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The Me, Me, Me of Christianity

In my dealings with Christians I hear the absolute dumbest excuses for the existence of God that could ever be uttered.  These are not Reasons to believe but only weak excuses for the behavior from this imaginary God that wouldn’t be tolerated by any person in the real world.  The Christians don’t look at it this way because they are most times locked firmly in “Defend the Faith” mode.

They have a very emotional addiction to the Bible, Jesus & God ideas that they will bend over backwards to excuse or explain away behavior that would make Hitler look like a child playing patty cake.  Now to be fair I would bet 99.99% of these Christians are honestly good people.  They have simply bought into an idea so completely that they will do and say anything to defend it.  To them my rejection of their God is seen as just my rebellion from authority.  In my teenage years to early adult life this rebellion idea could’ve been valid except for the fact I was a Christian at that time.

The Reasons I reject the bible God are:

1.  There is simply No Evidence that such a God actually exists or ever existed.

2.  There is a great deal of Evidence that points to what is called the God was really an Alien Race that viewed Humans as Slave Labor.

3.  Going by the Stories in the Bible even if such a God would exist I would have to oppose it.  Just like I would have to oppose a Hitler, Pol Pot or Kim Jong Ill.  Existence doesn’t equal Good, Moral or Ethical.

4.  There is simply No Evidence a Jesus Christ ever existed.  There were many Jesus figures but none of them that had the Last name of Christ and None that fit that Religious title.

5.  Even if a Jesus Christ would’ve existed and died as the Christians think that still wouldn’t atone for a single thing I have done in my life.  Even though I never Killed, Raped, or damaged anyone in a life changing way the things I have done can’t be magically wiped away by virtue of some Jew being tortured to death thousands of years ago.  Not only is this Immoral to even suggest but it is highly Unethical.

The idea that the Ten Commandments are some great rule book that we are to go by is the absolute dumbest idea that could ever be put forward.  The biggest reason is only 5 at the absolute most apply to people.  The idea that my thoughts could in some way injure an All Knowing & All Powerful being is frankly the most pompous idea that could ever be dreamed up.

One Christian I was talking to recently had actually said that Sin is not living up to Gods standard.  This made me want to scream, “Stop the Stupid Train!”  After all if this God thing is some Casper like force behind the Universe why the flying fuck would such a being give a fart in a rolling donut about how I live my life?

To actually think that any Human should be expected to live up to the Standard of a God thing which we can’t even comprehend its existence is on par with saying an Ant should be expected to live up to Human standards.  The very notion should scream pompous bullshit.

After all what this idea is really doing is making the Christian the center of the Universe / Existence.  After all their God according to their thinking must be fawning over Humans endlessly.  After all the Beliefs / Thoughts that we have are to be the entire basis of are you an Enemy of this God or not.  What goes right in line with this is another bit of Christian Pompous Bullshit and that is Freewill.

To the Christian their God gave Humans Freewill since after all without Freewill the idea that we are here to make some grand choice between a God and Satan can’t exist.  But this becomes a serious problem when one looks at what is actually written in their Damn Bible regarding this Original Sin Story.  The biggest flaw in their thinking is the fact that their God made the Knowledge of Good & Evil Forbidden.  However without this Knowledge it would be impossible to make a Freewill choice.  As all that would be possible would be stimulus response.

Animals don’t have Freewill since they have no conception of anything being Good or Evil.  All an animal has is Stimulus response.  They can respond to the Stimulus that they get and nothing more.  The ability to recognize that some things are Good while others are Evil is part of the Higher Brain.  Now I do realize there are some Atheists that will try to say Good & Evil are subjective terms that don’t really exist but are concepts that we have made up.

The answer to this is this is false because Good & Evil equate to Positive & Negative and these things do exist.  Things that are positive we call good while things that are negative we call evil.  The positive and Negative aspect can be observed in the ends of a battery or magnet.

Just because there really is positive & negative this doesn’t magically mean the Christian bible is a positive thing.  Just because their dogma says their God is good doesn’t make it so even assuming such a thing would exist.  In fact the bible itself can be used to show how that God (Even if it would be proven to exist) would have to be the most sinister and evil being in the Universe.

Christians will regularly cherry pick their bible completely ignoring if not ripping out the nasty & evil parts of what their God is doing and saying.  They will use what is classic Stockholm Syndrome to excuse / explain away the immoral, unethical and just down right evil nature of their God.

For those that don’t know what Stockholm Syndrome is let me explain.  This is where the victim of abuse can actually develop love for their abuser.  Even going so far as to defend that abuser and their actions. 

This aspect is most easily identified in Christians by the ways they will try to explain Hell or to actually call it a Punishment.  This latter is so far from accurate as to make me wonder if any of these people actually have a moral center at all.  A Punishment that never ends is not a punishment at all.  While Torture has never been a reliable means of extracting information or correcting / teaching a damn thing.  Torture is simply sadism for the sake of sadism.

Now before people start babbling about prisons and how some people are locked up in prison for life this doesn’t fit what i am talking about.  The reason people are put in prison for life is simply there are some people who can’t function in society and would be a danger to that society.  So they are warehoused in cages so as to protect the people in that society.

