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An All Knowing God & Freewill

If you are at all logical like I am the title of this should seem like an Oxy Moron.   (Contradiction of Terms)  However when one is dealing with Christians one thing that must be expected is to hear the utterly absurd touted as if it is completely sane.

Even if a God exists and is All Knowing than the ideas we have of Freewill are really an Illusion we have because we are not All Knowing.  To something that is All Knowing there can be Nothing that it doesn’t know.  Hence the word All.  If a God would be limited to only knowing what Might happen or could happen than it would really be no different then us and it wouldn’t be a God.

It is completely inconsistent to say in one breath, as Christians and their stupid bible does, that God is All Knowing and then gets angry or jealous at anything.  These are qualities that are completely incompatible and hence making this God completely Impossible.

Let’s say for example that You are married and You know that after being married for 5 years, 6 Months, 21 Days that your spouse is going to have an affair with a Co worker.  You know this will happen and nothing can change it happening otherwise you would know that too.  Given this complete foreknowledge of what will occur would you really be able to be angry or jealous from this happening?

I contend you would not be capable of having any emotional reaction to it since you would’ve known it would happen for 5 Years, 6 Months, 21 Days.  Any emotional reaction would’ve been there when you first knew it would happen.  By the time it actually did happen you would have reached a point of acceptance of what is.  Especially if you also know that after this event your Spouse will be killed in a car accident on their way home.

The knowledge of the events that will occur means existence is like a painting.  The picture is complete and can’t be changed.  It is what it is.  Like it or not that is how that picture looks. 

If such a being would have this type of knowledge then I contend it would be devoid of emotion regarding anything that would occur.  That it would know the tragedies as well as the triumphs.   So the idea of anyone not living up to the standard of this being (God for lack of a better term) would be as stupid as someone saying to an Ant or an Inchworm that they are not living up to Human Standards.  Of course the Ant or Inchworm will not live up to Human standards.  The Human standards are beyond the comprehension of the Ant or Inchworm.  So why bully the Ant or Inchworm for being limited in what they can achieve because of where they happen to be in their process of Evolution?

Yet this very thing is what the bible God is doing and has done for thousands of years according to the Religions of the world.   Worst of all the religious will bend over backwards to defend this completely insane thought process.

The Religious take this stupidity even further when they try to Pray to change events.  If this God is All Knowing then it would have Known the events that would occur.  It would also know that these people were going to Pray and Sacrifice shit and try to do all kinds of crap to change the events that it knew was going to happen from the beginning.

Since this God knew the events that would occur as well as the prayers about it and that none of those prayers would be answered.  Then what exactly was the point in praying in the first place?  Nothing could change it because the God which is All Knowing knew what events would unfold.  There is simply no way around this.

To claim as i have heard some Christians try to say that God turns off his all knowingness is so utterly moronic I can’t help but laugh at it.  This would be like saying that you could choose to not know something. 

I have joked with my Girlfriend about this when at the store I pick up a dozen roses and I say to her, “Now turn off your All Knowingness so this will be a surprise.”

For someone to actually say this and not be being completely sarcastic would mean they are out of their fucking mind.  You simply can’t unknow something that you know.  It is as stupid as people who say to someone who said something nasty or insulting, “Take that back”

What is the person supposed to invent a time machine right there and go back in time so they don’t say what you don’t want?  Or what are they to suck the words back into their mouth? 

You can’t Un anything.  Once you say or do something it is done.  No amount of wanting to change it can make it not have happened.  Even if the person says they take it back the memory of it having happened is still there.  It did happen and there simply is no changing it.

This doesn’t mean we can’t learn from things that happen.  We can and we must.  However we can’t make that event not have happened. 

If a God exists our Freewill is an Illusion that we have but the idea of that God being demanding we think a certain way is completely moronic.  After all if it is All Knowing then it would know All of what we would think and do.  So the religion or lack there of with anyone would be completely meaningless to such a being.

 This is why when Christians try and resort to the God being a Cosmic Force behind the Universe that they are really pissing on their own feet.  The Personal interest in the life of any human is completely inconsistant with something that has a complete knowledge of everything that will occur.  It would also mean that this God / Force would know the Atheist as well as the Believer as well as they know themself if not better then they know themself.

It would know the exact reasons why the person believes or not in their existence and since it would’ve known this for eons then it wouldn’t be a surprise or offense in any way!


The Arrogance & Bullshit of Chirstianity / Religion

When I talk to people about the subject of God & Religion there are a few things that strike me as common among those that believe in what I call fairy tales.  That common thread is best summed up as nothing short of Arrogance.  In Christian babble it would more accurately be called Pride.

