The Me, Me, Me of Christianity

In my dealings with Christians I hear the absolute dumbest excuses for the existence of God that could ever be uttered.  These are not Reasons to believe but only weak excuses for the behavior from this imaginary God that wouldn’t be tolerated by any person in the real world.  The Christians don’t look at it this way because they are most times locked firmly in “Defend the Faith” mode.

They have a very emotional addiction to the Bible, Jesus & God ideas that they will bend over backwards to excuse or explain away behavior that would make Hitler look like a child playing patty cake.  Now to be fair I would bet 99.99% of these Christians are honestly good people.  They have simply bought into an idea so completely that they will do and say anything to defend it.  To them my rejection of their God is seen as just my rebellion from authority.  In my teenage years to early adult life this rebellion idea could’ve been valid except for the fact I was a Christian at that time.

The Reasons I reject the bible God are:

1.  There is simply No Evidence that such a God actually exists or ever existed.

2.  There is a great deal of Evidence that points to what is called the God was really an Alien Race that viewed Humans as Slave Labor.

3.  Going by the Stories in the Bible even if such a God would exist I would have to oppose it.  Just like I would have to oppose a Hitler, Pol Pot or Kim Jong Ill.  Existence doesn’t equal Good, Moral or Ethical.

4.  There is simply No Evidence a Jesus Christ ever existed.  There were many Jesus figures but none of them that had the Last name of Christ and None that fit that Religious title.

5.  Even if a Jesus Christ would’ve existed and died as the Christians think that still wouldn’t atone for a single thing I have done in my life.  Even though I never Killed, Raped, or damaged anyone in a life changing way the things I have done can’t be magically wiped away by virtue of some Jew being tortured to death thousands of years ago.  Not only is this Immoral to even suggest but it is highly Unethical.

The idea that the Ten Commandments are some great rule book that we are to go by is the absolute dumbest idea that could ever be put forward.  The biggest reason is only 5 at the absolute most apply to people.  The idea that my thoughts could in some way injure an All Knowing & All Powerful being is frankly the most pompous idea that could ever be dreamed up.

One Christian I was talking to recently had actually said that Sin is not living up to Gods standard.  This made me want to scream, “Stop the Stupid Train!”  After all if this God thing is some Casper like force behind the Universe why the flying fuck would such a being give a fart in a rolling donut about how I live my life?

To actually think that any Human should be expected to live up to the Standard of a God thing which we can’t even comprehend its existence is on par with saying an Ant should be expected to live up to Human standards.  The very notion should scream pompous bullshit.

After all what this idea is really doing is making the Christian the center of the Universe / Existence.  After all their God according to their thinking must be fawning over Humans endlessly.  After all the Beliefs / Thoughts that we have are to be the entire basis of are you an Enemy of this God or not.  What goes right in line with this is another bit of Christian Pompous Bullshit and that is Freewill.

To the Christian their God gave Humans Freewill since after all without Freewill the idea that we are here to make some grand choice between a God and Satan can’t exist.  But this becomes a serious problem when one looks at what is actually written in their Damn Bible regarding this Original Sin Story.  The biggest flaw in their thinking is the fact that their God made the Knowledge of Good & Evil Forbidden.  However without this Knowledge it would be impossible to make a Freewill choice.  As all that would be possible would be stimulus response.

Animals don’t have Freewill since they have no conception of anything being Good or Evil.  All an animal has is Stimulus response.  They can respond to the Stimulus that they get and nothing more.  The ability to recognize that some things are Good while others are Evil is part of the Higher Brain.  Now I do realize there are some Atheists that will try to say Good & Evil are subjective terms that don’t really exist but are concepts that we have made up.

The answer to this is this is false because Good & Evil equate to Positive & Negative and these things do exist.  Things that are positive we call good while things that are negative we call evil.  The positive and Negative aspect can be observed in the ends of a battery or magnet.

Just because there really is positive & negative this doesn’t magically mean the Christian bible is a positive thing.  Just because their dogma says their God is good doesn’t make it so even assuming such a thing would exist.  In fact the bible itself can be used to show how that God (Even if it would be proven to exist) would have to be the most sinister and evil being in the Universe.

Christians will regularly cherry pick their bible completely ignoring if not ripping out the nasty & evil parts of what their God is doing and saying.  They will use what is classic Stockholm Syndrome to excuse / explain away the immoral, unethical and just down right evil nature of their God.

For those that don’t know what Stockholm Syndrome is let me explain.  This is where the victim of abuse can actually develop love for their abuser.  Even going so far as to defend that abuser and their actions. 

This aspect is most easily identified in Christians by the ways they will try to explain Hell or to actually call it a Punishment.  This latter is so far from accurate as to make me wonder if any of these people actually have a moral center at all.  A Punishment that never ends is not a punishment at all.  While Torture has never been a reliable means of extracting information or correcting / teaching a damn thing.  Torture is simply sadism for the sake of sadism.

Now before people start babbling about prisons and how some people are locked up in prison for life this doesn’t fit what i am talking about.  The reason people are put in prison for life is simply there are some people who can’t function in society and would be a danger to that society.  So they are warehoused in cages so as to protect the people in that society.