This doesn’t fit the Christian idea of Hell because of the following reasons.

1.  We are not All Powerful so we can’t correct an imbalance in the person’s brain or undo the psychological damage which was done that caused them to act out in the manner they have.  The Christian can’t say the same about their God without making it as weak and helpless to changing things as we are.

2.  We are not All Knowing so we must rely on Evidence gathered at a crime scene to try to piece together what happened and figure out who was responsible for it.  Even though our Legal system is far better than in a lot of countries it is far from Perfect and sometimes an innocent person is put in prison.  Sometimes new evidence surfaces that proves the person once believed to be guilty is actually innocent.  None of this would be possible with an All Knowing God since for it not to know anything would mean it is not All Knowing.

3.  It is not a crime for someone to not Believe / Think what a religion says simply because they say it.  So the Christian idea that if you don’t Believe / Think what you are ordered to about a Jesus is simply tyrannical bullshit and not looking for any kind of Justice.

4.  To want someone who hurt you or someone you love to be tortured is not looking for Justice but only sadistic vengeance.  This goes hand in hand with wanting someone tortured just because they laughed at your ideas.  So what if someone laughed at your ideas.  Why exactly is that something they should be tortured for at all let alone tortured endlessly?  How exactly can you spout such sadistic dribble and try to profess to have morals at all?

5.  Without Freedom of Thought it is impossible to have Freedom of any kind.  Before we can do or say anything we must first Think it.  If a God would exist and would want to dictate what Thoughts you must have then it is also wanting to Dictate every part of your existence.  Which means Freewill is impossible since you don’t even have the Freedom to Think what you want.

When you really stop and listen to what Christians are saying one thing that becomes obvious is they actually think their God is in servitude to them.  It isn’t really about their God at all but themself and what they want to Think, Say & Do.

Yes I know Christians will want to get all offended at this or just claim I am making things up because I don’t want to be accountable for what I do.  This is simply false.  In fact Christianity is not about taking Personal Responsibility for a damn thing.  Instead it is all about using the Scapegoat to shirk any and all responsibility they have for something they did.

Here are the reasons why Christianity is a Me, Me, Me Religion.

1.  Prayer is an attempt on the part of the Christian to get their God to act in a magical way based entirely on their desires / wishes.  In the aspect of Praying for someone else it is really no different then a Wiccan or Satanist doing a Magick Spell to try to get some desired outcome.  This act is an attempt to put the God in Servitude to them since it is their wishes they want granted.  If The Christian would really want the God’s will to be done then shut the fuck up since you think this God is All Knowing.  The fact that something occurs or someone is a certain way must be part of how your God wanted it since it is All Knowing!

2.  Freewill is an idea that sounds good but is incompatible with an All Knowing God.  If there would be a God that is All Knowing then your ideas of Freewill would be an Illusion.  People can think they have freewill because we don’t know the future.  What goes right along with this is the idea I heard some Christians say that, “God turns off his All Knowingness”.  This is putting the God in servitude to the Christian not the Christian in servitude to the God.  The Christian wants to be the center of everything not their God.

3.  The Idea of Salvation is a Scapegoat mindset.  It is one that is centered around the Christian not having to be personally Responsible for what they have done.  The Thoughts in your head about a Jesus or a God can’t undo a single thing you have done.  It can’t return the innocence to a child, bring back the dead, unrape the woman or man.  All this salvation idea really does is to give an easy out to the person that hurt others.  It makes everything all about them and not having them learn a damn thing or change at all.

4. God can’t forgive “Sin” without a Blood Sacrifice.  First of all this means their God is Not All Powerful because there is something it can’t do.  What is shocking is their God can’t do something which any Atheist can do easily!  That is Forgive someone without first demanding something Die!    This idea also renders the Christian God Dumber than George Bush Jr.  After all if this God is All Knowing then it had to have known everything that would occur but yet it still can’t handle some things existing even though Christians think this God made Everything.

5.  The Hell doctrine is all about using Fear as a means of controlling those not just like you.  It is nothing more than a scare tactic that was dreamed up to intimidate people into servitude to a belief system in a desire to save their own selfish self-centered ass.  None of these so-called Good, Moral Christians stop to ask themself if they could honestly go along with the torture of someone else.  They can go along with it because their Religion is not about others it is only about themself and what suits them. 

Christianity is rooted in Selfish, Self Centered Egotism.   To be fair I don’t believe for one second that the vast majority of Christians even realize how self-centered their religion is.  Most people don’t stop and think about why they believe something.  They simply accept what they are told as children and don’t think for themselves.

The Two Biggest Misconceptions People Have about Aliens

For many people, both Religious and Atheist / Skeptic alike, have some major misconceptions when it comes to Aliens.  In this I am first going to bitch slap all of the blind idiots that say there is no evidence of UFO’s or Aliens. 

The idea that there is no Evidence is nothing short of acting like an Ostrich and saying you don’t see anything.  You woln’t see anything if you refuse to look at it.  Many of these people will flat out ignore evidence that is presented.

Evidence like:

1. The FBI Files – 
2. The NSA Files –

Both of those are document that were Classified Top Secret for over 60 Years.  What is Available on those sites are the document but in a Sanatized state.  Which means the Military / Government has blacked out portions of them which they don’t want people to see.