Typically Christians don’t react to being accused of being Arrogant as hell to think that some cosmic designer would take a personal interest in their life.  However if you call it Pride then some (The few that know Pride is a major Sin to the bible God) will quickly try to defend their bullshit and deny being prideful as hell.

In one recent debate / argument I had with a Christian I posed the question of, “If a God exists and cares so much about people why then do over a Million Children a year starve to death, Over half a Million Women are Raped a year, Child Molestation, Abused wives, Etc.  

The answer I got was the classic Freewill excuse.  However this fails for some very logical reasons.  Those reasons are:

1.  A child that had the misfortune of being born in an extremely poor country doesn’t have the ability to make a choice to get food or not.  The food simply is not there and an infant is not capable of being able to provide for their own needs.  So to put it off on Freewill is a Cop out at best and down right insulting to ones intelligence at worst.

2.  The Rapist, Child Abuser, Abusive Husband, Etc is subverting the other persons Freewill by virtue of their actions.  So is this God more about protecting the Freewill of the Rapist, Child Abuser, etc then helping the Innocent / Victims?

3.  A Normal Parent would do anything they can to protect their child from harm.  A Normal Parent doesn’t see their Children playing with a Lighter or Loaded Gun and be saying, “Well the Children have their Freewill so I can’t do anything.”  Yet this same type of bullshit thinking is how some Christians want to excuse their God doing nothing?  What is wrong with these people?

4.  There is not one person that would be bitching at a God stopping things like a Terrorist attack or Car Accident or Natural Disaster where someone they loved was killed.   Ok Maybe the Terrorists or NWO Assholes would be bitching about that because then they would have to find other ways to kill large numbers of people.  However the vast majority would be in favor of some super hero saving the day.

The idea that it is because of Freewill that a God can’t do anything is pure bullshit.  In fact if this God is All Knowing then the idea of Freewill is really nothing but an illusion we have.  After all if something knows All then it would know every choice every person would ever make.  There would be no question of what will they do.  Since this God would know All. 

All Knowing is not a selective thing that can be applied to what suits your bullshit and not to others.  Just like the idea that this God is Everywhere means this God is there when a woman is being raped or child molested and yet does nothing to stop it. 

Not only would this God be there when the Rape or Child Molestation occurred but it would’ve known that was going to occur.  Yet despite all of its knowledge of what is going to happen and power to do any damn thing it wants it chooses to do nothing.  How exactly is this not the Purest form of Evil that could exist? 

Could You sit back and do nothing if you knew a woman would be Raped or Child Molested? 

Could You sit back and do nothing if a woman was being Raped or Child Molested right in front of you?

I contend the answer to that is not only no but, Hell Fucking No.  Yet this is exactly what the Christian God does Every single day and has done for thousands of years!  If such exists how exactly is it not the purest form of Evil that could exist?

Hell there are also examples like the American Holocaust where Millions upon Millions of Native American Indians were slaughtered, the holocaust of World War 2, the Inquisitions (Which lasted nearly 1,000 Years).  Yet in all of these No God did a God Damn thing to stop any of it!

I understand people make excuses for their God because they want something to believe in.  It makes people feel good to think there is some cosmic genie out there that personally cares about them.  However just because you like an idea or it makes you feel good doesn’t make it true.

Honestly I would sooner deal with an uncomfortable truth then a comfortable lie.  Deluding ones self is one thing but when this is pushed on children then you are not just deluding yourself but straight up lying to a child because it makes you feel good. 

 This is why I say there simply is No God!


Response 5 Questions for Atheists

My Most Popular You Tube Video to Date.

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I Appreciate Comments

I just wanted to make a post thanking those that comment because many times you are showing me where what I said was incomplete on covering the subject. It can also show an area where I need to be more specific in what I am saying so as to not have people confused about my position or what I am saying.

I do want to let everyone know I am not a cookie cutter Atheist.  By that I mean I am not just like all other Atheists / Anti Theists.  There have been points where some could get the idea that I can accept the idea of a God.

I do in a general sense.  I do feel the evidence for Gods exist quite clearly if you realize that we would call them Aliens not Gods.  After all if one of us would be magically telaported back to the ancient world with a Computer, Car, Cell Phone, Lighter, etc that we would be called a God by those that simply do not understand how we use those tools or even what those tools are.

Then when we would leave the stories of what we did would be told over and over and those that came later would be Oh they were “Spiritual” as they have no first hand knowledge of actually seeing us but only are retelling the stories.

This is what we have with Religions.

For those that watched my 4 part video on Losing My Faith you may be confused about the term “The Divine” that I used in there to refer to what i have felt guiding me.  As I stated in that video series I do not equate it to a God thing.  I feel such ideas are limiting and giving a false representation of what it is.

