Why Atheistic Satanism is a Massive Joke.

When I first looked into Satanism after walking away from Christianity I read the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey.  Even though I agreed with much of what he was saying I quickly realized this was simply Atheism in Devil Clothes.  What I now call Atheists playing Dress Up.  While this may have an appeal for the teenager that is rebelling from a Christian upbringing as far as something to maintain for any length of time is not only silly but down right stupid.

It had only taken me about 6 Months to realize that the COS (Church of Satan) was Atheists in Devil clothes and I simply knew if I was going to be an Atheist I would simply be an Atheist not one that was playing dress up to scare the hell out of the Christians.   It is one thing for a person to use the label of Satanist for shock value with Christians.  It is completely different to use that label as a means of trying to make money on something you really don’t believe.  This makes people like Sin Jones no damn different then the Evangelists that only use the God shit to try and make money on the gullible masses.

There are core elements of Satanism that the Atheist would regard as simply bullshit.  Some of those are:

1. Prayer

2. Magick

3. Rituals


Since Atheism is simply a rejection of all Gods as there is no Evidence to support the existence of any Gods.  It is absolutely incapable with any religion that claims to be based on a God / Deity of any kind.  For an Atheist to say as Sin Jones did with me that She was the Devil.  An idea I had first seen in her FAQ’s and laughed at the very notion, pointing out that worshiping yourself is a type of Narcissism.  Then to have her comment on some of my Facebook posts and actually say about being the Devil.  I couldn’t help but point out that this type of thing is a clear sign of someone suffering from Grandiose Delusional Disorder.

Frankly it shouldn’t surprise anyone that an Atheist would point out the Delusional Disorder of someones outrageous claims.  For me what made this even funnier was the fact that Sin Jones claims to also be an Atheist.  Now picture this.  She claims to be an Atheist and yet she also says she is a Satanist.  While I have said that I an an Atheist / Anti Theist.  What an Anti Theist is quite simply is this:  Not only do I see no evidence for any God.  I feel it is a damn good thing there is no evidence or logical reason to believe any God exists.  After all who among us would want to live forever in a celestial North Korea?


The entire basis of what is termed Modern Satanism is really nothing short of playing So-called Satanic games.  It is a desire to be going for Shock value nothing more and nothing less.  There is no basis for a Historical Satan just as there is no basis for a Historical God.  Add to that the ideas of what this Satan would be like come directly from Christian / Islamic Bullshit.  There is Zero evidence to support the existence of the Christian or Islamic Satan / Iblis.  So the ideas of Satan / The Devil / Lucifer / Iblis being a Man with red skin, Horns, Cloven Hooves & a Pitch Fork are cultural bullshit.  The Half goat aspect actually came from when the Christians invaded Pagan areas and noticed those people worshiped Pan.  So the Christians took the image of Pan and turned that into the Devil.  After all the biggest thing Christians do when they want to convert someone from another religion is to demonize the God of that religion.  Since it is not the Christian God then it is the Devil.

While the Pentagram is simply the Pagan Pentacle Reversed.  The 5 points on the Pentacle have specific meanings.

The Inverting of symbols is really a Joke.  In fact the Upside down Cross is not a symbol of Satanism but the Catholic Religion.

If you are going to try and use symbolism you really should know what it means.  Just turning a symbol upside down doesn’t magically make it the reverse meaning.   After all what this clearly shows is a serious lack of creativity to have to copy other religions symbols.

About mrgoodnkinky

I am an Atheist / Anti Theist but don’t let the labels fool you I am not one that bows before the pulpit of science / the government. I do my own research and reach my own conclusions based on all available information. I am not someone that will let anyone dictate what thoughts I must have. Atheism / Anti Theism is simply a label I accept because it is easier then giving the speech on what I feel the evidence shows. There is No God in the sense of any magical / mystical physical being. These ideas are delusion / ignorance of the historical evidence. I have reached the point in my life where I am going to resist negative thoughts and actions as much as I can. I am open to Evidence but opposed to bullshit and scare tactics.

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  1. An intresting perspective on the satanistic/atheism, however, both are still very odd. I came to know Jesus some years ago and began studying the Bible and stuff, church history, different things like that and then I met a Jewish guy that brought some things to light that I missed. As you know there are many errors in the NT. The theology based on Tanach writing and twisted to make their story(s) work. The pagan aspects like you mentioned are innertwined as well with many side by side comparisons to stories like Mithras and a few others that elude my memory at the moment, but, as I did more digging and asking more questions I have come to accept that many of the Christian teaching are not as they teach them to be. It is intresting to note that a number of “big” named Christian teachers show that there is a pagan history too, for example, the holidays. Only they, again as you know, turn it around to point it at Jesus. OK.