Logic would tell anyone with a functioning brain that if there was nothing to this 1. The Document wouldn’t have been Top Secret for over 60 Years.  2. There wouldn’t be any areas that are Blacked out let alone large areas of the reports.

However those are far from all of Evidence that exists.

3.  UFO Disclosure on CNN








4.  The UFO Disclosure Project Full Video


Those 5 are just the tip of a Mountain of Evidence that is available to support the existence of UFO’s & Aliens! Given the massive amount of evidence that is available on the subject of UFO’s & Aliens for anyone to say they see no evidence means quite simply they refuse to actually look.

The Next Misconception I want to address is the idea that everyone that talks about Aliens looks at them as some kind of Savior / Likes them. While I can’t speak for everyone I want to make my position on this very fucking clear.

I do not regard any Alien race as a friend, buddy, or even a God. In fact I am very hostile to Aliens doing a damn thing here. I have had multiple experiences of Missing Time, Weird Marks & Even an Image that was on my Neck after one event.

For Me the subject of Aliens and their interaction with Humans is one that generates a massive amount of rage. This is why I am so hostile to the Christian crap of Praying for Me.
Christians the existence of Aliens doesn’t prove your God is real. In fact the Aliens are what your God really is. The only thing is they aren’t Gods!

Although what you people are worshiping are Aliens. The fact that you people have been brainwashed to believe bullshit doesn’t change the fact you are worshiping Aliens.

I walked away from Christianity when I realized at the age of 24 that the God was an Alien race. There was still a great deal I didn’t know about the Aliens (Anunnaki to be more specific).
However even though I walked away from the Religion of Christianity my research into uncovering the Truth didn’t end.

A Logical Look at God & Satan

The cultural ideas regarding Satan, the Devil & Lucifer are all based on the Abrahamic Religions.  Primarily Christianity but Islam does give basically the same bullshit ideas.  These ideas regarding a Satan are bullshit because they are coming from obviously bias sources.  It would be like someone listening only to Republicans about what Democrats are like and about.  Simple logic should tell you that one group will paint their opposite group as being negative.

It is for this reason more than any that people need to learn to think for themselves.  To base your opinion of someone on the words of someone else is asking to be played for a fool.  In our society we have access to both sides of an argument / debate.  When electing a president we get to hear what both sides are about and we can make our decision based on all available information.  In the case of Religion we are given only one side of the story.  There simply is no Word of Satan book / bible that people could look at for what that character would be in favor of or advocate for.  All we really have is speculation from people about what a Satan would be like.

In many ways those ideas are based on either Christian / Muslim bullshit or poets like Dante or Milton.  If anyone seriously thinks that this is what a Satan would actually be like I would ask what is the basis of this assumption?  To be well it is what is in the Bible or Qur’an I would point out neither of these can be considered proof of a God or a Satan since they are that which is making the claim.  It would be like looking to Star Wars Movies to prove the existence of the character of Darth Vader or Yoda.  Of course that story is going to paint the one to be good and the other evil.  However let’s be realistic.  In reality there is no all good or all evil person.

Each of us are a combination of both good and evil.  We have the potential to do both.  Yet when it comes to the deities you religious people want to act like your deity of choice is good and the other is evil.  Assuming deities would exist all of you are completely full of shit.  What is most logical is that the deity figures would be a mixture of good and evil just as we are.  Especially if you buy into this shit of we were made in the image of this deity.

There can be no denying that the Abrahamic God is a brutal figure.  Killing over 2.3 Million not counting the two cases of Genocide & the slaughtering of all first-born children.  Then if you take the Christian idea this God that could do anything made as his only plan to forgive people being the Human Sacrifice of his kid.  Exactly what kind of monster acts like this?  Yet this is what you people call the All Good God.  Clearly you people have bumped your head if you think one can engage in shit like that and still be all good.

Then to use that same Religion that excuses the mass Murder of their God, Genocide, Infanticide, Rape, Human Sacrifice, just to name a few.  Plus the Extortion, Manipulation, Thought Crime & Scapegoating of the Jesus & Salvation idea.  If you are letting these assholes dictate what the Satan figure is like then clearly you have bumped your head just as hard as they have.  Do none of you stop and think maybe someone is lying to you about what this Satan would be like?

Even going with the idea that Satan means Adversary.  Ok Fine stop and think about this for five fucking seconds.  By the Christians own admission their God did the above mentioned acts.  Now a being that would be an adversary to one that acts as the Christian God does.  That one could actually be a nice guy.  It makes no damn sense to think this Satan would be acting like a total jackass or wanting you morons to go running around being complete shitballs.

What it seems like is some people want to use the label of Satanist to try to excuse the fact that they personally are assholes that can’t function in a civilized society.  They want others to bow and scrape before them demanding they be addressed with bullshit titles they make up.  All so they can stroke their fucking ego and have some delusional idea that they are the only True Satanist or Preacher or Grand Pooba.   If this isn’t a steaming pile of bullshit I ask you what the flying fuck is.