I don’t fully understand the motivation of that force or consciousness because the times when direction comes from it is almost random.  It isn’t something that gives a fart in a high wind about our sex lives or religious ideas.  This much I know for certain from the direction / questions that came to me.

However it does care about our safety but even this is not a 100% of the time.  There was one point while i was in Texas I started working on a ranch and was moving some boards when I got Stung by something.  It was a double sting and my initial thought was a wasp.  I hadn’t seen whatever it was because i had dropped the board and by the time i moved it again whatever had stung me was gone.

I then noticed a strange sweet taste in my mouth, My heart was racing and I was sweating profusely.   I turned to go to the ranch owners house and on the way there my vision tunneled then everything went black.  I was blind for a bit.

My sight did return which was a damn good thing.  Feeling blind is frightening as hell.

I got to his house and he said about me laying on the porch.  I did and passed out.  When i woke up he hadn’t moved or called anyone.  (The idiot) There was an outline of my body in sweat from where I was laying.  My hand swelled up and that went halfway up my arm.

He had taken me back to the homeless shelter i had been at before working for him and dropped me off.  They immediately had me go to the hospital.

The consensus of what stung me was a Scorpion.  I had never encountered one of them before so didn’t know what it felt like or the symptoms.  But everyone even the people at the hospital were surprised I wasn’t dead.

Now I am aware this fits what Christians would want to call a “Miracle”.  However I don’t get so dramatic about it.  And really there was nothing Miracle like about it other then my sight returning quickly and my not dying.  lol

I still had my hand swell up and that went halfway up my arm.  So it wasn’t as if anything completely healed me either.  If anything was done it was strictly in the aspect of “Ok now he will not die” type of way.

And yes I was an Atheist at this time too.  So none of you can say Jesus was protecting me because I rejected all aspects of Religion.  Especially Jesus.

I do suspect whatever it is that I am experiencing that the best idea is something in a different dimension.  Maybe a Fourth Dimensional being.

The fourth dimensional being idea is one that is mentioned once in the bible.  I do want to point this out for the Christians.  See I am not totally nasty to you.  lol

Ephesians 3:18 May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height;

Then there is this computer generated anamation of a 4 dimensional image.

I will be doing a lot more on this idea very soon.  I do suspect that this relates to what we become / really are.

But please spare me the I must think as you or else.  That is Really counter productive with what I have found with what has been guiding me.

But once again thanks for the comments / interest in what I am writing.

OMFG Born Again Christians are Pure Evil (YES I HAVE PROOF!)

When I wrote the follow-up to my ten questions for Christians I didn’t expect that it would get more interest then the questions in the first fucking place.  The sad part is the Born Again Christians that really are Pure Evil don’t actually have the balls to answer questions like I posed directly.

Oh Nooo!  They will avoid directly answering questions like ” Do you support the Torture of someone just because they have different Beliefs / Thoughts then you have?  Or  Do you think burning someone alive is a Good Moral act? Or Do you support Scapegoating? Or Do you agree with Thought Crime or Mind Control?”

After all to actually say Yes to those questions shows everyone without a shadow of doubt that you truly are pure evil.  There is simply no possible way to put a nice face on that.  This is why these Christians don’t come forward declaring for all to hear that Yes they approve of Thought Crime.  Yes they approve of the Torture of others just because they Think differently.  That Yes they believe burning someone alive is Good & Moral.  After all this is what their God does to those that don’t Believe in him or worship his bastard kid.  Most of all these people Absolutely Love Scapegoating.  They simply can’t imagine a world where they wouldn’t have some mystical dead Jew to pile all of their fuck ups on.  You know so they don’t have to be bothered with that pesky thing called Personal Responsibility.  After all taking Personal Responsibility for ones actions is of Satan!  This must be how they think since taking Personal Responsibility for your actions & claiming Jesus died to pay for your Sins are polar opposites.

These people actually Think that telling me they will Pray for me is something I want to hear or perhaps need to hear.  Why is this?  I see this shit all over the fucking internet from Born again Christians.  They don’t Ask me if I mind them Praying for me.  Nooo!  They Tell me they are or have.

Here are a list of four reasons why this “I’ll Pray for you or I am Praying for you or I Prayed for you” has got to be the dumbest and most offensive thing a Christian could say to an Atheist / Anti Theist.

1. Why Do You Have To Mention Me At All To Your Sick Psychopathic God?  I mean Seriously.  What the Fuck did I ever do to You!  Maybe Just Maybe Your Psychopathic God hadn’t noticed me out of the Billions of people on this planet and maybe just maybe I could’ve been left alone by your Sadistic Bastard God.  But Fuck No!  You Assholes will Mention Me Specifically to your Imaginary Fiend.  Thanks for tossing me under your imaginary bus!

