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The Two Biggest Misconceptions People Have about Aliens

For many people, both Religious and Atheist / Skeptic alike, have some major misconceptions when it comes to Aliens.  In this I am first going to bitch slap all of the blind idiots that say there is no evidence of UFO’s or Aliens. 

The idea that there is no Evidence is nothing short of acting like an Ostrich and saying you don’t see anything.  You woln’t see anything if you refuse to look at it.  Many of these people will flat out ignore evidence that is presented.

Evidence like:

1. The FBI Files – 
2. The NSA Files –

Both of those are document that were Classified Top Secret for over 60 Years.  What is Available on those sites are the document but in a Sanatized state.  Which means the Military / Government has blacked out portions of them which they don’t want people to see.

Logic would tell anyone with a functioning brain that if there was nothing to this 1. The Document wouldn’t have been Top Secret for over 60 Years.  2. There wouldn’t be any areas that are Blacked out let alone large areas of the reports.

However those are far from all of Evidence that exists.

3.  UFO Disclosure on CNN








4.  The UFO Disclosure Project Full Video


Those 5 are just the tip of a Mountain of Evidence that is available to support the existence of UFO’s & Aliens! Given the massive amount of evidence that is available on the subject of UFO’s & Aliens for anyone to say they see no evidence means quite simply they refuse to actually look.

The Next Misconception I want to address is the idea that everyone that talks about Aliens looks at them as some kind of Savior / Likes them. While I can’t speak for everyone I want to make my position on this very fucking clear.

I do not regard any Alien race as a friend, buddy, or even a God. In fact I am very hostile to Aliens doing a damn thing here. I have had multiple experiences of Missing Time, Weird Marks & Even an Image that was on my Neck after one event.

For Me the subject of Aliens and their interaction with Humans is one that generates a massive amount of rage. This is why I am so hostile to the Christian crap of Praying for Me.
Christians the existence of Aliens doesn’t prove your God is real. In fact the Aliens are what your God really is. The only thing is they aren’t Gods!

Although what you people are worshiping are Aliens. The fact that you people have been brainwashed to believe bullshit doesn’t change the fact you are worshiping Aliens.

I walked away from Christianity when I realized at the age of 24 that the God was an Alien race. There was still a great deal I didn’t know about the Aliens (Anunnaki to be more specific).
However even though I walked away from the Religion of Christianity my research into uncovering the Truth didn’t end.

Weak Ass Arguments for the existence of God

When people hear I am an Atheist I regularly get hit with a whole laundry list of arguments for the existence of God.  Typically this is the Christian God which people are attempting to assert exists.

However with even the most devout Theist the argument they attempt to use is not a Theistic one at all but a Deistic one.  This really shows me that they do not grasp even the most basic aspect of what they are professing to believe.

This ignorance regarding the subject matter isn’t something I hold against them but one that I do point out in my refuting of their so called compelling evidence / argument for their God.  What it really boils down to with most people is their God is a figment of their own imagination.  This is why their God always approves of whatever fucked up bullshit they personally want to do.  While being against anything they don’t like.

This is really nothing more then trying to impose your ideas / values / perceptions on others by calling it God and not being honest and saying it is what You think.  It is also intellectually dishonest as hell to try and assert the existence of something to which you have no logical or even probable reason for concluding such even exists.  So what if You think it does.  Why should that mean a damn thing to me?  You may think smoking Pot is a great past time even though all companies worth a damn any more do random drug tests and doing that shit can directly impact your job / income & subsequently your entire life.

Here are a list of the most common arguments for the existence of God and why each one of them Fails.

1.  The Fine Tuned Aspect of the Universe – This is a Classic example of a Logical Fallacy.  This argument is drawing the conclusion that a God exists on the fact that the Universe exists and that life in the Universe exists.  Just because the Universe & Life exist doesn’t mean there is an automatic win for the existence of a God.  Especially when you want to assert as all Christians, Muslims & Jews do that their God Personally takes an interest in their lives and their behaviors.

2.  The Earth being the Perfect Distance from the Sun –   This is yet another example of the same type of Logical Fallacy as the first.  Just because Life exists doesn’t magically mean your invisible friend exists.  The attempts to try and defend these Classic Logical Fallacies always have the Theist trying to use Deistic arguments not realizing that even if a Deistic God would be proven true that this wouldn’t advance their claim of a personal God at all.

