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The Two Biggest Misconceptions People Have about Aliens

For many people, both Religious and Atheist / Skeptic alike, have some major misconceptions when it comes to Aliens.  In this I am first going to bitch slap all of the blind idiots that say there is no evidence of UFO’s or Aliens. 

The idea that there is no Evidence is nothing short of acting like an Ostrich and saying you don’t see anything.  You woln’t see anything if you refuse to look at it.  Many of these people will flat out ignore evidence that is presented.

Evidence like:

1. The FBI Files – 
2. The NSA Files –

Both of those are document that were Classified Top Secret for over 60 Years.  What is Available on those sites are the document but in a Sanatized state.  Which means the Military / Government has blacked out portions of them which they don’t want people to see.

Logic would tell anyone with a functioning brain that if there was nothing to this 1. The Document wouldn’t have been Top Secret for over 60 Years.  2. There wouldn’t be any areas that are Blacked out let alone large areas of the reports.

However those are far from all of Evidence that exists.

3.  UFO Disclosure on CNN








4.  The UFO Disclosure Project Full Video


Those 5 are just the tip of a Mountain of Evidence that is available to support the existence of UFO’s & Aliens! Given the massive amount of evidence that is available on the subject of UFO’s & Aliens for anyone to say they see no evidence means quite simply they refuse to actually look.

The Next Misconception I want to address is the idea that everyone that talks about Aliens looks at them as some kind of Savior / Likes them. While I can’t speak for everyone I want to make my position on this very fucking clear.

I do not regard any Alien race as a friend, buddy, or even a God. In fact I am very hostile to Aliens doing a damn thing here. I have had multiple experiences of Missing Time, Weird Marks & Even an Image that was on my Neck after one event.

For Me the subject of Aliens and their interaction with Humans is one that generates a massive amount of rage. This is why I am so hostile to the Christian crap of Praying for Me.
Christians the existence of Aliens doesn’t prove your God is real. In fact the Aliens are what your God really is. The only thing is they aren’t Gods!

Although what you people are worshiping are Aliens. The fact that you people have been brainwashed to believe bullshit doesn’t change the fact you are worshiping Aliens.

I walked away from Christianity when I realized at the age of 24 that the God was an Alien race. There was still a great deal I didn’t know about the Aliens (Anunnaki to be more specific).
However even though I walked away from the Religion of Christianity my research into uncovering the Truth didn’t end.

Showing the extreme ignorance behind Islam!

I rarely go after Islam directly because I don’t really have those idiots putting their brain damage in my face.  However today I got this message in my You Tube account MrGoodNKinky titled this.

Peace be on you MrGoodNKinky

I want you to read the following and be honest 
with your self at the end and decide in a moment of truth 
with oneself……….

LMFAO  In a Moment of Truth with oneself.

Sounds so ominous!

Allah (The Creator of the Heaven and the 

earth) the one to be worshiped with perfect love and perfect 

submission created 
us for a great purpose and that is to worship Him alone, to 

turn to Him alone, to pray to Him alone…

LMFAO Allah the creator of Heaven.  Seriously you stupid goat fucker.  Are you Muslims completely fucking oblivious to the Origin of the word Allah?

Allah is the same as the Hebrew word Elohim.  Elohim is the Plural form of the name El.  El was the Supreme Canaanite deity.  So first of all unless you idiots think Allah is multiple beings what would be called Gods not God then you are simply showing your ignorance.

Second and most embarrassing the Canaanite pantheon was not around until 3000 BC.  Unlike the Sumerian culture which goes back to around 9,000 BC

Canaanite Pantheon

Sumerian Culture

He sent Messengers from Adam to Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, 

Jacob, etc ….till the final Messenger Muhammad Peace be 

upon all of them.

Holy shit Adam wasn’t an Israelite as the original creation story and use of the name Adam was Sumerian!  While there never was a person named Noah.  The Flood story which was stolen and made into the Israelite creation story was the Epic of Gilgamesh.

It is Highly Questionable if an Abraham, Moses or Jacob ever existed either!

While Jesus is an obvious strawman not someone who actually existed.

So right that the so-called Messengers are constructs of an uneducated religious drone!

They all came with the same message and 
that is ” No one is worthy of worship except Allah” …..

This is simply False as there is no evidence any of them actually existed!  Religious text can’t be used to prove religious claims.  As the religious text is that which is making the claim.  To try to use the Torah, Bible or Quran to prove any of those religions is to try to use Circular Reasoning!

all the creation of Allah submitted itself to the Creator willingly or 

unwillingly as Allah The Most High says in the Quran ” Do 

they seek other than the religion of Allah (the true Islamic 
Monotheism worshiping none but Allah Alone), while to 

Him submitted all creatures in the heavens and the earth, 

willingly or unwillingly. And to Him shall they all be 

returned” ( 3:83) 

Unwillingly?  Do you have any clue what it means to have someone Submit Unwillingly to someone?  This is called Rape you stupid fuckwad!  In this you are openly admitting your God is a Rapist!  Let there be No Mistake in what you are saying!