    That being said, I can see the reasoning for the attacks on Christianity by Athiest, Agnostic, Satanic, etc, groups and hey have fun! However… to go as far as to say there is no G-d because one can not see him or that there is no evidence of a G-d is like throwing the baby out w/ the bath water. If one cannot see that there is an order to the universe from the vast far end seen only by telescopes to the unimaginably small seen by the microscope. There is an order in both realms and each is different. Science has been able to find some pretty wild stuff and still many of them agree there is more than they are able to comprehend. Stuff never happens for no reason. There is always a progression that causes an event which follows through into substance. Nothing happens out of nothing. Is it G-d as people understand (or try to understand) that caused the progression? Is G-d mearly a word to give value, a definition, description, some semblance of acceptance or gratitude for something that adds to what and/or who we are and have been given? We all have a creative sence about us. One idea is that there was a Creator that created us in His image. What is so wrong with taking that into account as a real an valid possibility? If we were a biproduct of an accidental explosion and somehow particals came together and somehow as things began to form an new phenomenon “figured” out how to give itsself life and then again somehow it became aware and then -what many term – “evolve” and keeping up with this “systematic growth” we came into being? If this is so than why do we create? What would be the point? We would “naturally select” the form or ability needed to move forward in this world and would have done so since the beginning. But we don’t. We create. We create what it is that we need to accomodate whatever we need to live and survive in this world. We create things that help us be who we are. Grant it we create many things that make us no better than the shit at the bottom of the ocean, but create it remains.

    I thought you were smarter than to deny the possibility that we were not just an accident from nothing, but, created by something. We may not “see” G-d as it were or hear or touch or taste or smell G-d. That is not as important as acknowliging (forgive my spelling) and being thankful for whatever it is that gave us life and made us what we are and what we have been given. It was certainly not an empty void that somehow woke up, because either way – if that were the case – it became aware and began to create.

    Talk to you later

    • There are multiple problems in what you said. The biggest flaw in your logic is you said, “Nothing happens out of nothing” This is called an argument from ignorance. That since you don’t know how it could’ve come about then that means a God had to do it. It is also massively presumptuous to assume that if a Deistic (Impersonal) Consciousness behind the Universe would exist that it would take a Theistic (Personal) God exists.

      Add to that the Abrahamic Religions of which Christianity is the Youngest are not the Original society that was on this planet. They are predated by at least 9,000 Years by the Sumerians.

      In fact there is a growing amount of evidence that points to Humans being the result of Genetic Manipulation by an Alien Race. A Few examples of this is the fact the Second Chromosome is two that have been fused. This does not occur naturally. When Chromosomes mutate they always lead to deformities. There is not one case of a Positive Mutation. Then there is the fact that we do not have Primate Bones, Muscles, Hair, Heads, Feet, etc. Nothing about us is primate. The only similar aspect is the one head, two arms & two legs.
      Add to that we are the Only animal on this planet that can’t survive without clothing..

      And this is just the tip of the ice burg.

      When it comes to the Abrahamic religions God there is no other belief system that is as rooted in Fear, Suffering & Death. To actually think that someone dying thousands of years ago could magically wipe away all the shit you have done is frankly Immoral & Unethical. Then when you factor in the Threat of Endless Torture if you don’t Believe (Think) as you are ordered to. This is called Extortion, Manipulation & Intimidation. None of which are Good or Moral acts.

      Not only is there no Evidence for the Christian God or Jesus it is a damn good thing there isn’t. Because who would really want to live forever in a Celestial North Korea?

      • Brother, nothing from nothing is still nothing. It is not an argument of ignorance it is more a mathmatic equasion. You know 0 + 0 = 0

        The point to that thought is that there has always been something. An essence of awareness if you will. Call it what you want makes no difference to me. All I am saying is there is still more out there than we are able to measure, explain, duplicate, or even understand.

        There have been many religious variations throughout the history of man and each one different from the next. Christianity is probibly the baby of the bunch sure, but, I am not talking about religion or christianity. There are events written down in a book that people find their guide line to worship. OK… that is not how I use it. To me it is a level of knowlege handed down throughout time. Yes multitudes of people have used it as I said for worship. Just as multitudes have used it for destruction and control.

        You said there is more evidence that we were genetic manipulations by an alien race. Well, where did the aliens come from? Again call it what you will. The point is know matter if it is accepted or not there is something more then we know. As far as aliens go and if we are a genetic manipulation or expariment from them so what? Great! They still don’t seem to be helping things here. Even OT writings, the story of Moses on the mountain top with Elohim asked to see Him. All he got to see was His back. I don’t know about you but I try to imagine what even that looked like. It could very well have been an alien being. Again though, what started it? How did they come about? We have found thousands of galaxies, each with thousands of stars spaning light years across. Our own galaxy is how many light years across. For religious people to sit there all high and mighty and say, “we are all there is in the universe!” is BS!!! yes?