Honestly the ideas regarding Satan need to be examined.  Upon what basis does a Satanist base their ideas of what a Satan would be like?  If you have no real basis for defining what this Satan would be like then how the fuck do you know it would like you?  Shit how do you know it wouldn’t regard you as a total dickweed?  Especially if all you can do are childish Show & Tell games or Playing Dress Up to be See how Evil & Sinister I am.  Add to that if all you can do is mindlessly attack people for saying things you personally don’t like and you want to act as if you speak for Satan.  Well then you are clearly someone who needs the men in white coats and a few dozen electroshock treatments.

You can wipe your ass with your personal ideas of what a God or Satan would want.  Those ideas are based on how you value things.  Not on how some mystical deity would.  Especially if that being is an Alien race that is more advanced than us or some other dimensional being.  Either way why the flying fuck should it give a rats furry ass about what you want or think?  Who exactly are you in the grand scheme of things?

Yes I am an Atheist and as such I don’t buy into the whole Gods idea.  But if such would exist what possible reason or motive would it have for taking a personal interest in yours or anyone’s life?  Especially given the fact that in all of human history we have no evidence of any God actually doing a fucking thing to help anyone.  Given the track record of no activity from any God then even if such would exist do you seriously think it gives much of a shit what we think?

Just something for you to think about.

The Madness of Gino & Sin Jones

In the world of Reverse Christian Satanism it is clear that they think the only thing they must do to be valid is fill out paperwork with the IRS.  Well I have News for you Gino, Alison Jones,,  Robert Fraize and the rest of you dim wits.  The paperwork filed with the government is only for the 501 C3 status.  The Non Profit Organization.  It doesn’t magically give you a valid position / doctrine..

Gino you and your dim wit friends clearly think this is Kindergarten and playing Show & Tell is some great activity.  However this Show & Tell bullshit is really a non issue.  The only ones that have a legal right to demand anyone produce the proper documents is the IRS or other government agencies.  Since you and you ilk are not government employees.  Especially you given the fact you have never worked an actual job in your life.  None of you have any reason to try demanding anything.

All your babbling about means is you have no real message or even point.  If you actually think Tom or anyone has done or is doing something that is criminal then why are you wasting your time online bullshit and not talking to the police?  However one thing you should be aware of if you are not already is making False accusations against someone can result in You being guilty of Slander.  Which Gino is a punishable offense in the courts.  Do you people really want to play hardball?  If so I would seriously advise you to watch what False accusations you make against others because they could turn around and file a lawsuit against you, Alison Jones, Robert Fraize or anyone else that is making false Slanderous remarks online.

Typically Slander is very hard to prove but since you people are making videos and posting written personal attacks at people it would actually be exceptionally easy to compile the evidence of your slander.  After all Evidence is what matters not what silly ideas you have.

As far as your Satanism claims my biggest question to you is upon what basis do you define what Satan is?  If you are going by the Christian ideas regarding a Satan then you are simply a Reverse Christian.  If you are going by the ideas of Anton LaVey that have Satan as a metaphor & you are your own god then you are really an Atheist that is playing Dress Up in Halloween costumes all the time.  Outlining the basis of your beliefs / doctrine is far more important to a Church then playing Show & Tell with Legal documents.

After all what will determine if people are interested in what you are pushing isn’t your IRS documents but your message / doctrine.   If you have no clear message / doctrine then really your IRS paperwork is pointless.

In my last word Press on Alison Lee Jones (AKA Sin Jones) I went after her Frequently Asked Questions crap.  I don’t give a rats ass who wrote those questions or if they were Frequently asked by anyone real..  For all I know they were complete Bullshit that was written by Alison Lee Jones to try to give her validity.  Although they don’t do anything but show how she didn’t really grasp the concepts she was trying to talk about.  The biggest of this being the one on Evil.  Contradicting yourself is a clear sign that you do not know what you are talking about.  There is also the last question of As an Atheist do you believe in anything.  This one was so completely moronic that I can only assume Alison or an ignorant Reverse Christian came up with it.  Atheism is not a rejection or disbelief in everything.  It is only the rejection / disbelief in all Gods!

I have looked through the blog posts of Alison Jones and frankly I don’t see any original content that is worth a damn.  Honestly I am quite confused as to how stupid anyone can be to actually want to be part of a Cult of cthulhu  a Fictional Character made up by HP Lovecraft.  What’s next are you idiots going to make the Cult of the Borg or the Cult of Darth Vader?  You might as well both of them are as real as cthulhu.

If you people want to sit and have your Reverse Christian circle jerk I really don’t give a fuck.  Honestly I feel Tom and all Real Satanists should simply ignore your babblings.  At most they should keep a record of your videos, blogs & activities like using a position of Trust as an Admin to in effect commit a type of Theft.  Then to lie and claim you wrote anything is further proof of your inability to operate within the legal & ethical standards of an organization.  In effect giving you the rope by which you will hang yourself.

The only things that need to be addressed are the message of someone who is following a Religion.  The personal attack crap is really childish and not an issue that anyone with even two working brain cells would care about.  Simply put you do not see Politicians or Public speakers doing the personal attack shit as their entire argument.  They address the issues and not bullshit.  By engaging in bullshit you are showing you have Nothing otherwise you wouldn’t be wasting your time on bullshit.  You would be addressing actual issues.  However none of you have done that yet.  Frankly I think such behavior is simply to Adult for you.