This doesn’t fit the Christian idea of Hell because of the following reasons.

1.  We are not All Powerful so we can’t correct an imbalance in the person’s brain or undo the psychological damage which was done that caused them to act out in the manner they have.  The Christian can’t say the same about their God without making it as weak and helpless to changing things as we are.

2.  We are not All Knowing so we must rely on Evidence gathered at a crime scene to try to piece together what happened and figure out who was responsible for it.  Even though our Legal system is far better than in a lot of countries it is far from Perfect and sometimes an innocent person is put in prison.  Sometimes new evidence surfaces that proves the person once believed to be guilty is actually innocent.  None of this would be possible with an All Knowing God since for it not to know anything would mean it is not All Knowing.

3.  It is not a crime for someone to not Believe / Think what a religion says simply because they say it.  So the Christian idea that if you don’t Believe / Think what you are ordered to about a Jesus is simply tyrannical bullshit and not looking for any kind of Justice.

4.  To want someone who hurt you or someone you love to be tortured is not looking for Justice but only sadistic vengeance.  This goes hand in hand with wanting someone tortured just because they laughed at your ideas.  So what if someone laughed at your ideas.  Why exactly is that something they should be tortured for at all let alone tortured endlessly?  How exactly can you spout such sadistic dribble and try to profess to have morals at all?

5.  Without Freedom of Thought it is impossible to have Freedom of any kind.  Before we can do or say anything we must first Think it.  If a God would exist and would want to dictate what Thoughts you must have then it is also wanting to Dictate every part of your existence.  Which means Freewill is impossible since you don’t even have the Freedom to Think what you want.

When you really stop and listen to what Christians are saying one thing that becomes obvious is they actually think their God is in servitude to them.  It isn’t really about their God at all but themself and what they want to Think, Say & Do.

Yes I know Christians will want to get all offended at this or just claim I am making things up because I don’t want to be accountable for what I do.  This is simply false.  In fact Christianity is not about taking Personal Responsibility for a damn thing.  Instead it is all about using the Scapegoat to shirk any and all responsibility they have for something they did.

Here are the reasons why Christianity is a Me, Me, Me Religion.

1.  Prayer is an attempt on the part of the Christian to get their God to act in a magical way based entirely on their desires / wishes.  In the aspect of Praying for someone else it is really no different then a Wiccan or Satanist doing a Magick Spell to try to get some desired outcome.  This act is an attempt to put the God in Servitude to them since it is their wishes they want granted.  If The Christian would really want the God’s will to be done then shut the fuck up since you think this God is All Knowing.  The fact that something occurs or someone is a certain way must be part of how your God wanted it since it is All Knowing!

2.  Freewill is an idea that sounds good but is incompatible with an All Knowing God.  If there would be a God that is All Knowing then your ideas of Freewill would be an Illusion.  People can think they have freewill because we don’t know the future.  What goes right along with this is the idea I heard some Christians say that, “God turns off his All Knowingness”.  This is putting the God in servitude to the Christian not the Christian in servitude to the God.  The Christian wants to be the center of everything not their God.

3.  The Idea of Salvation is a Scapegoat mindset.  It is one that is centered around the Christian not having to be personally Responsible for what they have done.  The Thoughts in your head about a Jesus or a God can’t undo a single thing you have done.  It can’t return the innocence to a child, bring back the dead, unrape the woman or man.  All this salvation idea really does is to give an easy out to the person that hurt others.  It makes everything all about them and not having them learn a damn thing or change at all.

4. God can’t forgive “Sin” without a Blood Sacrifice.  First of all this means their God is Not All Powerful because there is something it can’t do.  What is shocking is their God can’t do something which any Atheist can do easily!  That is Forgive someone without first demanding something Die!    This idea also renders the Christian God Dumber than George Bush Jr.  After all if this God is All Knowing then it had to have known everything that would occur but yet it still can’t handle some things existing even though Christians think this God made Everything.

5.  The Hell doctrine is all about using Fear as a means of controlling those not just like you.  It is nothing more than a scare tactic that was dreamed up to intimidate people into servitude to a belief system in a desire to save their own selfish self-centered ass.  None of these so-called Good, Moral Christians stop to ask themself if they could honestly go along with the torture of someone else.  They can go along with it because their Religion is not about others it is only about themself and what suits them. 

Christianity is rooted in Selfish, Self Centered Egotism.   To be fair I don’t believe for one second that the vast majority of Christians even realize how self-centered their religion is.  Most people don’t stop and think about why they believe something.  They simply accept what they are told as children and don’t think for themselves.

About mrgoodnkinky

I am an Atheist / Anti Theist but don’t let the labels fool you I am not one that bows before the pulpit of science / the government. I do my own research and reach my own conclusions based on all available information. I am not someone that will let anyone dictate what thoughts I must have. Atheism / Anti Theism is simply a label I accept because it is easier then giving the speech on what I feel the evidence shows. There is No God in the sense of any magical / mystical physical being. These ideas are delusion / ignorance of the historical evidence. I have reached the point in my life where I am going to resist negative thoughts and actions as much as I can. I am open to Evidence but opposed to bullshit and scare tactics.

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