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People’s Priorities are Seriously Fucked Up!

One of my favorite sayings comes from Family Guy, “I am Allergic to Stupid People.  Aaah Choo!” 

While there are no shortage of examples as to how people are Stupid here is the perfect example of both how people are Stupid & how their Priorities are Seriously Fucked Up!

Gas Prices everywhere suck.  Well when a person gets $3.00 in Gas then turns around and puts $100.00 in a Lottery Machine they clearly have their head screwed on backwards!

I am not opposed to people doing the wishful dreaming of the Lottery.  I admit I’ll buy a few here and there.  However when you are dumping more money into  pipe dreams of getting lucky on scratch off tickets yet bitch about gas prices you are simply Stupid.

I’m sorry I can’t be nice about this.  You do this you are Stupid face the facts.

I honestly feel the Lottery should be renamed Voluntary Tax.  After all this is what it really comes down to.  There is no law saying you must spend x amount in Lottery every day, week or month.  Yet millions upon millions of people do it then bitch about not having money for Food, Gas, Rent, etc

My Girlfriend is an Assistant Manager at a retail store and today in just 2 Hours the lottery machine had over $800 in it!  In an Economy where people bitch about gas prices these same idiots will drop far more into Lottery then they do Fuel for their car!

Clearly these people need someone to bitch-slap some common sense into their head because whatever they have that passes for brains now is just not working!

As I said i am not opposed to the Lottery in itself.  I am also all for Freedom of Choice.  However I do think there needs to be a low voltage shock in the lottery machines that when someone is about to be fucking stupid the person behind the register can tap the button.  Maybe the sudden low voltage jolt would kick start their brain.

Won’t happen but damn one can dream and you must admit it would be funny as hell to see.