3.  The Atheist can’t Prove God doesn’t exist so this means God Exists – This is one Atheists hear a lot and it has to be among the absolute dumbest reasons to believe in God.  This argument is showing that the person doesn’t grasp who has the burden of proof.  If I assert that I can Fly or Walk on Water yet offer no evidence to support this claim then you are not required to accept my assertion just because I said it.  It is the one making the assertion that something exists or that they can do something to prove their statements are true.

After all I could say to you that, “You are not watching me every second of everyday so how do you know I don’t fly or walk on water when you are not watching me?”  This would be no different then the Christians assertion that, “You don’t know what exists in All of the Universe so you can’t say God doesn’t exist.”

Without a reason / evidence to believe a claim is true there is no reason to assume it is.  So it is logical to say that such doesn’t exist or is impossible until evidence is presented to show otherwise.

4.  Even if Aliens Genetically Manipulated Life on this planet to bring about Humans who made the Aliens – This argument is one I hear a lot because of what I point out with the Sumerians.  However this is completely irrelevant on multiple levels.

A.  These same people will try to point to either the Bible or Jesus and both are completely dependent upon the basis of the Sumerian epic of creation as well as influences from the Egyptians as well as other cultures.

B.  The question of how an Alien race came into being is something we can’t answer since we do not know where their Planet is or what their History is.  It also has no bearing on the subject of a God unless they could show Evidence for their God creating the Alien.

C.  These same people will buy into the we were made in God’s image idea.  If this would be true and Aliens Genetically Manipulated us then Logically your God is that Alien race not some force that is behind the Universe or The Aliens creator.

5.  The Force Behind the Universe Claim – This one is popular now because of Quantum Physics however this doesn’t help Theism at all.  This is strictly a Deistic idea and one that a Theist has no place even attempting to use.

This one is also invalid because even if some Force or Cosmic Source would exist this wouldn’t mean that it would give a Damn about You, Me or Anyone let alone what behaviors we have or Sexual Lifestyle we enjoy.  Additionally a Force or Cosmic Source wouldn’t even be what we would consider to be a Lifeform so the idea that it is a God thing is stretching the idea of a God to an absurd degree.

6.  The idea that to believe God exists and find out there isn’t one is better then not believing in God and finding out God exists – This is the Pascal’s Wager argument.  Of all of the examples of Christian Stupidity this one has to take the cake.  I realize Christians don’t like to be told they are stupid but this argument is so damn dumb I can’t help it.

The Reasons Pascal’s Wager Fails are:

A.  This is assuming the odds are just 50/50.  Either there is a God or there isn’t.  However this is simply not the case.  There have been over 4,000 Gods worshiped in Human History.  Which means the Odds of being right just from the number of Gods alone are over 4,000 to 1.

B.  This is also completely ignoring the All Knowing idea regarding the Christian God.  If that God is real and is All Knowing then it would know you are simply trying to fain belief in order to save your own selfish ass.

C.  You can’t simply Believe something just because someone says it.  If this were possible then people would honestly believe in Invisible, Magical, Flying Blue Smurfs just because someone says they exist.

This also ties in with the Question I had asked of If you believe in God why don’t you believe in Odin, Zeus, Thor, Etc.  The answer I got was word for word for what the Atheist says about the Christian God as well as all Gods.  “Because there is no evidence any of them actually exist.”

D.  If the only reason you are good is to try and avoid some afterlife location that is not Moral or Noble that is simply Sucking up.  Your Entire Motivation behind why you act as you do would also be known to an All Knowing God.

E.  If the God is All Knowing and created some for Damnation & some for Glory (Romans 9:21 – 23) then the choices you think you are making are really not anything this All Knowing God wouldn’t have known you would make.  Which means your idea of having Freewill is actually an Illusion you have because You do not know the future.  However Your lack of knowledge about the future doesn’t magically mean that you have Freewill if there is something which does know the Future.

7.  The Argument that the Bible is Evidence of the Existence of God – This is called Circular Reasoning. 

The Bible is no more Evidence of any God then Superman Comics are evidence of Superman.  You can’t use that which is making the claim as evidence for the existence of that which is claimed.