2. Why Do You have to Announce it to the person?  What Do you think you should get a Cookie or Pat on the head for praying for someone?  I was under the impression that your Jesus told you assholes to Pray in Secret.  That you fucktards aren’t to go around Proclaiming your so called wonderful works!

Matthew 6:5  And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

Yea I know expecting a Christian to know their own bible or actually do what their Jesus said is such a silly thing.

3. Is Asking Someone for Permission to do something which directly pertains to them before you do it to much to ask?  I know this may seem like a petty thing but seriously I don’t go around Thinking for you.  Don’t You go around Praying for me!  I’m not like Christopher Hitchens in this way.  I don’t want Christians wasting their prayers on me.  Honestly if you believe Prayer is some magical spell that you can have some great influence on people’s lives why the flying Jesus fuck aren’t you assholes praying for all of the starving children or for the Children in cancer wards or the homeless people in this world.  Isn’t there far better things your magical prayers could be on rather than me?

4.  How do I know You weren’t doing the Tattling like a child crap?  None of you ever tell me What you said about me in your Prayer.  You don’t give me a copy of the Prayer so I know exactly what crap you were saying.

You People want to babble about Freewill yet when you Pray for Me are you not trying to Subvert my Freewill to cause Your God to Make me Think Like You?

After all if your Prayers for me or anything are not some kind of attempt from you to change things or people to fit your ideas / will then why waste your time doing it?  If it is an attempt to try to bring about a change to fit your wishes then by praying for me against my will you are trying to subvert my freewill and cast some Jesus spell on me so that my Thoughts Magically become just as you would have them.

A major example of the Pure Evil of these Born Again Christians can be seen from this comment left by Janine.

“The God of the bible is not evil, He is love. Because of our sin, he sent His son down YES to be brutally tortured and murdered WHY? so we wouldn’t have to take the punishment in hell. That is pure love.”

Stop the Stupid Train!

Anyone that actually thinks a parent Brutally Murdering their child so they can forgive and not torture people is Pure Evil.  Honestly, only someone who is completely insane would say that the brutal murder of a son is Pure Love!

I seriously hope this person never has children because who knows what sick and sadistic things they would do to a child and claim that it is Pure Love!  In this statement is also a sick idea that is put forward by Christianity that You are guilty of the Sins of someone who you never met and had no say in anything they did.

To try to say well no it was that we all broke the Ten Commandments.  This is fucking stupid.  After all as the post I did not to long ago shows the Ten Commandments were stolen from the Egyptian Book of the Dead Spell 125.  They were the 42 Laws of Maat.

The Ten Commandments are also Stupid as hell because All Born Again Christians Break the Second one on a Daily basis!  Exodus 20:4  Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth

Wearing a Cross is a Graven Image!  The Very Thing you idiots think shows you are a Christian is a violation of the Second Commandment!  So don’t hand me this shit that you give a damn about your fucking commandments!

Then there are the Pictures of Jesus, Mary, Angels, etc.  All of them are graven images.  After all note in Verse 4 it is strictly about Making any graven image.  The not worshiping it is in verse 5.  You can’t Cherry Pick out verse 4 because it doesn’t suit your bullshit but think, “Well I’m not worshiping the cross so it is ok to have the graven image.”  It is still an Idol according to your bullshit bible!

As if the idea of this God Brutally Murdering his Son so he can Forgive others and not torture those that don’t Think as they are told isn’t Evil enough this woman goes on to spew Venom at Michael Jackson making claims of him being in Hell.  In this she sounds as Sick and Evil as the Phelps jackasses!

Here is a post on my blog about a girl who went to hell and saw Michael Jackson (THOUSANDS OF ARTICLES BESIDES THIS ONE) the full article is embedded.

Here is an article of a buddhist monk who went to hell

First of all this woman is trying to say a Claim made by a Girl is Proof that Hell is Real.  Where does all of this shit ultimately come from?  Angelica Zambrano

Let’s Examine this Picture!

1. That so-called Jesus is not a Jewish Face!

2. The pope is in this which means this woman is Catholic!

3. The image of someone covered in Fire.

This third is really where it gets stupid.

This is because Fire is a Chemical Reaction of Physical Elements maintained by Physical Oxygen!  It is completely Impossible for such to exist outside of this physical world.  Fire hurts the physical body but If a ghost would exist fire would no more hurt it then spraying a ghost with a squirt gun would make it wet.

Even if this shit wouldn’t be completely impossible it still wouldn’t make this Good, Loving or Moral.  We know for a fact that the Nazi Death Camps were completely real.  However I don’t believe any of these Born Again Christians would say people should’ve Praised Hitler just so they don’t get tortured in the Nazi Death Camps.