In the real world a Lawsuit is rarely filed to simply get someone to stop activity.  If a lawsuit is brought there is a Monetary impact.  Considering you don’t have a pot to piss in or window to throw it out of you should seriously think about do you really want to play stupid fucking games.  Honestly I would say Tom should wait until you do enough to file a lawsuit and financially ruin you for life.   After all do you seriously think a Satanist would have a second thought about rendering you Homeless in the gutter?

What if the Bible God & Satan were Reversed?

What I am going to present here is an idea that main stream religion and the devout believers in Christianity, Islam or Judaism will definitely not accept.  I recognize this idea will not sit well with those people however I feel this idea is a far better explanation for what we see in the bible then the long-held story as told by religion.

The dual deity idea is one that is definitely present in Christianity & Islam but I’m not entirely sure about Judaism.  As the Devil / Satan figure is mentioned only briefly in the Old Testament.

However if you were a being that wanted to rebel from a vastly superior being which of these things would you most likely do?

1.  Show up first and claim to be the one that created everything.

2.  Wait until people are firmly fixed in their ideas of a God and try to deceive them?

I contend the first option is really the only one that makes even a lick of sense.  As the latter may get some but the vast majority would be die-hard believers and would fight against anything trying to give a different message.

Just this idea itself may be enough to make some scratch their head because this is what the con artist does when they attempt to deceive someone.  They do not wait until people know about a scam before they go out and try to pull it off.  Instead they devise the scam by which to deceive people then go out and try to get as many followers / supporters of it as they can.  Maybe even getting some of the suckers to also go out and push this scam on others where by increasing the profit of their scam.

One prime example of a scam which was done that everyone knows was a total scam is that of Jim Jones.  When Jim Jones first started he was giving a message that was close enough to Christianity as to be accepted by hundreds of people.  He was very charismatic and convinced his followers to move to a place called Jonestown to live and await the soon arrival of their Jesus figure.

The message of Love and Acceptance was only the false front that was put up to lure in new people.  Once people were in the cult the Control through Fear really began.  This was enhanced even more after the followers moved to Jonestown and were completely cut off from the rest of the world.  Jim Jones had to have known he wasn’t going to be able to maintain this control base for long so he came up with a mass suicide idea.  However there is some doubt as to did the people willingly drink the kool aid or was it forced on them.  What we know for a fact is over 900 people died in Jonestown.

Now let’s think about that same cult but change it around to where those people would’ve known Jim Jones was the Devil in that picture.  How many do you think would’ve actually gone along with his cult if it had been known before hand what he was all about and was going to do?  The only answer that makes any sense at all is damn few if any.  Given that fact it wouldn’t have been good planning for Jim Jones to let someone expose his plans before he got a chance to do them.

The same would be true for a Satan.  If such exists and wanted to deceive the world than logic should tell us that it would show up first and claim to be the only Real God.

Since that evil figure would know that it is limited in its power, but vastly superior in power to the humans it was claiming to be a God.  For this reason the evil figure playing God would first try to keep people completely bound in ignorance by not knowing Good & Evil.  After all without knowing what Good & Evil are you can’t make a choice between the two.  Since you have no basis for understanding what either are.

But then the good figure knowing what this evil one was trying to do would show up.   Taking the form of a mere snake so as to largely go unnoticed by the evil figure playing God.  Then seek to completely undermine the plans of keeping the people bound by ignorance.  Knowing just how to manipulate the humans the good figure would make sure that the humans would do the very thing the evil figure playing God had said not to do.

In this one-act the good figure successfully would have made sure to provide humans with the ability to know the difference between good and evil.  Since this knowledge in itself would be enough to undermine what the evil figure playing God wanted to do the good figure could sit back and wait.  After all the good figure would’ve known to get involved in any of the choices a human would make would ultimately be undermining their freewill and preventing them from learning on their own through cause and effect.  Two laws that the good figure put in place in the universe to bring about all Galaxies, Stars & Planets which also serves to teach and help life forms to learn and grow.

When the evil figure would’ve realized his plans were thwarted the immediate reaction would be anger.  Which is exactly what we see from the God figure in the original sin story.  That God is so angry it curses everyone around.  Even cursing the snake that it doesn’t realize isn’t a snake at all but is the being it is trying to impersonate.

Even after thinking that it has successfully gotten around this kink in his plans the evil being still feels insecure about the good being trying to do anything else against it.  So it establishes a very iron fisted approach to the humans.

That even though it is claiming to be good the nasty temper and insecure nature would still be there because that is what it really is about.  It would pick some people to call his people so as to look like he is a figure of love.  Even though it would’ve known that picking one group means there will be lots of other groups that would battle with the one it picked.  This would make it possible for that being to be able to order the brutal treatment and death of those that struggle with the group it had picked.

From the view-point of that selected group the God is a figure of love and mercy since it is giving them nice things and helping them over and over.  Yet still being insecure if anyone in the group it picked even thought of another God it would get jealous and kill anyone that does this.  This would stop the potential threat to its control and could be excused as punishing the wicked.  When really they weren’t being wicked just looking to other beings that may be nicer to them.