8.  If there is anything that the Atheist / Science can’t explain then that means God did it – This is called a God of the Gaps mindset and one that is a very slippery slope to try and base your God on because the more we learn through science the less room there is for your God.

9.  Nothing can come from Nothing / Something can’t come from Nothing so this means God Exists – This is not a Math issue this is simply an argument from Ignorance.

After all if you believe a God exists at all then that means this God is by definition “Something” which means that what you are calling God can’t have come from Nothing.   By the same token if we are so complex as to require a creator then the God which is more complex then we are would also have to have a Creator which raises the question who made your God?

Simply put this means your God had to have a Creator and that Creator had to have a Creator and so on infinitely.  After all Something can’t come from Nothing.

After all if you go by Quantum Physics what we call nothing isn’t really Nothing but Infinite Quantum Potential.  The idea brought forward in M Theory makes far more sense then the whole God notion.  That being that there are an Infinite number of Universe bubbles and when two touch they make a Third Universe.  Since we do not know how many Universe Bubbles there are it is impossible to say how many exist which can’t support life at all.




A Logical Look at God & Satan

The cultural ideas regarding Satan, the Devil & Lucifer are all based on the Abrahamic Religions.  Primarily Christianity but Islam does give basically the same bullshit ideas.  These ideas regarding a Satan are bullshit because they are coming from obviously bias sources.  It would be like someone listening only to Republicans about what Democrats are like and about.  Simple logic should tell you that one group will paint their opposite group as being negative.

It is for this reason more than any that people need to learn to think for themselves.  To base your opinion of someone on the words of someone else is asking to be played for a fool.  In our society we have access to both sides of an argument / debate.  When electing a president we get to hear what both sides are about and we can make our decision based on all available information.  In the case of Religion we are given only one side of the story.  There simply is no Word of Satan book / bible that people could look at for what that character would be in favor of or advocate for.  All we really have is speculation from people about what a Satan would be like.

In many ways those ideas are based on either Christian / Muslim bullshit or poets like Dante or Milton.  If anyone seriously thinks that this is what a Satan would actually be like I would ask what is the basis of this assumption?  To be well it is what is in the Bible or Qur’an I would point out neither of these can be considered proof of a God or a Satan since they are that which is making the claim.  It would be like looking to Star Wars Movies to prove the existence of the character of Darth Vader or Yoda.  Of course that story is going to paint the one to be good and the other evil.  However let’s be realistic.  In reality there is no all good or all evil person.

Each of us are a combination of both good and evil.  We have the potential to do both.  Yet when it comes to the deities you religious people want to act like your deity of choice is good and the other is evil.  Assuming deities would exist all of you are completely full of shit.  What is most logical is that the deity figures would be a mixture of good and evil just as we are.  Especially if you buy into this shit of we were made in the image of this deity.

There can be no denying that the Abrahamic God is a brutal figure.  Killing over 2.3 Million not counting the two cases of Genocide & the slaughtering of all first-born children.  Then if you take the Christian idea this God that could do anything made as his only plan to forgive people being the Human Sacrifice of his kid.  Exactly what kind of monster acts like this?  Yet this is what you people call the All Good God.  Clearly you people have bumped your head if you think one can engage in shit like that and still be all good.

Then to use that same Religion that excuses the mass Murder of their God, Genocide, Infanticide, Rape, Human Sacrifice, just to name a few.  Plus the Extortion, Manipulation, Thought Crime & Scapegoating of the Jesus & Salvation idea.  If you are letting these assholes dictate what the Satan figure is like then clearly you have bumped your head just as hard as they have.  Do none of you stop and think maybe someone is lying to you about what this Satan would be like?

Even going with the idea that Satan means Adversary.  Ok Fine stop and think about this for five fucking seconds.  By the Christians own admission their God did the above mentioned acts.  Now a being that would be an adversary to one that acts as the Christian God does.  That one could actually be a nice guy.  It makes no damn sense to think this Satan would be acting like a total jackass or wanting you morons to go running around being complete shitballs.

What it seems like is some people want to use the label of Satanist to try to excuse the fact that they personally are assholes that can’t function in a civilized society.  They want others to bow and scrape before them demanding they be addressed with bullshit titles they make up.  All so they can stroke their fucking ego and have some delusional idea that they are the only True Satanist or Preacher or Grand Pooba.   If this isn’t a steaming pile of bullshit I ask you what the flying fuck is.