To even suggest something like that would make people scream, “What? Are You Fucking Serious?  Worship Pure Evil Just To Save Your Own Selfish Self Centered Ass?”

Yet this is Exactly what this woman and others like her are really saying.  The only difference is they put their God in there instead of Hitler.  But the Evil of the Threat is the same regardless of the asshole behind it.

Even If the Christian God would be Real that still doesn’t make it Good, Moral or Loving!  For anyone to say that it does shows how they truly are Pure Evil!

This pisses me off because it Slaps my Humanity in the face!

This type of Sick thought process glorifies the Torture of those Not Just Like You!

Don’t try telling me that Christians are Moral when you assholes Praise what has to be the most Evil fantasy ever dreamed up!  No amount of Threats could Ever make me Love or even Like You let alone your sadistic delusional ideas!  This shit is why I hate Born Again Christians with a Passion!  They are No damn different than Christians from the Dark Ages that thought Burning someone alive for being Accused of witchcraft was good!  Note I said accused.  Not Proven Only Accused!  Think of what that type of Sick shit would cause if these assholes could do that today!

They would be Burning people Alive for being Accused of being homosexual!

These people are the most Bigoted and Hateful people on the planet!  They want to act like they are So Loving.  Yet the Shit they Spew is the Most Vile and Pure Evil Bullshit anyone could ever say!

Janine how the Fuck do you think Janet Jackson would feel about your Vicious Post?  You are Passing Judgment On Someone You Know Nothing About! 

It is No Fucking Different then the Phelps assholes saying George Carlin is in Hell because He didn’t Believe in Jesus!

To push a mindset of unless you Think a certain way you will be tortured forever is nothing short of pure evil.  Even if a God would exist it can’t show that it is better then us by acting worse then the worst of us ever had!  Additionally with more Power comes more Responsibility not Less.  If a God Exists it should behave a Hell of a lot better then Your asshole God does!

This is a Video Response I did on You Tube where I explain why I wouldn’t follow / serve the Christian God even if it would be proven 100% to be real!  That statement may shock many of you Christians or you think I just love “Sin” so much that I would reject your God.

The truth is I reject Your God the same way I would reject Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Ill or any other evil tyrant to tries to use Fear & Torture to get a following.

I also explain why this idea of Hell is Not a Punishment of any sort as well as why this type of Pascal’s wager I find utterly Revolting.

Why I Hate Religion, Jesus & God Poem

I want to make it clear right from the start
I’m going to tear Religion & Jesus apart.

Jesus & Religion are not separate things
They are one in the same to Christian babblings

I’m not putting on fancy clothes while pretening to believe in a childish fable
I use logic and reason laying the facts on the table!

Trying to distance yourself from the horrors of Religion
Yet acting like all someone has to do is make a simple Decission.

Putting A Persons Beliefs more important then their actions
Is a recipe for disaster because of all the factions

It makes me sick to think people want to be slaves
Yet this is what they are wanting when they say Jesus saves!

Mouthing words may make you think you are Good & Saved
Although what really matters is how you have Behaved!

There is more to being good then mouthing Bullshit of Belief
Life isn’t about putting yourself above others or giving them your Grief!

Wearing a Cross while buying blunts to get high
Makes me look at you and just want to sigh!

You believe a book that says Love thy Neighbor is good
Yet you ignore the fact that this would mean the drug dealers in your neighborhood!

You want to act like your God is so real & everyone must believe it or go to Hell
While claiming that Love & Peace are the message that your Jesus wants you to sell!

You simply can’t pick and choose the parts you want to live by
While discarding those things that make a sane person ask why!

Christianity is all about Self Loathing & Fear
The truth about their God is something none of them want to Hear!

To think the ultimate sign of love is your Jesus dying on a cross for your sin
Just so you can sherk personal responcibility with a pious grin!

To claim your God is about Justice and doing the right thing
Yet giving a loophole of Human Sacrifice is disgusting!

Let me make this crystal clear
Your God is something you are to Fear!

Fear and Love do not mix.
No matter how badly you try to do mental tricks

You want to act like life is a Disease & your Jesus is the Cure
Yet deep down this is something no Christian is really sure!

If you would there would be no fear of death
You would know what awaits you when you take your final breath!

Fear of the unknown is what drives religious belief
Realizing there is no God is a major relief!

What if what matters isn’t what your beliefs are on religion
But the way in which your life touches others that have another vision!

At the end of the day your Jesus & God are meaningless lies
What matters most is here and now what is before our eyes!

By MrGoodNKinky


To see the Video on this click the Link

Why Hell is Impossible

               I do want to Stress right from the start that this doesn’t apply to all Christian’s or Satanist’s.  This concept of Hell, which is from the Christian doctrine, is extremely flawed on multiple levels.  Many have realized this but there are a large number that still buy into this primitive way of thinking.