        Listen as long as I’ve known you, you have had a great thirst for knowlege. I have always liked that about you. And I enjoy this little “debate”. It’s fun! 🙂 It challenges me because I have not been recently as active in feeding my thirst for knowlege lately with everything going on in my life. But, hey what do ya do?

        Anyway, I am bunny trailing it.

        With me I try not to look at things from a Christian or Religous point of view. Sure I may refer to something I found intresting in the Bible but even that is not taking it from a religous perspective. It has knowege in it just as many other books do. So debating religon with me is not what I am intrested it. Unfourtunatly, it is what every Athiest I have listened to does. It seems to me that they are not athiest as by their actions an antichristian. Because it is always about the “Christian G-d” or the “Christian Bible” Pthththt!!!! It is not their G-d and not their Bible it was first and formost the Hebrew G-d and Bible. They just try to take ownership of it. Doe that make sence? So it is not a good argument to use.

    • One final thought on the Nothing can come from Nothing claim. If you want to use this argument then explain how your God came into being? Since clearly you think that God is Not Nothing but yet where did it come from since as you say Nothing can come from Nothing?

      However if you look at the Quantum Level what we call Nothing is actually not nothing but infinite Quantum Potential. One theory on how our Universe came into being is called M Theory / The Multi-Verse Theory.

      This theory is that there exist an infinite number of universes and that if a universe bubble touches another one it creates a third universe. This also gets into multiple Dimensions theory.

      Which makes the existence of a God as we think of a God simply unnecessary. After all the Deistic type of God would make existence possible without the Iron Fisted, blood Thirsty attitude that is evident in the Christian God.

      • I think I may have hit some of this on the first part of your reply, but, just in case I missed something.

        First it is not MY G-d. Second, and I think I hit this above, is that there has always been something. Like I said, an essence of awareness. Wierd I know, but I don’t know what else to call it. And to be honest I really don’t care! I am just thankful. I don’t have to know where it came from or when it became “aware”. I don’t need to know. I am not like most people who because they can’t figure it out just throw their hands in the air and say, “It don’t exsist damn it!” Please…

        Yes, I have been touching on some Quantum Theory recently. Right now, I am not afraid to admit it, at a beginners level. Started with the movie “What the Bleep”. Neat movie. I have the three disc double sided version. And you know, even in their they refute the mind of the Athiest, Agnostic, etc. And even admit that there is within us a “god self” An ability to create. And as I said too above, it has nothing to do with religon. It is understanding there is more than we know out there.

  2. Fred Allen Wolfe had a cool comment in the movie that, “science and religion are both wrong and that we need a new spiritual meylew and Quantum Theory is a step up in the right direction.” Disclaimer: That might not be word for word verbateum but it is pretty damn close! And yes my spelling is not perfect either!!! 😀 LOL!!!

    • I am back from my Army 2 weeks so I will be responding to these.

      First of all to say something had to always exist because otherwise there would be nothing is an argument from ignorance. The reason is you are saying something had to exist yet you give no explanation for 1. How that Something (Since a God would be Something not Nothing) came into existence. 2. A God of the Gaps mindset. If there is something which we do not currently understand then Bam God did it.

      The idea that even if a Consciousness would exist behind the universe that is Deistic in nature not Theistic. You would have to prove / show logical reasons why such a Consciousness would give a rats ass about you me or anyone. It would be like asking a person do you take a personal interest in the life of an Ant or an Inchworm? Do you get pissed off if the Ants or Inchworms do not worship you? Do you make commands for Ant or inchworm Sex? Etc. If someone would then it is time to call for the men in white coats.

      The reason Atheists focus on Christianity is that is what is pushed Socially and Politically. If it wouldn’t be for the Christians trying to impose their delusional disorder into government / Laws then Atheists wouldn’t care.
      Atheists don’t care about imaginary friends. They simply don’t want someone elses mental illness to be used to limit their freedom or their rights. And that is Exactly what Christians are trying to do.

      As for the No one saw God’s Face. That is Simply Bullshit. Clearly you have never actually read the bible since there are Multiple cases where it clearly says about people Talking with God Face to Face. In fact one of is them is just 9 verses after saying God spoke Face to Face.

      Exodus 33:11 And the LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend.
      Exodus 33:20 And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.

      Other place where The bible God spoke Face to Face with people are:

      Genesis 32:30 And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.

      Numbers 14:14 And they will tell it to the inhabitants of this land: for they have heard that thou LORD art among this people, that thou LORD art seen face to face, and that thy cloud standeth over them, and that thou goest before them, by day time in a pillar of a cloud, and in a pillar of fire by night.

      Deuteronomy 5:4 The LORD talked with you face to face in the mount out of the midst of the fire,

      Deuteronomy 34:10 And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face,

      Judges 6:22 And when Gideon perceived that he was an angel of the LORD, Gideon said, Alas, O Lord GOD! for because I have seen an angel of the LORD face to face.