You may worship a Rapist however I wouldn’t!  Luckily your God is a Fantasy from 3000 BC!

We were born without being asked, when we were in the 

womb of our mothers, who took care of us there?

Clearly you have no grasp of how a Sperm fertilizes the Egg and the process of development inside the body of the mother.  Gaining all that it needs to survive and develop from the mother.

And people wonder why I don’t address these morons more often?  I also don’t go around beating up retarded people either.  To put it simply a persons IQ needs to be above 100 for me to fuck with them!

Largely because only a complete and total dipshit would actually consider any of what this Muslim has said to be anything but the babblings of a total moron.

when we came out to this earth who took care of us then?

Dumbass that would be the Parents of the child!  No God has even come down and magically done shit!  If a Baby would be tossed in the woods right after birth it would Die.  No Allah, Jesus, Or any other imaginary God would do anything to keep that child alive!

who is the one that put the love in the hearts of every mother to take 
care of her child?

Facepalm!  This is called Nature!  It is also been observed in all aspects of nature!

I really feel like I am beating up a Moron here!

who is the one that provides for us food, water, etc. we breath the air that He created for us…..for what reason? 

This would be Us!

No Magical being is giving you Food, water, building your house or giving you money!

The Earth’s atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.9% argon, and 0.03% carbon dioxide with very small percentages of other elements.

It was not put here by a God but was a necessary part of the Evolution of life on this planet.  Without it there wouldn’t have been life on this planet!

He is the Most WIse and the Most 

Merciful……..all of that is to worship Him alone and not to 

set rivals with Him.

Yet a babbling fucking idiot like you is what it takes to buy into this shit.  Everything you have asked i have answered very easily.  This is not rocket science or even brain surgery.  All of what I’ve pointed out so far a 3rd grader could’ve done!

The intelligence of the Allah is something you have yet to show.  Considering you think it made you doesn’t bode well for the intelligence claim you wish to make.

A Muslim believes in all the Messengers 

and honor them they are the best of all the humanbeings, 

Well rather full of yourself aren’t you.  Best of all human beings?  Really?  You think?  Suicide Bombers are among the Best of the Human Beings?  Parents putting their Children in a car so they can Blow themselves up? (This one I know personally to be real from my Military Training!)

Then there is Sharia Law.

For Stealing a Loaf of Bread!  Bear in Mind this jackoff said Muslims are the Best of all Human Beings!  This is what they call the behavior of the Best Human Beings!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Laws and practices under Sharia

Marriage laws
The Muslim man who is not currently a fornicator can only marry a Muslim woman who is not currently a fornicatress or a chaste woman from the people of the book.
The Muslim fornicator can only marry Muslim fornicatress.
The number of wives is limited to four, – Mohammed married 15 women and consummated his marriages with 13. (al-Tabari vol.9 p.126-127)
The Muslim woman who is not currently a fornicatress can only marry a Muslim man who is not currently a fornicator.
The Muslim fornicatress can only marry a Muslim fornicator.
The woman cannot marry without the consent of her guardian. If she marries, her husband becomes her new guardian.
The guardian may choose to marry the virgin without asking her consent, however she can oppose the marriage and then it is cancelled.
The guardian cannot marry the divorced woman or the widow if she didn’t ask to be married.
The number of husbands is limited to one, the Muslim mistress cannot have sex with her slaves.
Islamic law on marriage differs from one school of thought to another.

Divorce laws
A husband may divorce his wife whenever he wants. If the marriage has been consummated, the divorced woman must remain at her ex-husband’s house for three months before she is allowed to leave. The man has the ability to retract the divorce by having sex with the woman within those three months.
A woman who wishes to be divorced needs the consent of her husband. If he consents she has to pay back the dowry. Under certain circumstances (abuse, for instance), the wife may ask a judge to separate the couple.
If a man divorces his wife three times, he can no longer marry her again unless she marries another man and then divorces him. These are guidelines; Islamic law on divorce is different depending on the school of thought.

The penalty for theft
In accordance with the Qur’an and several hadith, theft is punished by imprisonment or amputation of hands or feet, depending on the number of times it was committed.

The penalty for adultery
Main article: Stoning to Death in Islam

In accordance with hadith, stoning to death is the penalty for married men and women who commit adultery. For unmarried men and women, the punishment prescribed in the Qur’an and hadith is 100 lashes.