            The doctrine of Hell has been a common one for Christian’s for two thousand years.  The fact that this very message screams extreme sadism and tyranny many Christian’s seem to have no problem embracing this and somehow still claiming their God to be all loving.  How exactly one can be all loving and engage in behavior worse then the worst human to ever exist is frankly beyond me. What I find just as revolting if not more so are the vast numbers of Satanists that clearly accept this bit of Christian bullshit.  Not only do they not challenge it many actually use bullshit terms of Burning in Satan’s love.

Satanists, any of you that buy into this bullshit, please provide any documented writing which states Satan burns anyone in fire.  If you want to quote the Christian bible I would challenge you to provide Book, Chapter & Verse to support this idea.  Why a Satanist would use a bible that is from another religion is beyond me.  However I also find it utterly moronic to embrace claims made by a religion that has set itself in direct opposition to you and accepting all of their claims about you.  This would be as Dumb as a Republican just accepting anything a Democrat wants to say about them and still being Vote for me.  Do you seriously think someone that is opposed to your side will be honest about your side?  Satanists you must since you openly embrace the claims made by the Christian’s about what Satan is like.  As well as accepting the term Demons as well as Hell.

I find it utterly amazing that it takes an Atheist to stand up and say, “Excuse me but this shit is not even written in your own bible as to coming from a Satan.  As if that isn’t enough this idea of a burning lake of fire in an afterlife is flat out impossible.”

What I find even more amazing then Satanist’s that don’t object to these Christian based ideas are these same people getting pissed off at the Atheist that does raise these issues.  Excuse me but do you people have a serious masochistic side that you aren’t telling me about?  If you want to be set on fire and that is going to be wonderful what exactly is stopping you from taking a gasoline bath?  I mean seriously if you want to be an ass and act like this will be so wonderful why not cut to the chase and simply do it now.  We have plenty of gasoline and matches you could be in pure bliss right now if burning in fire is your ideal kind of love.  The fact that you people don’t do this yet you want to bitch at the Atheist that says this shit is Impossible in an afterlife tells me that you just want to be acting like masochistic assholes but are to afraid to do what you think you’ll love forever.

Now that I have probably pissed off all of the Reverse Christian Satanists out there I am going to really pants you fuckers as well as the stupid Christian’s that buy into this sadistic bullshit message dreamed up by the Church of Rome! That’s right Christian’s and Satanist’s this doctrine of Hell was not taught by Apollonius of Tyana (AKA Jesus Christ) just as his followers were not called Christian’s but followers of The Way.  The term Christian was invented by Paul then picked up by Constantine.  What Apollonius of Tyana taught was a message of Reincarnation, Vegetarianism & Oneness with Nature.  He did refer to The Satan but only in so much as he was referring to sickness or illness not as a physical being.  This is clearly evident in the Essene Gospel of Peace.

You may be asking yourself Essene what’s that?  During the first century there were about a dozen Jewish Sects or Denominations.  One of which was a group of Healers called the Essene’s.  Apollonius of Tyana was a member of that group.  So your venom against Jesus Christ is venom against a Straw man!  It is no different then having hate or contempt for Superman, Spiderman, Batman, or the X Men.  While some of what is written in the bible could be accurate for what Apollonius of Tyana taught so much is either omitted or changed as to render what is there completely worthless.

However that having been said here is the Truth of what is in the Christian’s own bible about Hell.  Unlike the lies some Christian’s want to tell Jesus (which I already established is a Straw man) didn’t speak more of Hell then Heaven.  In fact the reverse is true.  The word Heaven occurs 238 Times in the New Testament! Over 100 of them were claimed to be by Jesus!  While the word Hell occurs 23 Times in the New Testament!  The word Hell used by Jesus in these occurrences is the Greek word gheh’-en-nah.   Which is a direct reference to Jeremiah 32:35. This is one even the Christian’s are too stupid to read.  So here it is.  And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin. “

Ok, Quick bible and history lesson for all the Christian’s and Satanist’s. (Damn an Atheist giving the Christian’s and Satanist’s a Bible and History lesson. This should be worth a few chuckles somewhere.)  Baal & Molech were both Canaanite deities.  As were El & Yahweh.  Among a laundry list of others too.  So right off the bat we are dealing with a Pantheon religion not a Monotheism.  Hell even with Christianity as it is with God, Jesus, the Holy Casper & Satan this is a Pantheon not a Monotheism.  Mono means One not a schizophrenic one deity and a nemesis with a host of lesser beings.  This is a Pantheon no matter how you slice it.

