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Why I Hate Religion, Jesus & God Poem

I want to make it clear right from the start
I’m going to tear Religion & Jesus apart.

Jesus & Religion are not separate things
They are one in the same to Christian babblings

I’m not putting on fancy clothes while pretening to believe in a childish fable
I use logic and reason laying the facts on the table!

Trying to distance yourself from the horrors of Religion
Yet acting like all someone has to do is make a simple Decission.

Putting A Persons Beliefs more important then their actions
Is a recipe for disaster because of all the factions

It makes me sick to think people want to be slaves
Yet this is what they are wanting when they say Jesus saves!

Mouthing words may make you think you are Good & Saved
Although what really matters is how you have Behaved!

There is more to being good then mouthing Bullshit of Belief
Life isn’t about putting yourself above others or giving them your Grief!

Wearing a Cross while buying blunts to get high
Makes me look at you and just want to sigh!

You believe a book that says Love thy Neighbor is good
Yet you ignore the fact that this would mean the drug dealers in your neighborhood!

You want to act like your God is so real & everyone must believe it or go to Hell
While claiming that Love & Peace are the message that your Jesus wants you to sell!

You simply can’t pick and choose the parts you want to live by
While discarding those things that make a sane person ask why!

Christianity is all about Self Loathing & Fear
The truth about their God is something none of them want to Hear!

To think the ultimate sign of love is your Jesus dying on a cross for your sin
Just so you can sherk personal responcibility with a pious grin!

To claim your God is about Justice and doing the right thing
Yet giving a loophole of Human Sacrifice is disgusting!

Let me make this crystal clear
Your God is something you are to Fear!

Fear and Love do not mix.
No matter how badly you try to do mental tricks

You want to act like life is a Disease & your Jesus is the Cure
Yet deep down this is something no Christian is really sure!

If you would there would be no fear of death
You would know what awaits you when you take your final breath!

Fear of the unknown is what drives religious belief
Realizing there is no God is a major relief!

What if what matters isn’t what your beliefs are on religion
But the way in which your life touches others that have another vision!

At the end of the day your Jesus & God are meaningless lies
What matters most is here and now what is before our eyes!

By MrGoodNKinky


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