      This is another example of someone going by Church Dogma and Not actually taking the time to Read the book you claim to believe. How exactly can you believe something to which you have never read?

      Churches lie to people constantly and the vast majority never realize because they don’t actually read the bible. While Atheists Do take the time to read the damn book and to know the subject.

      I’ll answer the next two in a bit.

      • Hey Greg,I am going to have 2 reply when I get 2 a computer all I have is my phone. Nice to hear from u.

        Wow…. yeah clearly never even looked @ a Bible before. O.o really? I guess u r waaaaaaay too smart for me. It has been noted that people have seen or talked to God face to face and there still is no God. Yep… ur right. It was all E.T. only ur argument still hold no value because u have not told me where the alien race came from that genetically manipulated us into being. It does not matter what you think I read or didn’t read… there was exsistence always and life and that is what God is… life, consciousness, eternal. U could never understand that because ur an atheist, life doesn’t exsist. I’m not religious, Christian, Jewish, or any other “ism”, I just am and can believe freely by what I see and observe everyday. The only one I see pushing their beliefs on anyone in this country r people like u who don’t believe and that really makes u no different than the ones u claim to b fighting against. Under atheist rule it would b exactly like North Korea. No belief no value. And u serve to protect the freedom in a country founded on the principle of God and want to complain that there is too much God in our society.

      • An Alien Race is Not a God. I don’t care if ancient people thought it was I refuse to worship Aliens!

        It doesn’t matter where the Aliens that exist in the Universe came from because the God You are bowing to is the one of the Bible not some Deistic God. Genesis 6:3 And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.
        The Word Spirit is the Hebrew word rûach and means wind; by resemblance breath, that is, a sensible (or even violent) exhalation. It doesn’t mean Casper!

        Your claim to Not being a Christian is a joke since what you are basing things on are the bullshit bible. Hell you said about Jesus in your First comment which is Christian. There is No Historical Evidence That person ever existed.

        As for your idea that the only one pushing their ideas are Atheists have you bumped your head? Have you never heard of the Religious Right? They control the Republican Political Party. Are you Completely Oblivious to the Ten Commandments being in Court Houses or nativity shit on Government run Locations. Both of which are a Violation of the First Amendment of the US Constitution. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

        Are you also Oblivious to the Protect Life Act Which was passed by Congress. “the radical measure would allow hospitals that receive federal funds to reject any pregnant woman seeking an abortion in any circumstance, even if it is necessary to save her life.”

        Atheists simply want to Prevent Christians from turning the USA into a Theocracy. Which is a Government Run By Religion! Which BTW is what was going on back during the Inquisitions! You do know (I Hope) about that period of nearly 1,000 Years of Christians torturing and murdering people if they spoke against the Church!

        What part of the US Government is to be Neutral on the subject of religion means Christian assholes can push their God shit in Government? How Exactly does that give Me Freedom of Religion when I don’t have Freedom From it? You want to say Fuck my Freedom I am just an Atheist. And that is Christian!

        Atheists are fighting for the right to have the Same Freedoms as Christians, Muslims, Jews, Etc. And Christians Like You Hate that Atheists exist!

        The US was Not Founded on the God shit! That in fact is nothing short of Christians trying to Lie about the True foundation of the USA. In fact the Founding Fathers made it quite clear that it wasn’t! Clearly you never read the Treaty of Tripoli Article 11. As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion,-as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen,-and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

        You simply can’t say you aren’t a Christian then turn around and spout Christian Bullshit as you so clearly do. You may want to Cherry pick the parts of the fucking bible that you like and ignore those you don’t but this doesn’t mean you aren’t still a Christian. I deal with Christians all the time that spout the exact same crap you are as if it is some earth shattering evidence. When really it is loaded with Logical Fallacies & Arguments from Ignorance.

        As far as North Korea being an Atheist country are you nuts? They Worship a Leader (Kim Jong Il) who has been Dead for over 15 Years! They are just one short of a Trinity! The Son is only the Leader of the Military the Dead Father is still the leader of the Country! How Exactly do you call a country that is Devout to worship of a Dead man an Atheistic Country?

        Do you even know what Atheism is?

      • Jeremy Tinnin

        Well, then you take care.

      • That’s right Run away like the typical Christian Bitch I deal with on a constant basis. You don’t address a single thing in what I had said. Fuck, Did you honestly expect to stump me with something so moronic as a God of the Gaps line of thought? Do you seriously think you had a Prayer in Hell of standing a chance with me in an area that I have been researching for over 20 years? I mean seriously are you that fucking delusional?

        I was wanting to keep my personal feelings towards you separate from this since that is not the subject of this but when you dared to accuse me of acting like an ass then the fucking gloves came off. Your Finding Jesus doesn’t change a fucking thing. All that shows is like most other Christians you want to have an easy fucking out when you fuck up. As if babbling to a fucking Jesus can change a god damn thing.