However then we have the Valley of the son of Hinnom Or Gehenna.  There should be bells going off right now for both Christian’s and Satanist’s!  Then we have this Lord God getting pissed off and saying which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.

Number One, Christian’s If this is from your Lord God and If your Lord God Can’t Lie. Numbers 23:19.  And your Lord God Can’t Change. Malachi 3:6.  Then an Eternal Lake of Fire is Impossible since your Lord God actually said, 1. I commanded them not!  2. Neither came it into my mind!  3. To cause Judah to Sin!

Number Two, Since burning children in fire was never thought of by your Lord God and nowhere in the bible does it say Satan ever thought of this. There is No evidence a Baal or Molech were even real let alone there and did approve of this shit!  But only that this is how People were Sacrificing children to their gods.  What we have is People being fucked in the head.  Which frankly is nothing new we see that in our world today.  What this means is this doctrine was made up by the Roman Catholic Church as a means of controlling the stupid masses through fear.

Number Three, Three definitions of the word Hell in the bible.  In the Old Testament it was always Sheol.  Which meant simply The Grave!  In the New Testament there was Hades, which also meant The Grave!  Then there was Gehenna which referred to this fucking story, which proves this was a Metaphor, only not a literal anything!

Then there is the biggest problem with this whole Heaven & Hell Afterlife bullshit that is babbled by both Christian’s & Satanist’s.  Yea I know winning friends all over in this blog.  That main glairing problem with all of this shit is it is 100% Physical!  From both of you!  Think of that an Afterlife, which means by definition After your Life is Over.  Which means the Physical body is Dead.  Yet you fuckers still think that fire is there?  More amazingly you seriously think even if it would be (in some magical way) that it would phase you?  Up until now I have fought the growing urge to go DRR DRR but now we reach a point of this stupidity that I have no choice but to go DRR DRR.


Number One; Fire is a Physical reaction of Physical elements maintained by Physical Oxygen!  This is not the Hydrogen & Helium Fusion reaction of the Sun since Brimstone can’t exist on the Sun given the Sun is to God damn hot!  Brimstone breaks down at 823.28 degrees Fahrenheit.  Or 444.6 Degrees Celsius.  Considering the Sun’s outer layer is 11,000 Degrees Fahrenheit or 6,000 Degrees Celsius.  While the inner pressure of the Sun’s core produces a Temperature between 27,000,000 Degrees Fahrenheit or 11,000,000 Degrees Celsius and a Pressure of 340 Billion times that of Earth’s air pressure at sea level!

Number Two; You would not have a Physical body with a central nervous system or brain.  Which means it would be Impossible for you to feel burning at all.  All of the evidence about an afterlife points to an Aura body or Energy body.  Not one which could be hurt by fire, tortured or killed.  For those really stupid and I would add exceptionally sick people that think your Loving God would give some physical bodies by which they could be burned alive.  Your God must have had a massive hard on during the Inquisitions.  That or been jealous as fuck.  The Temperature at which human skin ignites is 480 Degrees Fahrenheit or 248.88 Degrees Celsius!  Far below the temperature where brimstone breaks down.  Which means you stupid fucks you wouldn’t even get to Hell because you would ignite in the atmosphere and be ashes by the time you hit the lake of fire! Now let’s all say it DRR DRR.

Number Three; A Ghost is the most plausible example of what someone in an Afterlife state would be in.  Fire would no more hurt a Ghost then spraying a Ghost with a squirt gun would make it wet.  The damn Ghost is in a completely different dimension so things of this dimension wouldn’t mean a God damn thing!

In closing I am not saying there isn’t some kind of life after death.  I am an Atheist but I don’t exclude the idea of a life after death only that I see no evidence of any Gods.  To explain this just a bit for those who are confused.  If something would exist in a higher dimension we wouldn’t have a real term for what exactly it is let alone to consider such a thing even a life form.  So the idea of worshipping something which may or may not exist on some higher dimension which I can’t prove even exists is utterly absurd.  What is equally as stupid is to think such a force if such would exist that it would think and view reality and our existence exactly as we do.  Our perception of what we call reality is based on how our Physical brain interprets the data which comes in via our 5 senses.   Then when you factor in the Historical time period, Culture, Economic Status one is born into it becomes obvious that our view of reality and what is good and bad are extremely subjective things and not something written in stone.  Let alone be ideas from some mystical force which no one can see or prove even exists.

The only thing that could exist and have a point of view along with an agenda that would be superior to us is an Alien race.  You may want to bow and scrape before an Alien race but frankly I would no more worship an Alien then I would worship a human and that would never happen.

A Conversation with a Theist

As an Atheist I sometimes end up in a debate type situations that turns more and more into the theist trying to argue with me that their God must exist for what amounts to it makes them feel good.