Honestly the ideas regarding Satan need to be examined.  Upon what basis does a Satanist base their ideas of what a Satan would be like?  If you have no real basis for defining what this Satan would be like then how the fuck do you know it would like you?  Shit how do you know it wouldn’t regard you as a total dickweed?  Especially if all you can do are childish Show & Tell games or Playing Dress Up to be See how Evil & Sinister I am.  Add to that if all you can do is mindlessly attack people for saying things you personally don’t like and you want to act as if you speak for Satan.  Well then you are clearly someone who needs the men in white coats and a few dozen electroshock treatments.

You can wipe your ass with your personal ideas of what a God or Satan would want.  Those ideas are based on how you value things.  Not on how some mystical deity would.  Especially if that being is an Alien race that is more advanced than us or some other dimensional being.  Either way why the flying fuck should it give a rats furry ass about what you want or think?  Who exactly are you in the grand scheme of things?

Yes I am an Atheist and as such I don’t buy into the whole Gods idea.  But if such would exist what possible reason or motive would it have for taking a personal interest in yours or anyone’s life?  Especially given the fact that in all of human history we have no evidence of any God actually doing a fucking thing to help anyone.  Given the track record of no activity from any God then even if such would exist do you seriously think it gives much of a shit what we think?

Just something for you to think about.

10 Deep Questions for Everyone

Since the most popular post for me so far has been my follow-up to the 10 questions I want to see how this one goes.  These questions by their very nature are much deeper in thought.

The purpose of these questions is to provoke you to thinking on a deeper level.  Perhaps on a deeper level then you have ever thought before.  I realize the religious will try to answer these from the mindset of their religious beliefs.  However they are phrased in a way as to make quoting from a bible or a so-called holy book difficult if not impossible.

Just saying well the bible says so is really not an answer.  The reason the bible says so is not an answer is no Christian, Muslim or Jew would accept, “Well this is what the Sumerians or Egyptians wrote so that proves it is true.”

Since no Christian would accept as fact the claims of another religion because it is what their book says then you can’t use that as evidence for what you believe.  To try to do this is trying to have a double standard.  While you may like your double standard because it benefits you there is no logical reason why anyone else should like your double standard.

If you as a Christian, Muslim or Jew want to use your so-called holy book as evidence then you must first provide reasons why that holy book is reliable evidence.  It is important to realize Circular Reasoning doesn’t prove your claim.  Here is an example of Circular reasoning.

1.  How did the Universe come into being?  (Be as Specific as Possible)

2.  How did Life on this Planet begin?  (Be as Specific as Possible)

3.  How did Human Life begin?  (Be as Specific as Possible)

4.  Do you accept the possibility of Aliens having been on Earth in the Ancient world?

5.  Define as clearly as you can what you believe God would be like.  What makes something a God?

6.  What matters most in life the beliefs people have about a God or how they treat each other & live their life?

7.  Since Life is not based on All or Nothing why should an afterlife be based on All or Nothing?  (For Atheists Assume for the moment an afterlife does exist)

8.  Do you accept the idea presented by Quantum Physics of Multiple Dimensions?  That there are 10+ Dimensions?

9.  Is there anything someone could say that would convince you their religion or lack there of is true?

10.  Why should anyone believe in your religion or lack there of?

Bonus Question:  What is the Meaning of Life?  Not just your personal life but all life.

This last is completely subjective and is intended only to get you to think about the grand picture of life.

Response 5 Questions for Atheists

My Most Popular You Tube Video to Date.

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Biblical Proof the Bible God is an Alien

When Christians speak of God they are not thinking of a God in the biblical sense.  The ideas people have today about a God is more of a Deistic being not a Theistic one.  For proof of this just listen to a Christian try to debate evolution.  Each and every Christian / Theist will first attempt to use the creation of the Universe Argument.  This doesn’t denote a Personal God at all but only an impersonal consciousness at best.  The bigger problem with this is the ever reducing ground for a God to be shoved in.

The more we learn scientifically the less room there is for a magical being.  This is simply reality.  The God of the gaps mindset is increasingly shaky ground for the Theist too attempt to stand on.  Let alone to try and build the foundation of their religion on.