        If a God exists do you seriously fucking think it would give a flying rats ass what you believe / Think?
        Do you seriously give a flying rats ass what Ants or Inchworms think? That comparason isn’t even far enough of a difference but like Stupid Christians You Think your stupid ideas of a Jesus would mean a god damn thing to something behind the Universe.

        Get fucking real!

        I would say it is long past the time for you to grow the fuck up and look first at how you have treated others and do treat others before wanting to play the wounded anything! Also do some fucking research! The internet is more then just for porn!

    • The biggest problem with what you are saying in the responses vs what you said from the start is you’ve shifted from a Personal Deity / God to an Impersonal Deity / God. These two are mutually exclusive not interchangeable whenever it suits the Theist / Christian.

      You also had said Nothing can come from nothing. Yet all through this you refer to this God thing as Something. Even if it is just a Consciousness. To say you don’t care how it came about is to say you want a double standard.

      You want to Demand the Atheist have All Possible Answers to Any question you have. If the Atheist has even One aspect where they do not know you want to be BAM God did it And this proves God exists.

      To which i would say which God? There have been well over 4,000. Give me some evidence to support the existence of Any of them. You had also said how you Found Jesus. This one always makes me laugh because i wonder you found him so was he lost?

      On a serious note give me historical Evidence the Bible Jesus ever existed in the first place. What the Evidence shows is that the Bible Jesus is a complete and total Strawman. Or in other terms a Composite character from Multiple people.

      However if you buy into the whole Human Sacrifice to wash away your fuck ups. Then clearly you never read Proverbs 17:15 He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD.

      This is Christianity through and through. I can spell out Exactly how this fits Christianity to a T if you really need.

      While I use the term Atheist because it is easier then going into what I really feel I have also started using the term Anti Theist. Because i am very much opposed to the idea of a Big Brother / Peeping Tom type of Deity. Not only do I see no evidence to support the existence of such I feel it is a Damn good thing. After all who would really want to live in a Celestial North Korea?

      A Place where the leader is so damn insecure that it needs constant praise and adoration? As if that isn’t bad enough toss in a leader that convicts you Thought Crime. As well as uses Manipulation, intimidation, Extortion & Scapegoating.

      What positive message is there in Think as i say or be tortured forever? Or in if you Disobey once you are Damned? Especially when we learn far more from our Mistakes then we ever do from our successes?

      This is called Setting people up to Fail.

      Even if a Deistic God exists that still doesn’t make Jesus or Christianity True, Good or Moral.

      Where you and me differ is you openly say, You Don’t Care.
      Where as I am determined to find the answer regardless of what that answer is.

      I reject all Gods because I refuse to worship Aliens. I also reject the notion of a Consciousness behind the Universe being a God thing since there is no reason to think that such would even be a life form as we know a life form to be.

      Some force in an Eleventh Dimension could exist and the Atheist would still be right because such wouldn’t be anything even remotely close to any so called God. A Consciousness isn’t even a life form as we know it let alone something that would give two shits in a rolling donught about your life, my life or anyones life.

      • Jeremy Tinnin

        You assume much Greg. Who is asking you to worship anything? How do you come up with the idea that I am bowing to something? Yes I mentioned my acceptance of Jesus in my first reply and if you paid attention you saw that I also came to understand the reality of Jesus and Christianity. However you are too busy trying to crush everything I mention about what I have found regarding God to listen! Not your strongest quality it seems huh? I told you from the start that I have not been researching as much lately as you. I have been building a family. I also told you I respected your search for knowlege. Respected (past tense) because you – as educated as you may be – have no respect for others. But then why should you right? No one ever showed you respect before right?
        Anyway, no Greg, what is an atheist? Other than one who inclines zero belief in a god or any relative variation. Please, do enlighten me.
        So now you don’t care where any of the aliens came from because that would mean there is that small posibility they were created by a creator. Dare I say… “deity”! I also told you before that I am not talking about the Christian G-d. They just took from the Jewish tradition and added their own pagan variation. However, obviously that only strikes to put you in insult mode. And don’t tell me otherwise because your responces are thick with it! “did you bump your head?” “clearly you did not read…” “you’re wrong…” etc. Then to add your language. What is your goal? Are you intrestead in sharing knowlege with someone or making an ass out of them because they don’t know as much as you? Because you do the latter very well! But, if that is your goal then it makes sense. Just makes your case very ineffective otherwise.
        Try this… instead of acting like a know-it-all jerk… try sharing the source(s) where you found the information you are presenting. I see that you can type it out and that is great! Great job Greg! Where did you find the information in the first place? So I can read it and (I am smart enough to learn) then, say…. ask you questions about it…. discuss the info…. and come to an equal understanding of your stance. Is that something you are able to do? Are you intrestead in educating? I’m always intrestead in learning and growing and make my own judgment based on the facts presented. How about you?