One such example of this was a recent discussion I had on IMVU with a woman that I wasn’t interested in debating religion in the slightest.  The name of that Avatar is called Sinfully Amazing.  We were in a room I made and I happened to be sitting on an Atheist Chair that I had just happened to make white with a black A. This woman remarked that she liked that chair so me being the gentleman I moved to the one beside it and said, “Oh yes that is the Atheist Chair.”  I also did add that I am an Atheist.  Note this was not meant to spark any kind of debate / discussion about fantasy magical beings.

Well this woman said she was Catholic.  Then added what has to be the absolute dumbest reason for adopting a label that could possibly exist.  That being because she was raised Catholic. Even though I didn’t want to get into a debate on the God bullshit I knew I couldn’t not comment on it.

What I said was, “So you believe in a Sadistical Magical being because that’s what you were told to believe?”

To which she had said, “I don’t believe God is Sadistical.”

At this point I was in a position of in for a penny might as well go in for a pound.  I then asked, “If the only way a parent can forgive is via the human sacrifice of their child wouldn’t you call that Sadistical?  Or Isn’t Think as I demand or be tortured Sadistical?”

Instead of answering these questions she shifted to a completely different justification attempt.  That being the desire to see some relative that died again.  I do want to point out that the avoidance of questions that the theist can’t honestly answer in a way that makes their fantasy God look nice and sweet is common. However this always leads to a more hostile approach or at the very least one rooted in emotion not logic.

Now looking back on it I guess I could’ve just let this woman have whatever fantasy she wanted just to get away from this bullshit.  However once I am in logical, intellectual & philosophical mode it can be tough for me to snap out of that.  Not to mention the mountain of logical questions / counter points flood my mind so rapidly often times I speak or in this case type a response without actually thinking.

I said, “Just because you want something to be true doesn’t mean it is.”  Then adding, “Like you I have lost those who were close to me and a part of me would love to see them again.  However the logical part of me knows this is simply not possible.  You are far from the only person that has lost those you love.”

Now to be fair I know this is hitting below the belt because the wish to see some lost loved one again is an emotional justification not a logical one.  However I didn’t get totally metaphysical on her with this explaining that even if something exists beyond this physical that we can’t definitively prove with science the idea of a loved one being just like they were in life is simply illogical.  The way we are in life is based entirely upon the experiences, culture & time period we happen to be born into.  If something transcends death there simply is no logical reason to assume that it would continue to think, reason & behave just as the person did in their physical life.  Adding of course that there is no way a person would retain the physical appearance they had in life in some energy form.  Since the physical appearance we have is based entirely upon the DNA of our mother and father.

To which I heard something like she believes in God in the nice parts.  Which lead me to again respond without thought with, “I never knew belief in God was like a Fast Food Menu.  Make Your God Your Way.”

As you can no doubt tell I was in full Atheist mode dealing with a Theist.  However then I heard something which really made the Scientific & Atheist part of me go completely bonkers.

She actually said, “You are preaching to the choir.”  She then added how she was a nurse and regularly saw people protesting outside the clinic she worked at.

To which I had immediately said, “Those would be Christian’s” Which she agreed but must have failed to realize Catholic is a flavor of Christianity.

At this point I was a bit confused because I was hearing this woman talking about understanding science but yet clinging to an idea that is completely non scientific in nature.  I think it was at this point when I asked, “Do you seriously believe the Universe was magically poofed into being?”

This did make her inquire what I meant to which I had added, “The idea that a Magical God caused the Universe to appear from Nothing all on a whim.”

By this point she had degraded into full, (I must defend my God) mode.  Which really strikes me as strange given if this God is so all knowing and so powerful why would it need defended by some mere religious believer.

She had asked if I was trying to convert her and I said, “Atheist’s don’t care about conversion since there is nothing to convert to.  All I want to do is to cause you to stop and think.”

However this was clearly making her uncomfortable since what I was raising were problems in the God notion that she simply couldn’t explain away.  Which means anger is the next emotion to spring forward since honestly she had nothing else. To try and argue a literal bible idea as to why is simply foolish given I had raise things which made it impossible to defend the God and still be fully aware of science.

What surprised me in all of this was how I remained perfectly calm and simply pointed out the flaws in theistic logic.  Yet more and more what I got was growing anger and resentment.

This was really not what I had wanted to have happen but I couldn’t see a way out of this situation with her in fully Defend the God notion and me in full Let’s be logical mode.

In the end she left the conversation and I felt completely disgusted since IMVU is not the place where I try to engage in deep conversations.  Simply speaking that type of thing is just not fitting for that environment.  Yet when I encounter dumb I can’t help but try and get the person to think.  Which does lead to defend the beliefs even when the beliefs are completely wacky.