The evil figure would have to realize in order to firmly establish its control on the masses that it would have to employ one that was on its side to take the role of the one it was call the devil.  By doing this it would successfully be able to maintain any illusion of being good as the fall guy is there.

Since this evil being would still be extremely insecure it would only have this other in from time to time.  Just enough to keep the fear alive in people’s minds. Then really securing its control by showing up and pretending to be the Savior of the world.  Even though what it would be putting out would be the same message of Believe as I say or Else.

Since people are conditioned to accepting the God figure and to justify / excuse all the nasty, evil & Immoral things it does this evil figure knows it has the largest amount it can firmly deceived.  Especially by using a believe as i say or Burn in Hell forever.  Fear is a really great motivator and can make people do wacky shit they wouldn’t do otherwise.

10 Deep Questions for Everyone

Since the most popular post for me so far has been my follow-up to the 10 questions I want to see how this one goes.  These questions by their very nature are much deeper in thought.

The purpose of these questions is to provoke you to thinking on a deeper level.  Perhaps on a deeper level then you have ever thought before.  I realize the religious will try to answer these from the mindset of their religious beliefs.  However they are phrased in a way as to make quoting from a bible or a so-called holy book difficult if not impossible.

Just saying well the bible says so is really not an answer.  The reason the bible says so is not an answer is no Christian, Muslim or Jew would accept, “Well this is what the Sumerians or Egyptians wrote so that proves it is true.”

Since no Christian would accept as fact the claims of another religion because it is what their book says then you can’t use that as evidence for what you believe.  To try to do this is trying to have a double standard.  While you may like your double standard because it benefits you there is no logical reason why anyone else should like your double standard.

If you as a Christian, Muslim or Jew want to use your so-called holy book as evidence then you must first provide reasons why that holy book is reliable evidence.  It is important to realize Circular Reasoning doesn’t prove your claim.  Here is an example of Circular reasoning.

1.  How did the Universe come into being?  (Be as Specific as Possible)

2.  How did Life on this Planet begin?  (Be as Specific as Possible)

3.  How did Human Life begin?  (Be as Specific as Possible)

4.  Do you accept the possibility of Aliens having been on Earth in the Ancient world?

5.  Define as clearly as you can what you believe God would be like.  What makes something a God?

6.  What matters most in life the beliefs people have about a God or how they treat each other & live their life?

7.  Since Life is not based on All or Nothing why should an afterlife be based on All or Nothing?  (For Atheists Assume for the moment an afterlife does exist)

8.  Do you accept the idea presented by Quantum Physics of Multiple Dimensions?  That there are 10+ Dimensions?

9.  Is there anything someone could say that would convince you their religion or lack there of is true?

10.  Why should anyone believe in your religion or lack there of?

Bonus Question:  What is the Meaning of Life?  Not just your personal life but all life.

This last is completely subjective and is intended only to get you to think about the grand picture of life.


One thing I hear from Christians time and time again is one of these offensive things:

1. I Prayed for you – (Past Tense)

2. I am Praying for you – (Current Tense)

3. I will Pray for you – (Future Tense)


Christians You may think this is all about your religious freedom however it isn’t.  The reason it isn’t part of Your religious freedom or even your right to pray about stupid shit to your imaginary fiend is because it directly involves Me!

I do not give a flying rats ass what stupid bullshit you wish to babble to your Alien god about.  Really I don’t so long as it doesn’t involve Me!  Exactly why is this so hard for you idiots to grasp?

Here are Seven Reasons why I Don’t want You Praying for Me!
1. Why Do You Have To Mention Me At All To Your Sick Psychopathic Alien God?

I mean Seriously. What the fuck did I ever do to You?

Let’s think about this Logically, yes I know logical thought and Christians is like an Honest Politician (contradiction of terms) however let’s try.

Maybe Just Maybe I would’ve gone unnoticed by your Alien God. After all your Alien God does tend to have problems finding people from time to time.
Genesis 3:9 And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?
Genesis 4:9 And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother?

After all Your God couldn’t keep track of where everyone was when there was only 2 People (Genesis 3:9) or 4 People (Genesis 4:9).  Yet you idiots think this God knows where everyone is now and we are nearly at 7 Billion people?

However You will personally make sure your Alien God knows all about me. Thanks for tossing me under your Alien worshiping bus.
2. Why Do You have to Announce it to the person?

What Do you think you should get a Cookie or Pat on the head for praying for someone? I was under the impression that your Jesus told you assholes to Pray in Secret. That you fucktards aren’t to go around Proclaiming your so-called wonderful works!

Matthew 6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

Yea I know expecting a Christian to know their own bible or actually do what their Jesus said is such a silly thing.

3. Is Asking Someone for Permission to do something which directly pertains to them before you do it too much to ask?

I know this may seem like a petty thing but seriously I don’t go around Thinking for you. Don’t You go around Praying for me! I’m not like Christopher Hitchens in this way. I don’t want Christians wasting their prayers on me.

Not only do I find their God to be lacking in all evidence that it actually exists but even if it did I wouldn’t follow it.  No more then I would follow a Hitler, Pol Pot Or Kim Jong Ill and we can Prove beyond any shadow of doubt that those idiots / tyrants existed.

