The Arrogance & Bullshit of Chirstianity / Religion

When I talk to people about the subject of God & Religion there are a few things that strike me as common among those that believe in what I call fairy tales.  That common thread is best summed up as nothing short of Arrogance.  In Christian babble it would more accurately be called Pride.

Typically Christians don’t react to being accused of being Arrogant as hell to think that some cosmic designer would take a personal interest in their life.  However if you call it Pride then some (The few that know Pride is a major Sin to the bible God) will quickly try to defend their bullshit and deny being prideful as hell.

In one recent debate / argument I had with a Christian I posed the question of, “If a God exists and cares so much about people why then do over a Million Children a year starve to death, Over half a Million Women are Raped a year, Child Molestation, Abused wives, Etc.  

The answer I got was the classic Freewill excuse.  However this fails for some very logical reasons.  Those reasons are:

1.  A child that had the misfortune of being born in an extremely poor country doesn’t have the ability to make a choice to get food or not.  The food simply is not there and an infant is not capable of being able to provide for their own needs.  So to put it off on Freewill is a Cop out at best and down right insulting to ones intelligence at worst.

2.  The Rapist, Child Abuser, Abusive Husband, Etc is subverting the other persons Freewill by virtue of their actions.  So is this God more about protecting the Freewill of the Rapist, Child Abuser, etc then helping the Innocent / Victims?

3.  A Normal Parent would do anything they can to protect their child from harm.  A Normal Parent doesn’t see their Children playing with a Lighter or Loaded Gun and be saying, “Well the Children have their Freewill so I can’t do anything.”  Yet this same type of bullshit thinking is how some Christians want to excuse their God doing nothing?  What is wrong with these people?

4.  There is not one person that would be bitching at a God stopping things like a Terrorist attack or Car Accident or Natural Disaster where someone they loved was killed.   Ok Maybe the Terrorists or NWO Assholes would be bitching about that because then they would have to find other ways to kill large numbers of people.  However the vast majority would be in favor of some super hero saving the day.

The idea that it is because of Freewill that a God can’t do anything is pure bullshit.  In fact if this God is All Knowing then the idea of Freewill is really nothing but an illusion we have.  After all if something knows All then it would know every choice every person would ever make.  There would be no question of what will they do.  Since this God would know All. 

All Knowing is not a selective thing that can be applied to what suits your bullshit and not to others.  Just like the idea that this God is Everywhere means this God is there when a woman is being raped or child molested and yet does nothing to stop it. 

Not only would this God be there when the Rape or Child Molestation occurred but it would’ve known that was going to occur.  Yet despite all of its knowledge of what is going to happen and power to do any damn thing it wants it chooses to do nothing.  How exactly is this not the Purest form of Evil that could exist? 

Could You sit back and do nothing if you knew a woman would be Raped or Child Molested? 

Could You sit back and do nothing if a woman was being Raped or Child Molested right in front of you?

I contend the answer to that is not only no but, Hell Fucking No.  Yet this is exactly what the Christian God does Every single day and has done for thousands of years!  If such exists how exactly is it not the purest form of Evil that could exist?

Hell there are also examples like the American Holocaust where Millions upon Millions of Native American Indians were slaughtered, the holocaust of World War 2, the Inquisitions (Which lasted nearly 1,000 Years).  Yet in all of these No God did a God Damn thing to stop any of it!

I understand people make excuses for their God because they want something to believe in.  It makes people feel good to think there is some cosmic genie out there that personally cares about them.  However just because you like an idea or it makes you feel good doesn’t make it true.

Honestly I would sooner deal with an uncomfortable truth then a comfortable lie.  Deluding ones self is one thing but when this is pushed on children then you are not just deluding yourself but straight up lying to a child because it makes you feel good. 

 This is why I say there simply is No God!


About mrgoodnkinky

I am an Atheist / Anti Theist but don’t let the labels fool you I am not one that bows before the pulpit of science / the government. I do my own research and reach my own conclusions based on all available information. I am not someone that will let anyone dictate what thoughts I must have. Atheism / Anti Theism is simply a label I accept because it is easier then giving the speech on what I feel the evidence shows. There is No God in the sense of any magical / mystical physical being. These ideas are delusion / ignorance of the historical evidence. I have reached the point in my life where I am going to resist negative thoughts and actions as much as I can. I am open to Evidence but opposed to bullshit and scare tactics.

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  1. lamehousewife

    I appreciate your point…If you have the chance, you might look up Original Sin. It might help. Suffering is miserable, but our Lord gave us Himself to save us from ourselves, from our tendency to do evil, and He is suffering with each person that suffers, becoming our weakness. As far as pride goes…there is no reference point for what that even means without some sort of Christian thought. Pride was highly praised by the Romans and Greeks before Christianity was introduced. God bless you, brother…You are in my prayers…I am sorry that you have had such bad examples and experiences of “Christian” in your life. It is a common problem today unfortunately, and the Lord is saddened about the hypocrisy…

    • First of all Please Read my Post Called Don’t Pray For Me!

      Second I will address the Original Sin Bullshit and explain why it was not the God which gave us Freewill!

      Third the ideas of Christianity are an Abomination to the Old Testament God!
      Proverbs 17:15 He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD.

      As far as the Pride aspect it is Pricdeful as Hell to think that You are So wonderful that a Cosmic Genie would Personally Care about the Personal Issues You have. Yet ignores the over 1 Million Children a Year that Starve to Death. The Over Half a Million Women that are Raped a Year. The Children that are Molested Every Year. The Abused Wives & Children, And on and on.

      What makes YOU so special that this Cosmic Casper would care about any issue You have and ignore all these other people?

      Lastly a DO NOT PRAY FOR ME! I do not want your Christian VOODOO being done regarding me!