Dietary laws
Main article: Islamic dietary laws

Sharia dictates that Muslims may only eat from meat that has been slaughtered in the name of God and meets stringent dietary requirements. Such meat is called halal, or “lawful”. Islamic law prohibits a Muslim from eating pork, and most juridical opinions also hold monkey, dog, cat, carnivores and several other types of animal as haram (prohibited). For the meat of an animal to be halal it must be one of the declared halal species, and the animal may not be killed by excessively cruel or painful means. The traditional means of slaughter is by slicing open the jugular veins at the neck, resulting in quick blood loss; a state of shock and unconsciousness is induced, and death soon follows through cardiac arrest.

According to the Qur’an, the animal does not have to be slaughtered by a Muslim, but may be slaughtered by a Jew or a Christian (People of the Book) as long as it meets their strict dietary laws. This does not normally apply in modern times as animals are normally not slaughtered by Christians in the name of God. The majority of Christians no longer have rituals associated with slaughter, nor do they ask for God’s permission before the kill. The method of slaughter used by most Christian butchers is also considered inappropriate by many Muslims. (Al-Ma’ida 5: “The food of those who have received the Scripture is lawful for you.”)- this is only provided it is killed in accordance with God’s Law, and in His name. Most Muslims will accept kosher meat as halal. (Qur’an 2:173, 6:121)

The role of women under Sharia
Main article: women in Islam

Islam does not prohibit women from working, but emphasizes the importance of housekeeping and caring for the families of both parents. In theory, Sunni Islamic law allows husbands to divorce their wives at will, by clearly saying talaq (“I divorce you”). The divorce becomes permanent if the couple has been divorced three times. Women do not have the same right to divorce. In Shi’a Islam, divorce is more involved than this and state proceedings vary. In 2003, for example, a Malaysian court ruled that, under Sharia law, a man may divorce his wife via text messaging as long as the message was clear and unequivocal. Such a divorce, known as the “triple talaq” is not allowed in most Muslim states. The divorced wife always keeps her dowry from when she was married, and is given child support until the age of weaning, at which point the child may be returned to its father if it is deemed to be best.

Islam has no clergy, but women may become religious scholars. In practice, it is much more common for men to be scholars than women. Many interpretations of Islamic law hold that women may not have prominent jobs, and thus are forbidden from working in the government. This has been a mainstream view in many Muslim nations in the last century, despite the example of Muhammad’s wife Aisha, who both took part in politics and was a major authority on hadith.

A Muslim may not marry or remain married to an unbeliever of either sex (2:221, 60:10). A Muslim man may marry a woman of the People of the Book (5:5); traditionally, however, Islamic law forbids a Muslim woman from marrying a non-Muslim man unless he converts to Islam.

There was more to the stupid message but I’d say this about covers it quite well.

Islam has got to be the Dumbest of the Abrahamic Religions!  Clearly Islam is the Short Bus of the Abrahamic Religions!

Losing My Faith

This 4 Part video that I did and put on You Tube will definitely help anyone that follows what I write to have a better understanding of where I am coming from.

I don’t do videos often on You Tube just every once and a while.  Mainly when I find a topic that I feel I need to cover.  I am more inclined to write something then I am to make a video as there are multiple steps in the video.  Where as in writing it there is just the written part.

Halfway through this 4 part video I became a Partner on You Tube and could upload longer then 15 minutes.  However i didn’t want part 3 to be nearly an hour so I broke it in two more parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

FBI Vault


Sumerian 100 Firsts


What Atheism Is & Is Not

                                                What Atheism Is NOT:

A Religion – There is no book or dogma to Atheism!  Atheists don’t have a special building where they gather once a week to swap stories of imaginary beings.  Atheism is not about the worship of anything or anyone!  No one speaks for Atheism!  There are some Atheist’s that do speak about their Atheism and Debate Christian’s, Muslim’s & Jew’s.  However those people are Not the spokesmen of Atheism but only Atheist’s that are giving their point of view.  It is up to the Atheist to accept or reject the ideas of that Atheist not a command from an organization that they must believe these things.

Atheism is no more a Religion then Not playing Football, Baseball or Basketball is a Sport.

Service to Satan or other fictional character – This should stand to reason given Atheist’s reject the concept of magical beings & imaginary locations after death where one is being tortured or in a so-called paradise.  An Atheist can no more serve a Satan or other fictional character then the Christian can be told they serve Allah, Odin, Thor, Loki, or Horus just to name a few. 


A Political Party – There are no rules or laws in Atheism that an Atheist must agree with this or that political group.  There can be Atheist Liberals as well as Atheist Conservatives.  There can be Atheist Anarchists as well as Atheist Pacifists.  There simply is no You Must Think This Way in Atheism.  If anything Atheism is the ultimate in Freedom of Choice!