      • First of all I have been very civil in my responces what your doing now is resorting to personal attacks when you have nothing which is also Very Christian! What I find very funny is you are acting like this One Blog is All I have put out. Clearly you are Ignoring the 58 other posts I have on wordpress. I’m not sure why (If you are seeking knowledge) you would ignore all other posts. Do you think all answers are in one spot?

        What I find even more amusing is you and me were at one time very close friends but then you became more interested in trying to make an ass out of me at every oppertunity. Hell when you found me on facebook you tried pulling that ignorant bullshit again. But I am just susposed to take it and shut the fuck up right? When you don’t know shit I am to be nice and sweet and kiss your fucking ass? Clearly you have bumped your head.

        When someone tries to hand me God of the Gaps bullshit and Arguments from Ignorance yes I do Crush that garbage. Hell When I was up at Fort Indiantown Gap for 2 Weeks it was on the 4th day from the end that the subject of Aliens and my experiences was brought up by a guy in my Platoon. They had heard me talking to a friend about having an internet radio program and wanted to hear what I would say. That lasted about 2 hours and the room was packed with soldiers from my platoon plus another one. Yes there were some that were saying stupid shit and acting like assholes but I ignored them and focused on the real questions. When people want to make an ass out of me I tend to either ignore them or show where they don’t know jack fucking shit. What I found the most interesting was that 2 hour bull session resulted in some looking at me as a type of celebrity. I had some wanting to talk about the subject for the rest of the time I was there.

        You made a Claim at one point to Moses only seeing God’s back. That no one can see the face of God. Which is a standard Christian idea but one that is contradicted by the bible. Just like the Apple story of the Original Sin. That is Christian Church Dogma not biblical. The first occurrance of the word Apple in the bible is in Deuteronomy. As well as the David & Goliath Story where people Think he killed him with a Stone. Even though what is written in the bible is he knocked him Down with a stone then stood on his chest and cut his fucking head off with a sword. Then David carried the head around with him! All three of these are examples of how Christians will spout Church Bullshit and not what is actually written because they don’t know what is actually written. They only know what the Church puts out. Much like how the masses don’t really know what is going on in the world but only what the Media pumps out.

        When you made referances to biblical shit that was false I did show evidence where you were wrong but what did you do? You took the Face to Face with God shit and tried making an ass out of me and saying how that proves there is a God. Do you also think because Superman comics talk about Superman that that means he is real too? I guess to You it is perfectly fucking OK for you to try and make an Ass out of me but when you are the one that is showed to be a babbling fucking idiot you don’t like that. Clearly the Do unto others as you would have them do unto you idea is one you don’t go by Mr Finding Jesus!

        Like typical Christians you want to act like your bullshit God of the Gaps garbage is some great revelation. That any Gap in Scientific understanding means Poof God is real. Yet when someone points out where this is a crock of shit you want to boohoo that they aren’t being nice and sweet. Have you forgotten that I have been researching this for over 20 years?

        I do not try to make an ass out of anyone I point out where the line of thought is Wrong. As well as pointing out what is true. I have mentioned the Sumerians multiple times in this and while I didn’t give you a link to that, this is the Internet you know and doing a search on a word like the Sumerians or Anunnaki is extremely easy to do. Why must I hold your hand or lead you by the nose when If you wanted to know about a subject you are perfectly capable of doing your own research? This is also putting aside the 58 other posts I have done just on WordPress.

        Frankly Jeremy the one acting like a fucking jerk is the one that has been acting like a fucking jerk toward me for Years and that would be You. I don’t appreciate your stupid bullshit and when you try stepping into my world and spouting basic Christian ignorance to not expect to get your head handed to you is simply stupid. I don’t turn the other cheek or roll over and let stupid bullshit stand. I do Crush the ignorant and point out where they are Factually wrong.

        I don’t care where Aliens came from because there is no way to get answers to that given we don’t have information about their world, sociology, history (Outside of what was done here), etc. All we do know about Aliens is what has been recorded by those cultures which had contact with them. Like the Sumerians as well as those who have had experiences in more modern times. The FBI & NSA both released documents which were classified for over 60 years on the subject of UFO’s. There are also tons of high level military and government witnesses that have come forward. Hell there have even been briefings on CNN about the UFO / Alien subject. However none of that gives any information about the origin of these Aliens. You are insisting on using a God of the Gaps mindset even after I point out that a God of the Gaps mindset is an Argument from Ignorance.

