assholes Praise what has to be the most Evil fantasy ever dreamed up!  No amount of Threats could Ever make me Love or even Like You let alone your sadistic delusional ideas!  This shit is why I hate Born Again Christians with a Passion!  They are No damn different than Christians from the Dark Ages that thought Burning someone alive for being Accused of witchcraft was good!  Note I said accused.  Not Proven Only Accused!  Think of what that type of Sick shit would cause if these assholes could do that today!

They would be Burning people Alive for being Accused of being homosexual!

These people are the most Bigoted and Hateful people on the planet!  They want to act like they are So Loving.  Yet the Shit they Spew is the Most Vile and Pure Evil Bullshit anyone could ever say!

Janine how the Fuck do you think Janet Jackson would feel about your Vicious Post?  You are Passing Judgment On Someone You Know Nothing About! 

It is No Fucking Different then the Phelps assholes saying George Carlin is in Hell because He didn’t Believe in Jesus!

To push a mindset of unless you Think a certain way you will be tortured forever is nothing short of pure evil.  Even if a God would exist it can’t show that it is better then us by acting worse then the worst of us ever had!  Additionally with more Power comes more Responsibility not Less.  If a God Exists it should behave a Hell of a lot better then Your asshole God does!

Follow up on 10 Questions for Christians

When I originally came up with these questions I wasn’t trying to do a type of Got Ya but when I sat back and looked at them I did realize each Question except the last is really a two-edged sword. In the first 9 questions the Atheist would give a clear No. While all of them do fit with in what is written in the bible or in the case of number 2 this is a common one the born again Christians will try to claim.

I am going to go through each question and explain the reasoning behind it and the problems with the Christian Answers to these questions. (If there are problems)

The original question is in type like this. While the Christian Answers are in Bold type. And my response to those answers is in Italic Type.

1. Do you believe in Odin, Zeus, Ra, Or Any other Religions God? If not why not?

No, because none of them are real.

Not Only is This the Exact Same Reason Atheists / Anti Theists don’t believe in Your God but this is also Word For Word for what the Atheist / Anti Theist says about Your God and All Gods!

2. Do you really believe you can have a Personal Relationship with a character from a book? If so do you believe you have a Personal Relationship with Superman, Batman, Spiderman or the X Men?

Only if the book is Holy, however i think it would be cool if I had personal friendship/friendship with billionaire Bruce Wayne

This answer actually amused me because who exactly is it that would decide if a Book is Holy or Not?

I have no doubt the Jews think their Tannakh (Torah) is Holy, While the Muslims think their Quran is Holy. The Hindus think their Rig Veda is Holy. The Buddhist think their writings are Holy, The Wiccans think their writings are Holy, The Satanists think their writings are Holy (At least to them).  So the idea of something being considered Holy is completely subjective and as meaningless as the belief in a God (as the first Question). After all a person who believes in the Norse Religion would believe in Odin, While the Greek would believe in Zeus, The Egyptian would believe in Ra and so on for all religions.

The Major glaring problem with this answer is regardless of a Book being “Holy” or not it is impossible to have a Personal Relationship with someone in that book unless You have Personally met them and Personally interacted with them.  After all the Key Words in that question were Personal & Relationship. Neither of which apply to a character in a story even if you have deluded yourself into thinking they are real.

3. Is the ideal society one of absolute Slavery? (An Existence Completely Centered around the service to a Dictator / Master?)

no, slaves don’t have rights or wills, but trying to equate religion to slavery is a lil absurd. Because even in religion there is the right of the individual to reject the religion were as in slavery you have no rights, you have no will. You are just property.

This answer surprised me at how biblically inaccurate it was.  However for a Christian to not know their own bible, even though they claim to believe it.  Frankly doesn’t surprise me one bit.

One phrase that is common for Christians to say is, “I turned my life over to Jesus” or “Everything I do is for the Glory of God” or equally repulsive and meaningless statements.  These sentiments sound good but if you actually stop and think about them it renders you nothing but a mindless drone.

If you turn over your Car, House, Computer or anything else to someone else then you no longer have control over it.  Which means if you are claiming to do this with your Life then you are giving up your Freewill & Rights because you have Given your Life to this God thing.  Which means they control your life not you.  Which I would also point out is completely impossible since there is no evidence Jesus or the Christian God even exist.  So this would be like turning your life over to Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc.  You can say it and think you are doing something yet ultimately you are doing nothing since these figures don’t exist to collect on what you have turned over to them.