A Branch of Science – There simply is no branch or aspect of Science that is Atheist Science.  Atheists see no need to try and shove Atheist into things that do not in themselves have anything to do with Atheism.  Science is something Atheists would be interested in but only because it is through Science that we gain further understanding of our world & Universe.


A Philosophy –  Atheism is not a philosophy because the Atheist is free to find for himself what philosophy he likes best.  Some Atheists may like the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant, John Locke, Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato,  Socrates or others.

                                                      What Atheism Is:

The Rejection of Any & All Gods be they ones held by modern religion or ancient mythology.  This rejection of Gods is based entirely upon the massive lack of evidence regarding any God.  As well as the increasing lack of a need for a God of any kind as many of the superstitions of the past have been explained by Science and removed the God wins by Default claim in so many of these cases.

Atheism is about using what we can Prove as the guide for what Exists!  Using Reality to define what is real.  As opposed to letting fantasy define what we call Real.

A Few Pet Peeves

As a Soldier in the Army National Guard I do feel qualified to point out a few things about those who serve in the Military.  It really doesn’t matter what branch.  What I am going to say is basically universal for those in the military or who have been.


1. If you see someone in a restaurant & they are in uniform chances are good that they are on lunch or if they have others around them who are not in uniform chances are good that they are friends / family.  In either case they don’t want to hear Thanks for your service or for you to buy their meal.  They simply want to eat in peace!  You appreciate what they do Fine.  I appreciate what Doctors, Police Officers, Firemen & EMT’s do but I am not going up to them and Thanking them for doing their Job!


2. Just because someone wears a military uniform doesn’t mean they are a Christian or even believe in imaginary beings in the sky.  So saying, “God Bless You” is frankly Stupid.  For me I have been damn tempted at times to ask “Which God?” 


3. This may come as a shocker for Theists but the claim that, “There Are No Atheists In Foxholes” is Absolutely Moronic.  Just because my job can involve risking my life this doesn’t mean I am suddenly going to embrace ideas of fantasy bigoted beings!


4. If You claim to be an Army Brat (Having grown up in a Military Family) then there are certain behaviors you should show.

A.      Self Respect – Not tripping over yourself whenever someone in the military is around.


B.      Loyalty – If you are married not cheating on your spouse!


C.      Common Fucking Sense – Even if you love the military haircut (Flat top / High & Tight) if you are Female you should know, This Is Not A Female Haircut!  A woman with this haircut looks like a Dike!  A Civilian woman with this haircut looks like a Dumbass!


D.      Integrity – Being able to do your job, even during a family crisis, without trying to get sympathy from everyone that you see.  Honestly most people just Don’t Care about your personal issues!  People may ask, “How are you doing?” but have two working brain cells.  99% of them really don’t give a fuck!  People say, “How are you doing?” expecting to hear fine, good, great, wonderful, or something positive.  Even if you say, Oh Shitty or Horrible or something negative many times they will respond, “Oh that’s good.”  Because they really don’t care and aren’t listening to hear all of your woes!



5. If You are not in the military and you go to a bar or club on a military post be warned if you act like a slut.  IE fawning over every Tom, Dick & Hairy you will be viewed as a Cum bucket.  Some in the Military will be completely repulsed by this type behavior.  Religion has nothing to do with it since I am an Atheist and I simply have no time for a woman that acts like a Military Cum Bucket!

Even if those in the military are nice to you this doesn’t mean they have a shred of respect for you!  A Cum Bucket is either ignored or treated as a Cum Bucket!  No one and I mean No Fucking Military Man looks at a woman acting like a Cum Bucket as a future Wife!


6. If You are around a co-worker and they are talking to someone that is in the Military and they reveal that they are in the Military too.  Remember this doesn’t involve You!  The two in the Military, especially the same branch, may talk shop so to speak and neither want your two cents.  Especially, “Oh I never knew you were in the Military”.  If you weren’t directly told them chances are good the person didn’t want you to know and only wanted to talk to a fellow Soldier.


7. Don’t change how you act toward someone when you know they are in the Military.  This behavior is highly insulting.  Especially if you try acting like you are some expert on the Military.  Just because your father was in the Military doesn’t mean You know jack shit about it!  If you do then show some Discipline and Self Respect!


8. If You are married and cheating on your spouse with someone in the Military don’t try comparing yourself to another soldiers girlfriend!  The soldier may not say what they are thinking at that moment because, unlike you they have discipline and can hold their tongue even though inside they may be ready to erupt like mount saint Helens!  There is a Huge difference between two people getting together who are both single and a married woman having an affair with a soldier.  If you are to stupid to know the difference just choke yourself now and save me the trouble!


I am seriously Allergic to Stupid Fucking People!