        As for you claiming to have respected me when would that have been? You’ve been more interested in trying to make an ass out of me then anything for so damn long it is hard to remember when you didn’t! Unlike you I am capable of having relationships and doing research. I haven’t been living like a fucking monk for the past 23 years only doing research. If you really want to know about a subject then you would spend some time researching / studying that subject. You haven’t done that. Fuck you don’t even know the bible which you wanted to try talking about stories from with me. Even If a God would exist do you seriously fucking think that it would be pleased with you not giving enough of a fucking damn to do any research of your own but rather acting like an asshole towards someone that does?

        Let’s be fucking realistic. You don’t know shit about the God subject because as you had said You Don’t Care! That is the real issue. You are a Christian despite your claims of not being one. Everything you try to use is the same bullshit I see from the bible thumping Christian. Additionally the attitude of you don’t care but you Believe is also typical of a Christian! Your Beliefs (Thoughts) don’t mean shit when they are based on ignorance. It is not enough to just Believe (Think) that a Jesus existed and did anything. That doesn’t teach you shit nor does it attone for a single fucking thing you have ever done.

        This may come as a huge shock to you but No woman that was ever raped, child that was molested, person that was murdered or wife that was beaten had any God do anything to help them. Nor did the person that hurt them boohooing to a Jesus ever undo a single second of what was done to them. So what exactly is the Jesus bullshit to actually do? What make the Asshole that hurt others feel better about themself? Why the flying fuck should anyone be given a pass on how they fucking acted just because they babble shit about a Jesus?

  3. Hell Jeremy You didn’t even bother to look at the Very Next Post I did. Even though in it I address the Weak ass excuses for a God that you tried to use as well as listing a few other stupid ones I have heard Christians use.

    Since you need things put right under your nose for you to see them here is the link to the Next post i did! https://mrgoodnkinky.wordpress.com/2012/05/06/weak-ass-arguments-for-the-existence-of-god/

    If you actually want to have a discussion and learn something then try looking at more of what i have said the one fucking post! However I suspect this was just more of your trying to be an Ass toward me.

    Don’t think for one second that you can be an ass to me and not have me tear you appart on your delusional thinking of a God or Jesus! Neither will fucking help you with me!

    • Ok well, U have a great night Greg. Hope all goes well for u.

      • Just so you know I don’t believe for one second that you actually want to learn a damn thing from me. Given how you have acted in your responces combined with how you have acted towards me over the years what is most likely is you are trying to make an ass out of me so you and North can get a huge fucking laugh at my expense.
        You may be able to con Christians with your fake “I want to learn” bullshit. However what you display is not an interest in learning but in trying to find any whole you can to try and shove your fantasy idea of a God into. You don’t stop and ask yourself even if a God would exist why would it give a flying fuck in a rolling donut about you, me or anyone? If a God would exist and would give a damn at all about the human race why the fucking jesus fuck do over 1 Million Children a year starve to death? Why are thousands if not tens of thousands of women Raped a year? Why are unknown numbers of Children Missing / exploited every year? Why is the human sex trafficking not being stopped by this God that cares so god damn much? And on and on with the things that a God could do something about If it existed and gave a damn at all about any human life.

        And don’t try and hand me this weak bullshit of People have Freewill. The Rapest, Murderer, Child Molester, etc don’t give a damn about their victims freewill. All this Freewill bullshit really boils down to is an excuse used by Christians / Theists to excuse their fucking God not doing a god damn thing.

        To be completely blunt with you If you would want to learn all I have then you would have to do a Hell of a lot of research. That doesn’t mean someone holding your fucking hand or leading you by the god damn nose to each point. While you kick and scream and try to find any bullshit excuse you can think of to cling to your Impotent God / Deity idea.

        I didn’t have anyone telling me what direction to go or where to find answers to my questions. I had to dig and sift through information to try and find the answers. I don’t let people wanting to push God of the Gaps or Arguments from Ignorance stop me or even slow me up at all. Nor do I let the attempts of others to sheep herd me, stop me or even slow me up. I don’t give a flying fuck if what I think, Say or Do isn’t up to your standard or anyone elses.

        Those like You that look to make fun of anyone Not Just Like You not only don’t stop or deture me but it pisses me off more to where I say Fuck the Stupid Masses. You could learn a lot from Eric. Especially how to treat other people.
        I have no problem with the Deist point of view however I don’t use that term for myself because I don’t believe for one second that a Consciousness behind the Universe would even be a life form as we think of it. Let alone to fit the man made God label. I don’t try to label what has guided me over the past 23 years. Because all a label could do is serve to distract from the real issue.

        The reason I fight the God shit so hard is those that cling to the God bullshit Will Be Tricked by an Alien Race or even the US Government trying to act like an Alien Race is invading. Those that are Weak minded and need a God thing to bow to will get what they want from either an Alien race or from Big Brother via crap like HAARP or other Mind Control methods that the Government has experemented with.