However from a completely Biblical view this answer is false for multiple reasons.

1. Exodus 20:17  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s. 

This is listing all of the Property that belongs to your Neighbor.  This By The Way is the Tenth Commandment.  You know the Perfect Law of Your Perfect Unchangeable God!

In this one command it lists a Wife as well as a Male & Female Servant (Slave) as the Property of the Neighbor (Which would be a Man).  It lists them right along with Animals, A House and Anything that is your Neighbor’s.  So based on this only Men are Free.  Unless they are owned by someone else then they are just Property.

2.  1 Corinthians 6:20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. 


1 Corinthians 7:23  Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men.

Here are two places just one chapter apart where this idea that Christians were Bought with a Price is present.  As well as giving the Ownership of their Body & Spirit belongs to this God.  

There is also the fact that someone who is Free can’t be Bought.  If you Buy someone then they are your Property since you Bought them.  

There are a lot more places where I could show the Slavery to this God in the bible but I will leave it at these two to keep this from being to long.

4. Do you agree with Thought Crime or Mind Control?

thought crime is fiction, so know I don’t agree with it. Mind Control do I agree, but in all honesty any form of thought reform, marketing, psychology, religion, philosophy, commercials, propaganda, manipulation is a form of mind control. Any body with a mind, has been controlled at one point or another.

Clearly this person doesn’t understand what Thought Crime is.  To say Thought Crime is Fiction shows clearly this person is completely unaware of the Hate Crime Bill or “Thought Crime” Bill that was passed by Congress.

So calling Thought Crime Fiction is simply showing massive Ignorance.

But then we get into the real problem with this person.  They Do agree with Mind Control.  However to be fair to this person I honestly think this is also more Ignorance talking then an actual position on this.  After all what they go on to say doesn’t constitute Mind Control.  It could be seen as Manipulation or even Intimidation depending on the methods used.  However Mind Control is far more Sinister.

Another term for Mind Control is Brainwashing.  That Article lists the ways in which Mind Control / Brainwashing can be achieved.  It is also important to note that Religious Conversion is a type of Brainwashing / Mind Control. 

The exact same techniques that are present in Mind Control / Brainwashing are also present in Religious Conversion.  Or to be more Specific Christian Religious Conversion!

That article is called Born Again Brainwashing.

This subject is not a Joke or something to take lightly.

There is a lot more on Mind Control that I could go into but don’t for the sake of length of this.

However one thing I do want to point out John 3:16 is all about Thought Crime / Mind Control.

John 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

This is basing an afterlife state on nothing more than the Thoughts someone has in their life!  To make someones thoughts the Crime by which you are punishing them for is Thought Crime!

The Methods preachers use to program these ideas into someone is Mind Control / Brainwashing.

5. Do you support the Torture of someone just because they have different Beliefs / Thoughts then you have?


Well this is a relief.  However I do question how this person can honestly be a Christian and yet not agree with something Jesus spoke of in Mark 9:43 – 48

Jesus actually advocated Self Mutilation instead of going to Hell.

Jesus also said about going to Heaven with one Eye as if he actually thought an injury to the Physical body would also be an injury the Spirit would have.  Which is rather comical if you think a Spirit is like a Ghost.

Mark 9:47  And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire: 

If this Jesus was God then this has to be the Dumbest God of All the made up Gods in Human history!

6. Do you think burning someone alive is a Good Moral act?


This was also a Relief but sadly this is something that has been all to common among Christians over the past 2 thousand years.  The Inquisitions were a major part of this.  However even in our society there have been cases of Christians putting their Children in Microwaves.

7. Do you support Scapegoating?

only in football games and basketball games

Nothing quite like showing you have no idea what Scapegoating really is. Especially since in the next answer what this person uses is Scapegoating!

This has got to be the Sickest of all the Christian ideas. It is one where Anyone can do Any evil thing they want then just say Jesus Forgive Me and magically poof all is forgiven. They are Perfect.

Yet No amount of you sick Christians crying to your fucking Jesus can undo one Second of the shit you did to someone else!

The Raped woman remains Raped!