It is also true that Creationists really hate the idea of Evolution because they think that this is against the God idea.  Evolution is not opposed to a Deistic view point.  What doesn’t hold up is the Theistic view.

As those who watch the video Everything you know is wrong by Lloyd Pye would know I don’t accept the Evolution idea for how Humans came about.  I have no problem with it for all other animals and plants on this planet.  However Humans simply do not fit the evidence.  If you haven’t watched that video I would suggest doing so.

What I feel is supported by the evidence we have is what is called Ancient Alien Theory.  In this Theory Humans came about because of genetic manipulation by an Alien race.  This is the only theory we have that actually fits the evidence.  We simply are not primates for multiple reasons all of which are covered in the video I mentioned.  But the biggest reason being bone structure.  Our bones simply are not primate they are just to thin.  There is no fossil evidence showing the gradual changes in the bone structure even though this would be a necessary first step in proving that we evolved from primates.

I want to point out here that I am not trying to do an Alien of the gaps type idea.  My interest is strictly in what the evidence shows not trying to say well since we don’t know then Aliens did it.  The biggest problem for Human Evolution is the Sumerian culture.  Simply put the Sumerians simply shouldn’t have existed for evolution with Humans to be true.  The reason for this is the things the Sumerians wrote down are called Myth.  However there is no other human culture that they could’ve gotten their ideas from.  They also had a detailed knowledge of the solar system which frankly is impossible given they go back to at least 15,000 BC if not further.

The evidence of Aliens having been on this planet in the ancient world is quite clear.  The above mentioned video also goes into this.  However both Science & Religion are desperate to keep this from people so they refuse to address how things like the pyramids & Stonehenge are simply impossible for Humans to have made.  There are also things like the Baghdad battery that Science doesn’t even want to talk about.  What that is very simply is an ancient device that made it possible for those people to have electricity.

The story of the Gods as told by the Sumerians was made part of the Abrahamic religions creation story.  It is in that creation story that the first evidence of this God being an Alien race emerges.  I realize this is not something that any church would tell you because they don’t want this to be known.

The first sign that this is an Alien race is in Genesis 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

Alright First the word God is the Hebrew word el-o-heem’ which is the Plural form of the word el-o’-ah.  Which means the word God should really be Gods since it is Plural.

Us & Our are also Plural terms which really do not fit with Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. 

Just as is the case with the word God in verse 26 the word God in Verse 27 also means Elohim which is plural so this should be Gods.

However then we have something Interesting in Genesis 1:28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it

What is interesting is the word Replenish.  This is interesting because it only occurs twice in the entire bible.  However the second time it makes a bit of sense given the events that lead up to it.

Genesis 9:1  And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. 

The flood story was originally the Epic of Gilgamesh as is easily proven with Sumerian writings.  However this word Replenish is an interesting one given to replenish is to fill again.  This would make sense after the flood story but it doesn’t make a lick of sense in Genesis 1:28.

After all if there was no other Humans but these two the Replenish just doesn’t fit.   However what also doesn’t fit with the idea of God being a Spirit being that is not physical is the statement of “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”

A Spirit being wouldn’t have an Image or Likeness by which to make us in the image of.  It certainly wouldn’t be looking like we do now since an energy form wouldn’t be limited to a physical structure.

Then in Genesis 3:9 there is a very strange question from a Spirit God that is everywhere.  “And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?”  To make matters worse for the All Knowing God idea there is Genesis 3:11 And he said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?

This is not written from the idea / mindset of this God being All Knowing or Everywhere.  However the Alien aspect of this God is only getting started.

Genesis 6:3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

In this one verse we can notice a few very important things.

1.  The Word Spirit is the Hebrew word roo’-akh and means wind; by resemblance breath, that is, a sensible (or even violent) exhalation.

As a Side note the word Soul is the Hebrew word nephesh and means  properly a breathing creature, that is, animal.

Neither of these words mean a Casper like being.  Both are used to describe the Physical existence / life.

2. “he also is flesh”  This is something i have heard Christian preachers just breeze past without a single word about it.  They do not point this out because this really shoots a massive hole in the Spirit God / Immortal God idea.

Saying man is Also flesh means that this God must be Flesh like us.  Which would explain the whole made in God’s image crap but also discounts the notion of a Consciousness / Force being.