        My Knowledge goes Far deeper then just the Bullshit of Religion. That is one of the many Rabbit holes I have explored. However None of what you had responded with ever gave me even the slightest indication that you were interested in or gave a damn at all about the many other rabbit holes which directly connect to the Religion issue.

        In fact everything you had said I have heard over and over and over again by Christians trying their damnedest to defend their God shit. What you got pissy over was the fact that for everything you came up with I could easily crush it. You never stopped to fucking think i have heard that bullshit before and i don’t fall for arguments that are full of more holes then swiss fucking cheese!

        I do look for those that can grasp what I am talking about, but I realize that those people are few and far between. The vast majority of the Masses of Asses are stupid cattle that blindly follow what Religion or the Government puts out. And yes this includes many that call themselves Atheists / Skeptics. They don’t bow to the alter of a Church but rather they bow to the Alter of the Scientific community which is funded and controled by the US Government! Religion is as it has always been a Tool of the Government used to Control the Masses!

        Something I saw yesterday that puts this into perspective is the word Govern means to Control. While Ment means Mind. The Government is about Controling Your Mind and that is exactly what has been and is going on in our world!

        If you really want to learn I would suggest stop trying to act like you have any clue as to what is going on and look at what I have been saying for years. Not just one post but All of it! I have hundreds of audio blogs on Cinch, as well as the 58 posts on WordPress & Videos on You Tube.
        I am about trying to teach people but I am not going to tollerate someone wanting to make an ass out of me!

  4. Jeremy Tinnin

    I agree Greg. You are right and I am not afraid to admit it. It still seems like a flaw I need to work to correct. It can be very frustrating when you are getting bested and that can bring out the worst in a person. Clearly it did with me. Reflecting on our conversation I can see that now. However, that was not my intention by any stretch to conceiously or otherwise make an ass out of you and for any way I seemed to do that, I appologize. You may take refuse that if you choose and understand if that is your decision. I don’t mind seeing where I fucked up and trying to learn from that, and I fucked up. I got frustrated because it seems selfishly I wanted to “win” and was not doing so. I believe what I do because I choose to. Just as you do also. Right or wrong is not the real issue. I DID call myself a Christian for a few years, but I met a Jewish guy at work that started showing me, with my bible, some of the errors. In that sence when it is there one cannot deny the truth. I had multiple translations at one time to cross reference what I ws reading and there is inconsistancies. Even the Gen 6:3, some translations include the word “also” some do not.
    Anyway, like I said, you take care and believe it or not I wish the best for you.

    • Jeremy I do realize you believe what you do because you want to. However that is not why I believe what I do. What I go by to deturmine if I believe something is what does the Facts / Evidence show. I don’t care what that would be. If the Facts / Evidence would show a God exists that wouldn’t magically mean I would bow to it though. Because I can prove beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il All existed. Existence doesn’t equal good or Moral just because they exist. This is the big area where Theists get screwed up in their thinking.

      I believe in Aliens not because i want to but because I have had experiences where I personally saw them. As well as the massive amount of evidence of Alien activity in our world for thousands of years. A strong case can even be made for the idea that all life on this planet was seeded by Aliens. Lloyd Pye did a lecture called “Everything you know is wrong” which i have in a post on wordpress and makes a very compelling case for this fact.

      I do believe that you didn’t intend to come across as you had and I can & will relax on that. I’d like to put the past behind us because honestly there is no way to undo a single second of it so focusing / dwelling on that is not only pointless but a complete waste of time.

      There is one major flaw in what you had said regarding Genesis 6:3 though. The many translations that exist can’t give you an accurate picture of what was originally written. In fact all they can really do is muddy the waters / confuse the hell out of people. I have only ever used a King James Version with 1611 text. The reason for this is combined with a Strongs Concordance you can take every word back to the original Hebrew or Greek. I also have a Jewish Tannak which I have checked some things in. However even getting at the original Hebrew & Greek ideas still doesn’t make these stories original to the Isrealites.

      In fact everytime a Christian says Amen they are praying to Amen Ra an Egyptian God. That is just one example of how screwed up Christian ideas are. If you seriously want to get at the root / origin of these ideas / stories then you must research the original society to tell the stories and that would be the Sumerians.

      However if you are deturmined to believe what you want regardless of the evidence then researching anything is really a waste of time. I am open to any idea if the Facts / Evidence support it. One example of something I find hard to believe but would change my position if the Evidence would be presented is the Hollow Earth Theory.

      A true search for knowledge can’t be restricted to things lining up with how you want them to be. All that type of thinking could do is cause you to try and twist the evidence / facts to suit your agenda. Which is what the Christians have been doing with nearly everything.

      The best approach is as it was said in CSI “Follow the Evidence”

  5. HAHAHAHA! Oh my god, you are a genius! I honestly could not have said it better myself. I have got to give you credentials for this, this was just amazing to read. Wow, thank you, this little entry here really just made my day.

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