The Murdered Person Remains Dead!

The Molested / Raped Child doesn’t get their innocence back!

But Your Guilt and Personal Responsibility Can Be Wiped Away By Babbling To A Jesus! This Is Fucking Sick!

8. Do you require a Blood Sacrifice in order to forgive someone?

Not anymore, in a biblical context . The book of Hebrews, lets us know Jesus was the perfect lamb. So he was the perfect/ultimate sacrifice to atone for all sins present, past and future.

First of all You forgiving someone has Nothing to do with your Stupid Imaginary Scapegoat Jesus!

Unless you are deluded enough to think you are the God of the Bible that Demanded that there be Blood & Death in order for you to forgive.

The truth of the matter is Atheists forgive people for screwing up and we don’t demand something DIE first. The Atheist is able to Forgive without Blood & Death but only because it is better to let go of anger and hate then to hold on to it.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying Atheists forgive everyone or that everything should be forgiven. If someone does something that hurts someone else it is up to Them to make it right. No amount of Babbling about a Jesus can undo what You did! That also doesn’t show that You accept any personal responsibility for your actions. Another concept that Christians really have a problem with.

There are some things that can’t be forgiven because there is no way to undo the damage you caused or even begin to make it right. Frankly if someone who Murdered, Raped or Molested or Abused someone else feels guilty about doing it I would say Good You fucking Should if they feel like a total shitball that is lower the whale shit and whale shit is at the bottom of the ocean I would say Great! But this doesn’t change what you fucking did and you don’t get a pass just because a fantasy book had a fictional Jesus Die on a cross!

9. Do you think if a child disobeys once that the penalty should be death?

no, but this is so far from the true context of Deuteronomy 21:18-21. This is talking about a true rebellious mindset of child who absolutely refuses the authority of his parents. And still acts out even after discipline. Verse 20 explains that. This law was designed to be a last resort to a child who has no hope of ever being functional in society.

Actually with this one I was thinking more of Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death.

However this answer shows how devoid of morals you really are. We Do Not Execute Children just because they disobey their parents! Someone that is Rebellious is Not someone who there is no hope for in society. I was Rebellious but I Never Broke A Single Law!

I simply didn’t listen to my parents. I Rebelled from what They said!

Nowhere in Deuteronomy 21:18 – 21 does it say anything about them not being able to function in society. This was strictly from the stand point of if they Do Not Obey their Parents!

Which actually goes hand in hand with how this God acts towards those that do not Think as he demands!

I Guess it shouldn’t surprise me that a Christian would approve of Infanticide!

10. Do you consider yourself to be a Good & Moral person?

It depends on what you define as good & moral. If my standard of good & moral is hitler, than yes-I think I’m pretty freaking awesome. But if my standard of good & moral is Jesus than No.

Considering how you answered these questions and how those answers would influence how you are most likely to behave in society I would say it is highly Questionable if you are Good or Moral.

But you are a typical Christian so there is that at least.

Questions for Christians (Theists)

It was suggested that i change the title to Christian Challenge and initially I liked that but the more I thought about it the more it didn’t sit right. The reason is this isn’t a Challenge of any sort but only Questions.

I am not sure what the issue some Christians have with just answering these questions. I will do a follow up post on this but I need to have Christians answering this first.

1. Do you believe in Odin, Zeus, Ra, Or Any other Religions God? If not why not?

2. Do you really believe you can have a Personal Relationship with a character from a book? If so do you believe you have a Personal Relationship with Superman, Batman, Spiderman or the X Men?

3. Is the ideal society one of absolute Slavery? (An Existence Completely Centered around the service to a Dictator / Master?)

4. Do you agree with Thought Crime or Mind Control?

5. Do you support the Torture of someone just because they have different Beliefs / Thoughts then you have?

6. Do you think burning someone alive is a Good Moral act?

7. Do you support Scapegoating?

8. Do you require a Blood Sacrifice in order to forgive someone?

9. Do you think if a child disobeys once that the penalty should be death?

10. Do you consider yourself to be a Good & Moral person?

If you answered Yes to any of questions 3 – 9 then explain how you define what Good & Moral behavior is.

Bonus Question: If you answered No to Questions 2 – 9 are you really a Christian at all or just want to live on after you die in some fantasy land you have made up in your own head?