Then we have this God giving a Life span of humans.  Drawing a distinction between how long these beings (Gods) live and how long Humans will live.

“yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.”  In this we are not told how long the God / Gods live.

Then we have sons of God breeding with human females and producing giants (Nephilim) Genesis 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

In this we have multiple problems with the Jewish, Christian & Muslim ideas about this being fallen angels breeding with females.

1. If these were Angels (Spirit beings) then sex would be impossible since there is No Reason why those sons of God would have a Dick by which to have sex with.

2. Even if these Angels (Spirit beings) would be able to have sex a Spirit being has No Sperm to fertilize the female egg.  To add further insult to the Christian, Muslim & Jewish stupidity an Angel (Spirit being) would have no DNA to mix with the female DNA and provide the essential building blocks of life.

3. Then there is the problem with the All Knowing God idea and anything happening that this God wouldn’t want.  If this God is All Knowing then it would be Impossible for any Angel (Spirit Being) to engage in any behavior which this All Knowing God wouldn’t have known they would do.

However if you look at this not as Angels (Spirit beings) which by the way are not even hinted at in this.  But look at this as Aliens breeding with human females then suddenly everything makes sense.

Considering all Primates have 48 Chromosomes while Humans have 46 Chromosomes it would stand to reason that these Aliens must also have 46 Chromosomes and because of the genetic manipulation from Genesis 1:27 the creating of an Alien Human Hybrid is possible.

Granted the Alien aspect is weird but all of it is at least possible.  Especially considering the FBI & NSA have released documents that talk about UFO’s / Aliens.  As well as tons of very credible Military & High government clearance people coming forward and admitting the US Government has known about UFO’s & Aliens for over 60 years.  These are not crack pots that are drunk or on drugs but Professionals that have either witnessed or have detailed knowledge of Military / Government reports on the subject of UFO’s & Aliens.

As a bit of a side note there is also the fact that the world leaders are bloodline connected.  This is easily proven with just a tiny bit of research.  This bloodline goes all the way back to this mixing of the gods and humans.

Then we get into the 362 Verses which refer to Clouds, Pillars, Thrones, Chariots, Dwellings, Lights & Fires,  Spinning objects & Dark Objects as Vehicles.  what we would call UFO’s

This website details every occurrence of these UFO’s in the bible.

While it may be possible to dismiss a few cases of Clouds, Thrones, Pillars, etc as UFO’s and the God being an Alien race.  When you look at the entire picture the reality of what this is really saying can’t be denied.  At least not and keep any credibility about honestly looking at the evidence.


One thing I hear from Christians time and time again is one of these offensive things:

1. I Prayed for you – (Past Tense)

2. I am Praying for you – (Current Tense)

3. I will Pray for you – (Future Tense)


Christians You may think this is all about your religious freedom however it isn’t.  The reason it isn’t part of Your religious freedom or even your right to pray about stupid shit to your imaginary fiend is because it directly involves Me!

I do not give a flying rats ass what stupid bullshit you wish to babble to your Alien god about.  Really I don’t so long as it doesn’t involve Me!  Exactly why is this so hard for you idiots to grasp?

Here are Seven Reasons why I Don’t want You Praying for Me!
1. Why Do You Have To Mention Me At All To Your Sick Psychopathic Alien God?

I mean Seriously. What the fuck did I ever do to You?

Let’s think about this Logically, yes I know logical thought and Christians is like an Honest Politician (contradiction of terms) however let’s try.

Maybe Just Maybe I would’ve gone unnoticed by your Alien God. After all your Alien God does tend to have problems finding people from time to time.
Genesis 3:9 And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?
Genesis 4:9 And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother?

After all Your God couldn’t keep track of where everyone was when there was only 2 People (Genesis 3:9) or 4 People (Genesis 4:9).  Yet you idiots think this God knows where everyone is now and we are nearly at 7 Billion people?

However You will personally make sure your Alien God knows all about me. Thanks for tossing me under your Alien worshiping bus.
2. Why Do You have to Announce it to the person?

What Do you think you should get a Cookie or Pat on the head for praying for someone? I was under the impression that your Jesus told you assholes to Pray in Secret. That you fucktards aren’t to go around Proclaiming your so-called wonderful works!

