Top Ten Signs Someone is a Religious & Not just Spiritual

More and more people are wanting to profess to not be religious but that they are Spiritual.  These people clearly don’t have the slightest clue what the term Spiritual actually means.  They are simply buying into the latest crock of Christian driven Bullshit.

The reason people like this “Spiritual” term is they think they can use that and just claim to believe in a “God” and not have to think beyond that.  The term Spiritual is so vague that it can be applied to anything mystical.  Just like the word God doesn’t denote any specific magical being.  It gives the person such a broad range to move that they can think and act like an expert when really they don’t know jack shit about human origins, how religious ideas have changed over history, historical facts, scientific facts, etc.

Here are my Top Ten Signs someone is Religious & Not just Spiritual.

10. They use a God of the Gaps mindset – When confronted with the fact that we have no evidence any God actually exists the person will try to find any question which can’t be answered by Science or Historical Evidence. When they find something that is unknown then Suddenly that means God did it. They have no real answer either but want to have any unknown be an automatic win for their God. This is called an argument from Ignorance.

9. They will talk about fictional characters from the Christian Religion like Adam & Eve, Noah, Moses & Jesus – If anyone says how they found Jesus or Came to know Jesus this is a clear sign you are dealing with a Christian. It doesn’t matter if they claim to not be a Christian later this is simply an attempt to Lie to try to get wiggle room on what their God is. The Religious will always look to wiggle like a worm on a hook to try to get away from anything they don’t like while demonizing anyone not just like them. Especially an Atheist. The Religious really don’t like the Atheist. They can better deal with a Satanist then they can an Atheist.

8. The Argument Something can’t come from Nothing – To the Religious person this seems to be an easy win because they don’t grasp what Evolution or Ancient Alien Theory is about. They also don’t realize that the only thing that says something came from nothing is Creationism. The biggest problem is their God itself has to be “Something” so it couldn’t have just been or come about from nothing. Which means this Argument defeats their ideas. Science doesn’t say that Something came from Nothing it is Religion which makes that claim.

7. Claiming the United States was Founded on Christianity This isn’t just inaccurate this is a bold-faced fucking lie. This isn’t a matter of Faith this one is a matter of Fact that the United States was specifically not founded on the Christian religion. In fact those very words are in the Treaty of Tripoli Article 11 “As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion” You can’t possibly get more clearly stated then that. Yet Christians clearly have no problem Lying when it suits their Religion even though it is in the fucking ten commandments that: “Thou shalt not bear false witness” Exodus 20:16 & Deuteronomy 5:20. Yea i bet none of you knew your Ten Commandments were in your fucking bible twice! Once in Exodus 20 and then again (as if you idiots even read the damn book you claim to believe) in Deuteronomy 5.

6. The United States is In God We Trust & One Nation Under God

This one going hand in hand with the previous bit of stupidity that Christians babble and is equally bullshit. The Phrase In God We Trust was added to money in 1861.That is 85 Years after the United States was founded!

It was 93 Years after this that the Phrase One Nation Under God was added to the Pledge. The God shit was Officially Added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 by Congress!

The God garbage was simply not intended to be part of the Motto of the USA. The idea with the first amendment was that Religion would be a personal issue not one that the government would take a position on at all. The First Amendment of the US Constitution which makes it clear: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”

Christians can’t handle a society where people have the Freedom to Not have the God shit shoved down their throat. Christians don’t want other religions ideas pushed on them but they are hell-bent on shoving their bullshit down other people’s throat and being, “If you don’t like it Leave.” As if They think the United States is a Theocracy! (Government run by Religion!)

5. The idea that People believe what they want to / It is a matter of Faith – On the surface this seems like one that is ok but when you stop and think about it there is a major problem with it. That problem being if you believe what you want to then your beliefs are not necessarily based on facts or evidence but only on what you want to believe. Just because you want to believe (Think) certain thoughts this doesn’t mean that they magically become true just because you believe them. A childs belief in Santa Claus doesn’t magically mean that presents on Christmas come from a fat man in a red suit giving you crap. Beliefs must be based on Facts & Evidence and not simply what you want to think. Wanting something doesn’t make it true.

4. Using the Bible as Evidence – The Bible is no more evidence of a God then Comic Books are evidence of Super Heros. The Bible is that which is making the claim. It is not evidence for that which it is claiming.

3. Any Claim of Jesus having been a Real Person – The very idea of there having been a Jesus Christ is so absurd it is a wonder anyone really believes this. After all let’s be clear on a few things. There was no city of Nazareth before the 3rd Century AD. Christ is not a last name but a Religious title meaning Messiah. So anyone that wishes to claim Jesus Christ was a Real Person that Really lived then provide the Last name of that Jesus. The truth of the matter is not only do we have no historical record of the bible Jesus but the Gospels can’t even agree on when this person was Born, Died or how many witnesses were at the tomb.

2. The Rapture & Trinity Ideas – Both of these are Church Dogma not something which can be claimed to be based on anything in the bible. The Rapture idea was first invented in 1830 by a woman named Margret McDonald. Not only is the Rapture idea not supported by anything in the bible but it is clearly a contradiction of what is actually written in the bible. While the Trinity idea was something which was voted on at the council of Nicea in 325 AD. This idea of a Trinity is really an attempt to have a Pantheon Religion called a Monotheism. There is simply nothing Mono (Singular) about a 3 in one deity. To try to equate it to marriage is the most absurd notion that could ever be presented because even if you think of a husband and wife as being one or United. They are still two separate people. They do not become the same person just because they are married. This shows how Christians simply do not grasp the Eastern concept of Oneness. Which really shouldn’t be a shock since the idea of Oneness is more of a Buddhist Philosophy then a Christian one.

1. The Claims of a Bible Code – This one takes the Jewish / Christian grasping at straws to such an insane degree that it is a wonder anyone buys into this shit. This claim is used to try to show that the Torah / Bible is some divinely inspired book. What none of these idiots stop to question is if hidden codes in a book are evidence of Divine Inspiration do you also think Moby Dick was Divinely Inspired?

About mrgoodnkinky

I am an Atheist / Anti Theist but don’t let the labels fool you I am not one that bows before the pulpit of science / the government. I do my own research and reach my own conclusions based on all available information. I am not someone that will let anyone dictate what thoughts I must have. Atheism / Anti Theism is simply a label I accept because it is easier then giving the speech on what I feel the evidence shows. There is No God in the sense of any magical / mystical physical being. These ideas are delusion / ignorance of the historical evidence. I have reached the point in my life where I am going to resist negative thoughts and actions as much as I can. I am open to Evidence but opposed to bullshit and scare tactics.

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