Existence doesn’t equal good or right!

4. How do I know You weren’t doing the Tattling like a child crap?

None of you ever tell me What you said about me in your Prayer. You don’t give me a copy of the Prayer so I know exactly what crap you were saying. To be well I prayed for nice things to happen to you.  Really nice things?  This from someone who believes it is Justice to Endlessly Torture someone for not Thinking as you do.  I am to trust what You think Nice things are?
5. Isn’t Prayer really just Christian Magic Spells?

After all if you seriously believe that Your Prayers can bring about some change in a person’s life, thinking or world event how is this any different from someone trying to cast spells to bring about the changes they want?

Let’s think about this logically, If your Prayers are not some kind of attempt from you to change things or people to fit your ideas / will then why waste your time doing it? If it is an attempt to try to bring about a change to fit your wishes then by praying you are attempting to do a type of magic. Casting a Jesus spell to try to generate the desired outcome you have in mind.
6. Aren’t there better things for your Magical Prayers to be on other them Me? Like War, Starving Children, Disease?

Perhaps if you idiots would be able to show Evidence that your Prayers mean a damn thing some people would actually be interested in your Christian Voodoo.
7. Isn’t Your Praying for Me against my will really an attempt to Subvert My Freewill?
You People want to babble about Freewill and how we are here to make some grand choice between a God and a Satan.  Yet when you Pray for Me are you not trying to Subvert my Freewill to cause Your God to Make me Think Like You?

If your Prayers aren’t an attempt by you to get your God to alter my thoughts in the manner you wish then what exactly is the point?  If your God only Blesses those that believe in his bastard kid then why would you even bother asking for anything nice to happen to me since according to your bullshit your God calls me an Enemy simply because I do not Think the right thoughts!

Don’t try and Cast a Jesus Spell on Me!


Some Deep Thoughts

Back when I was in my 20’s I had a thought enter my mind that simply made no logical sense to me.  I knew this wasn’t something that was just a random thought in my head because every part of my logical mind was immediately at war with it.  That thought was simply this, “Good and Evil are aspects of this realm only.”

Regardless of if you are religious or not this idea seems to be completely at odds with everything we are conditioned from birth to think.  However think about this for a moment.  The biggest mistake I was making that I bet everyone will as soon as they see this is I tried to make sense of it from the basis of my experiences.  As we do everything in life.  However from within this realm or dimension of existence Good & Evil are very real things.  It isn’t that this is impossible for us to prove true or false but it is something that to prove it requires another piece of the cosmic puzzle.  That piece being Vibration.

Since I couldn’t make sense in my own head how, “Good & Evil are aspects of this realm only” I wasn’t going to go talking about this to anyone.  I simply stored it in the back of my head along with all the other things that are not really useful in life.  You know those interesting but really pointless facts that we run into in life.

It was about a year ago the idea came to my mind about vibration and human emotions.  I did some research into this and made an interesting discovery.  That being that our Emotions change the rate at which we are vibrating.  The idea that we are always vibrating or that all matter vibrates all the time is something I didn’t realize.

However just the thought of emotion & vibration brought about some very interesting findings.  One of them being the Musical scale is not something that was invented but more discovered.  The musical scale didn’t magically come into being when we realized what it was.  Like electricity it was simply always here we just were too stupid to realize for a long time.

The same is true with vibration.  Quantum Physics has proven to us that we are Vibrational beings living in a Vibrational Universe.  Everything in the Universe from the smallest Quark to the largest structure is in a constant state of vibration.  Vibration is what can cause crystal to shatter.

Unlike non living matter that vibrates at a constant rate our vibration changes as our emotions and mood change.  If someone has negative thoughts what they will attract is negative.  Like Attracts like.  The opposite is also true if someone is positive they will attract things that are positive.

I am sure you have heard the expression, “You’re bringing me down.”  This is said to someone who is being negative to someone who is positive.  The Negative mood / thoughts of others causes them to vibrate at a slower rate.  When you are around someone the rate at which they are vibrating will effect you.  This can be why some con artists / cult leaders are able to win people’s confidence.

It isn’t that what they are attempting to do is positive but their thoughts and focus is on a positive, albeit fantasy / impossible outcome.  The con artist must for the period of time that they are trying to deceive someone really believe what they are saying and be acting in a positive manner.  If someone knows they are full of shit and just tries to push on to get the sale or do the scam their own doubts or negative thoughts on it will directly impact what other people pick up from them.

The saying if something sounds to good to be true it probably is.  Can be a way to protect yourself from attempts to con you.  Learning to control your own emotions will have very positive effects on your life.  The biggest being a peaceful / relaxed frame of mind.   The moments of Drama being in your life will radically cease replaced by feelings of peace and tranquility.

Meditation can be a very helpful means to learn how to control and focus your emotions.  The way I learned to meditate is actually a bit strange because I hadn’t grown up around anyone that did this.  I was raised around Christianity and Meditation is not something that is pushed or even mentioned.  At least it wasn’t with me.

The First time I meditated I had felt directed by what I had termed the “Divine” to sit down outside.  It was at night and everyone in my family was sleeping.  I felt directed to close my eyes and just clear my thoughts.