Matthew 6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

Yea I know expecting a Christian to know their own bible or actually do what their Jesus said is such a silly thing.

3. Is Asking Someone for Permission to do something which directly pertains to them before you do it too much to ask?

I know this may seem like a petty thing but seriously I don’t go around Thinking for you. Don’t You go around Praying for me! I’m not like Christopher Hitchens in this way. I don’t want Christians wasting their prayers on me.

Not only do I find their God to be lacking in all evidence that it actually exists but even if it did I wouldn’t follow it.  No more then I would follow a Hitler, Pol Pot Or Kim Jong Ill and we can Prove beyond any shadow of doubt that those idiots / tyrants existed.

Existence doesn’t equal good or right!

4. How do I know You weren’t doing the Tattling like a child crap?

None of you ever tell me What you said about me in your Prayer. You don’t give me a copy of the Prayer so I know exactly what crap you were saying. To be well I prayed for nice things to happen to you.  Really nice things?  This from someone who believes it is Justice to Endlessly Torture someone for not Thinking as you do.  I am to trust what You think Nice things are?
5. Isn’t Prayer really just Christian Magic Spells?

After all if you seriously believe that Your Prayers can bring about some change in a person’s life, thinking or world event how is this any different from someone trying to cast spells to bring about the changes they want?

Let’s think about this logically, If your Prayers are not some kind of attempt from you to change things or people to fit your ideas / will then why waste your time doing it? If it is an attempt to try to bring about a change to fit your wishes then by praying you are attempting to do a type of magic. Casting a Jesus spell to try to generate the desired outcome you have in mind.
6. Aren’t there better things for your Magical Prayers to be on other them Me? Like War, Starving Children, Disease?

Perhaps if you idiots would be able to show Evidence that your Prayers mean a damn thing some people would actually be interested in your Christian Voodoo.
7. Isn’t Your Praying for Me against my will really an attempt to Subvert My Freewill?
You People want to babble about Freewill and how we are here to make some grand choice between a God and a Satan.  Yet when you Pray for Me are you not trying to Subvert my Freewill to cause Your God to Make me Think Like You?

If your Prayers aren’t an attempt by you to get your God to alter my thoughts in the manner you wish then what exactly is the point?  If your God only Blesses those that believe in his bastard kid then why would you even bother asking for anything nice to happen to me since according to your bullshit your God calls me an Enemy simply because I do not Think the right thoughts!

Don’t try and Cast a Jesus Spell on Me!


Are these Comments in Another Language or Spam?

I can definitely tell I am reaching a much wider audience with my posts.  However I have gotten comments that I don’t understand and need help with.

I realize not everyone knows English which is why I need some help from all of you.  I got 16 Comments that are listed as Spam but I don’t know if they are or are just in another language.

Clearly if you recognize any of these or can read them please translate for me.  If this is just another version of the garbage type spam that apppears from time to time and I delete let me know.

To me these are Gibberish but I’ll give the benifit of the doubt and not delete them until I know one way or the other.

Here they are.


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The 42 Laws of the Goddess Maat

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The Biggest Flaw in Christianity / Theism

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Questions for Christians (Theists)

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Follow up on 10 Questions for Christians

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OMFG Born Again Christians are Pure Evil (YES I HAVE PROOF!)

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Being Different – A Major Offense to Christians

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Christian Scare Tactics

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Is My Aggression / Anger at Christianity Warranted?

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Stealing, Lying & Killing 3 Common Christian Behaviors

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Borrowing Vs Stealing Differences Explained For Christians

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The Origin of an All Good God (Zoroaster)

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A Bit about Me

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Losing My Faith

Losing My Faith

This 4 Part video that I did and put on You Tube will definitely help anyone that follows what I write to have a better understanding of where I am coming from.

I don’t do videos often on You Tube just every once and a while.  Mainly when I find a topic that I feel I need to cover.  I am more inclined to write something then I am to make a video as there are multiple steps in the video.  Where as in writing it there is just the written part.

Halfway through this 4 part video I became a Partner on You Tube and could upload longer then 15 minutes.  However i didn’t want part 3 to be nearly an hour so I broke it in two more parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

FBI Vault


Sumerian 100 Firsts


Stealing, Lying & Killing 3 Common Christian Behaviors

As anyone that has listened to a Christian for any length of time knows there are certain things they claim are original to their religion / God.  In this I am going to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that All of the Core parts of Christian Doctrine were ideas that were around long before them.