      • lamehousewife

        It sounds like you have been seriously injured by those who have professed to be Christian, so much so that it has caused you to commit spiritual suicide, so to speak.
        I can see that you can sense the incredible pain of evil inflicted by others, which is a gift. You also seem to have a disposition to help the poor and abused, which is the calling to reach out your hand out in love. Many people, like Edith Stein, John of God, Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa, and a host of others have heard the cry of the afflicted and the call to love, just as it seems is happening to you.
        It is the abuse of power that inflicts abuse and materialism which causes the wealthy to ignore the poor, and it works that way for anybody in any religion or any non-faith. These are serious problems–you are absolutely right about that!
        I will continue to pray for you, for your healing, and because you assumed that I live in prosperity, free from suffering, simply because I am Christian–this is one thing you said that is not true Much of what you say shows a deep longing for and ability to discern Justice, Truth, and Mercy. That is a blessing…thank you. God bless!

      • I tried to be nice and say DO NOT PRAY FOR ME! But your REFUSE to respect my wishes in this matter so I will PRAY TO SATAN FOR YOU!
        I hope you like it!

        You are No Fucking Different then 99% of Christians I encounter!

        FYI Mother Teresa was more about HUMAN SUFFERING then helping anyone!

      • Further More about you claim that I am commiting Spiritual suicide this is really dumb.
        First of all there is No Evidence a Spirit anything actually exists!
        Second even if there is an Energy form that would live on after death Energy Can’t die it can only change form!
        Third You are assuming that everything in your Bullshit Religion is true.

        You think this even though there is Massive Evidence that the Creation Myths came from the Sumerians not the Israelites! As well as to Your God being an Alien Race!

        The most disgusting of all is your Refusal to Respect my Wishes when i said very God damn clearly DO NOT PRAY FOR ME!
        Why the Flying Fuck can’t Christians like you get it through your Stupid God damn head that I do not want your Christian Magick Spells Directed at Me! or Involving Me in any way?

        Isn’t your Praying for someone an attempt from You to get your Bullshit God to Alter the persons thoughts to fit what you are Praying for? Or to Bring about some change in that persons life?

        How is this NOT an attempt from you to SPIRITUALLY RAPE ME?
        You want to FORCE your Prayers on me AGAINST MY WISHES!

        Even though I Specifically said DO NOT PRAY FOR ME!
        This is a Major reason why I HATE Christians!

        If there is a God wouldn’t it Know why I think as I do? Wouldn’t it have a far better grasp of why I Loath your Stupid Cult of BLOOD & DEATH! As well as why I don’t want your Christian VOODOO directed at me!


  2. lamehousewife

    Praise be to our Lord Jesus! Forgiven. Forgiven. Forgiven. Justice. Peace. Truth. Mercy. Love. You do believe in God! If you did not, you would not tell people to not pray for you. You believe in His Justice, otherwise you have nothing to argue about. What you do not believe, however, is His Divine Mercy. That is why anger, despair, confusion, desperation, and fear fill each post. You cannot feel LOVE, so you feel that there is none. You feel misery. BUT, your heart can be renewed. I will continue to pray that you will be freed so that you can forgive as you have been forgiven and love again, but if you prefer that I do not comment, I will respect that.

    • Listen Stupid I know exactly what your God is because I had dealt with them a lot. Your God is an Alien Race Called by the Sumerians the Anunnaki! You are Praying to Aliens! I have had missing time and weird marks Enough in my life!
      Do Not God Damn Mention Me To Your Fucking Alien God! You Stupid Ignorant Cunt!

      I hope You experience the Terror of an Alien Abduction!

      Stupid Cunt You Are a Spiritual Rapist! Don’t hand me your Shit of You are sorry I am so angry! it is Cunts Like You That Cause my rage to continue. I tried to be Nice and tell you Do Not Pray for Me But You Refuse! Fucking Refuse to Do what I ask!

      I Hate You Cunt!

    • I had said Do Not Pray for Me but You are to God Damn Evil to Respect my wishes. And You Ask what I prefer about a Comment? You Insist On Forcing Your Alien Prayers on Me! You are a Liar Cunt! When I tell you my wishes You Do Not Respect them!

      Fuck off and Die Cunt!

  3. you have to remember that what motivates many Christians (and people of other faiths) is – as you rightly say – pride of self (I’m so important a supernatural being takes note of all I do, plans my life and organises everything for me… I’m so important God died for me… etc.). But also the need to make themselves feel better about themselves. Alas, some of the drivel above is a clear example ‘I’ll pray for you…’ is not said because the person has an especially keen desire for your welfare – but to make themselves feel better about themselves.

    It’s a marvelous belief system because everything is auto-reflexive – me, me, me. Even persecution and martyrdom can be transposed into ‘specialness’ – I’m so special I’m being persecuted – a sign of blessing from God.. Everything comes back to them.

    And of course the sad truth is if you want to look at which countries have the lowest rates of teen pregnancy, divorce, single parent families, violent crime, murder, poor health – do we look to the those godless liberal democracies of northern Europe? No, in the Western world it is the Bible Belt of the USA where we find these social problems (or so called social problems – in relation to divorce and lone parents) are greatest. They are lowest in liberal, secular democracies. Which just goes to show what a crock of shit Christian values are – given any society that employs them in their laws and culture are the ones with the biggest social problems! I presume because Christians have a habit of saying one thing and doing another. And of course they have a penchant for ‘cheap’ righteousness – condemning and making a fuss about things that don’t actually affect the lives of your average pew filling Christian: abortion, homosexuality and (to a lesser degree) evolution.

    It would seem that if you want a more wholesome society, then a liberal secular democracy is your best chance. Keep Christians away from the reins of power. Alas they have a habit of telling us they are the servants of all, yet have a pathological desire to beour masters…

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