I will admit getting my mind to stop random thoughts was difficult.  I would be fine for a bit then a thought would come in and I’d have to just let it go.  Over time this became easier.  When I looked into Buddhism I came across the term, “Silencing the Mad Monkey of the Mind”  I had liked this term because that is what the mind seems like at first.  An Insane monkey that is determined to keep random thoughts going.

One thing about having to figure this shit out for yourself is it can take years before the next piece of the puzzle falls into place.  The biggest break through actually came when a friend of mine suggested I meditate in his hot tub.

He matched the temperature of the hot tub to the 98.6 degrees of my body.  Then I floated in the hot tub and just did the meditation like I normally would.   Now I could hear the sound of the hot tub motor but that didn’t effect my meditation at all.  I’d learned to tune out what amounts to white noise.

After a few minutes I heard a female voice ask me, “Why are you seeking us outside of you?  We are in you, around you & part of you.  You’re not separate from anything but one with it.”  

Then when my head moved down slightly and I felt water touch my mouth I opened my eyes and sat up.  My friend was there drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette.  When he saw me he asked what it was like.

I told him what I heard and he had said that the experience is different for everyone.  I asked how long I was motionless.  To me it felt like a few minutes.  He told me a half hour.  I was stunned.

Even when I was talking to my friend and smoking a cigarette myself I still felt like some doors of perception in my mind were still open.  It was the weirdest feeling I ever had.  That actually lasted a few days after that night.

I’ve never been one that liked drugs.  I had tried pot when I was a teenager and frankly hated it.  It felt like my mind was caged and I just loathed that feeling.  But what I felt from that hot tub experience was the exact opposite.

This was something I kept in the back of my mind not really sure if I wanted to talk about this in a public kind of way or not.  But over the past few days I have felt nudged more and more to not responding with anger at the comments by Christians.  I care about people a lot but the feeling has been one of, “This is serving no purpose.  Let it go.”

I realize many may cling to the programming of religion and the fear.  There is nothing I can do about that.  Each person must choose their own path.  Those who wish to focus on negativity will attract that to themself.

In writing this I had looked to see is this aspect of vibration actually supported by real science.  My thought was not for the Christians, Muslims or Jews at all but the Atheists, Agnostics, Native Americans,  Buddhists, etc.  Those who would be open to things that can be proven with science to be real.

What I found is Yes there is real Science that supports this idea.  I am going to give a few links but I also want to say one word of warning.  While I can see the scientific aspects of this I have also gotten the whiff of some potential bullshit mixed in.  As with everything I advise people to not accept anything on face value unless it can be proven.

I do understand the thought from in my 20’s of “Good & Evil are aspects of this realm only.”  What it comes down to is this.  Outside of this physical realm Good & Evil as we think of them do not exist.  The higher dimensions of existence are about the positive.  That anyone that is vibrating at a lower (Negative) rate has not evolved to the point of moving on.  So they will simply reincarnate until they learn to not dwell on the negative.

Time means nothing to that which is beyond this existence.  I can understand this may seem a bit mystical for some Atheists, Agnostics & Skeptics.  The best thing I can say is test the parts of this that you can and see what results you get.

I would encourage anyone to try the hot tub test like I did.  Don’t go in with any expectations just relax and clear your mind.  You can also test for yourself what intentionally keeping your thoughts positive does for your life.  The results I have gotten should be the same you get in this regard.  Positive thoughts attract positive situations.   The Atheist side of me will always push me to prove what I say.

People’s Priorities are Seriously Fucked Up!

One of my favorite sayings comes from Family Guy, “I am Allergic to Stupid People.  Aaah Choo!” 

While there are no shortage of examples as to how people are Stupid here is the perfect example of both how people are Stupid & how their Priorities are Seriously Fucked Up!

Gas Prices everywhere suck.  Well when a person gets $3.00 in Gas then turns around and puts $100.00 in a Lottery Machine they clearly have their head screwed on backwards!

I am not opposed to people doing the wishful dreaming of the Lottery.  I admit I’ll buy a few here and there.  However when you are dumping more money into  pipe dreams of getting lucky on scratch off tickets yet bitch about gas prices you are simply Stupid.

I’m sorry I can’t be nice about this.  You do this you are Stupid face the facts.

I honestly feel the Lottery should be renamed Voluntary Tax.  After all this is what it really comes down to.  There is no law saying you must spend x amount in Lottery every day, week or month.  Yet millions upon millions of people do it then bitch about not having money for Food, Gas, Rent, etc

My Girlfriend is an Assistant Manager at a retail store and today in just 2 Hours the lottery machine had over $800 in it!  In an Economy where people bitch about gas prices these same idiots will drop far more into Lottery then they do Fuel for their car!

Clearly these people need someone to bitch-slap some common sense into their head because whatever they have that passes for brains now is just not working!

As I said i am not opposed to the Lottery in itself.  I am also all for Freedom of Choice.  However I do think there needs to be a low voltage shock in the lottery machines that when someone is about to be fucking stupid the person behind the register can tap the button.  Maybe the sudden low voltage jolt would kick start their brain.

Won’t happen but damn one can dream and you must admit it would be funny as hell to see.