The reason for this is very simple.  If a God would exist behind the Universe & would want to impart some divine guidance then we should see evidence of this with when these ideas first appeared.  Additionally if the “Real” God is the one of the Abrahamic Religions then we should see that they are the Original culture and their moral code is the starting point for all other cultures.

So lets look at how the Christian claims of Creation occurred.

To the Christian the story of creation begins in Genesis 1:1.  However doing just a slight bit of research into the oldest culture we have record of reveals that it was Not the Israelites but the Sumerians.

What shouldn’t be a surprise is that the Sumerians had their own story of Creation and it is shockingly similar to the one in the Abrahamic religions.  Since this creation myth long predated the Israelite society it is logical to conclude that the Israelites took elements from the Sumerian creation story and changed them to be in their creation story.

Sumerian 100 Firsts PDF

Sumerian Epic of Creation

The character of the Serpent is seen as representing the figured Christians call Satan or the Devil.  However why was it a Serpent?  Does this have some connection to the Sumerians as well?

The answer to that is a loud Yes!

The Symbol of the Serpent was not seen as a figure of Evil / Negative until the Abrahamic religions came along.  The Symbol of Enki was two Snakes around a pole which is Surprise Surprise what DNA looks like!

The reason Enki was pictured in this way was he was the Anunnaki responsible for the Genetic Manipulation of the Primitive life.  There is a lot more to this subject than I will be going into in this post.  However what this picture clearly shows is why the Serpent was the image used in the creation myths.

When I hear Christians talking about their Original Sin story and inserting the modern dogma into that my first reaction is “You Idiots”.  This isn’t so much a personal attack as it is calling a spade a spade and an idiot an idiot.

They do not understand the origin of this type of myth so they make obvious blunders in how they interpret it.  It should of course stand to reason that they would be putting their own spin on this story.  However to try and claim that this was how it actually happened as if Genesis 2 – 3 are the ancient version of CNN is absolutely ridiculous.

This is a picture of a Sumerian cylinder seal.  There is a lot of symbolism in this.

1. At the bottom between the two people is the Tree of Life.

2. On the far left side are Planets

3. Above the Tree of life is a UFO / Alien Space Craft.

Those are just a few of the things in that.

Here is another Picture of the Sumerian Tree of Life.

Then we have the story of Noah & the Flood.  Which once again the Christians try to claim Really happened.  That this was Their Story.  However Again we have evidence that they are Lying.

The Epic of Gilgamesh


Obviously the Noah Story is not word for word but the same basic premise of the story is seen in the Original Sumerian Story.  Clearly this is not a case of Borrowing from another culture but straight up theft of their stories / ideas.

To claim as the Christians do that these things are Evidence of their God.  When the truth is they are Stolen from earlier cultures is nothing short of out right Lying.

Then we get to the Moral center of the Abrahamic Religions the 10 Commandments.  These moral standards long predate the Abrahamic religions theft of them.  The shear fact that they stole them and changed the words slightly and tried to say, “Their God Personally Wrote These With His Finger”  is nothing short of a Flat Out Lie!

The fact that Lying is against one of their Commandments yet they do it really says something about how much they value their commandments.   Lying, Stealing & Killing are all to common with the Abrahamic religions.

42 Laws of Maat (Egyptian Book of the Dead Spell 125)

The Concept of their God being All Good and the Devil being All Evil is another that is not original to them.  This idea came from Zoroaster in the 6th century BC.


Which brings us to the Christian Story of Jesus.  This is yet another Stolen story.  This story of a Savior God, born of a virgin, on the winter solstice, dead three days, rose again, with 12 disciples is a very common one.   The Astrotheology of Christianity is one subject that a great deal has been put out on already so I will not rehash that.

There is a lot more that connects with ideas from other cultures but these cover the main points with the Abrahamic religions and Christianity more specifically.   For the Christians entire history to be a pile of stolen stories and ideas for them to claim to be the only ones with “The Truth” is nothing short of a bold face lie!

But Honesty and Christianity is an Oxy Moron.  (Contradiction of Terms)