Exposing Sin Jones as the Bullshit Artist / Con Artist She is!

There is an Individual that claims to be a Satanist that was brought to my attention because of her obvious Trolling methods.  When I first looked at the crap she was putting out I didn’t feel she was worth my time.  This woman is a Massive joke to anyone that knows anything about the Occult, Satanism or Christianity.

Here is her Frequently Asked Questions and Her Answers.

I am going to show just with this that she is a babbling idiot.  However my exposing of this Fraud is only beginning here.  My Laughing at her Stupidity is in Bold Italics.

1.  Do you worship Satan?

YES, I am Satan, I auto-deify, and self worship so by proxy I worship Satan.

LMFAO!  Worshiping Yourself in any sense of the term is Narcissism!  And Narcissism is a Mental Illness!  At the root of Narcissism is really a very Insecure person that can’t cope with reality as it is and can’t accept personal responsibility for their actions!
2. Are you a reversed Christian?

NO. I often draw symbolism from biblical context, in which I see as an occult work which is full of pre-Abrahamic symbolism. I study all world religions and philosophies. I have no desire to change the face of Satan. I do not aspire towards being ‘accepted’, and/or to be embraced by a community. I merely participate, and most-often am held to a community in which I reside (Country, State, City, Neighborhood, Social Class, Economics, etc.).

Facepalm!  This Dumb Bitch takes the concept of Satan and the Role of it Directly from the Christian Religion!  She doesn’t actually know what is written in the bible hence her Poisoned Apple crap.  Anyone that has done any research into the Original Sin Story would know the word Apple doesn’t appear in that Story!  The Story of Eve eating an Apple is Church Dogma not what is from Any Abrahamic Religion or Symbolism!

Here is a Link that shows she takes her ideas Directly from the Abrahamic Religions!  As well as combining them with Fictional stories from Dante & Milton!

She also thinks using a dictionary is Research!  A Dictionary can only tell you how a word is defined and maybe at best mention the origin of the word. 


Just in her Poisoned Apple bullshit she is showing that she is in fact a Reverse Christian.  But then there is also her Wicked Witch of the West Outfit that really shows how she is just playing Dress up!

3. How can a pagan be an Atheist?

I use ‘pagan’ in the context of the Romans, and thumb my nose at it. There are various practices, which have been labeled ‘pagan’ in contemporary usage, in which I utilize. My philosophy is Satanism, praxis often involves ‘pagan’ ideologies and methods. Pagan, is not limited to the Neo-pagan movement of the 1960’s. While I live without gods, this is paradoxical in nature, as the egregores I lend my belief to, are gods in the abstract.

Facepalm!  The Term Pagan is Not Neo Pagan or from a Movement in the 1960’s.  This is showing a level of Stupid that frankly should be quite embarrassing.


There simply is No Way an Atheist can be a Pagan as the Atheist doesn’t believe in a Spiritual anything!  To the Atheist the entire concept of “Spirituality” is simply Bullshit!

4. Are you a ‘LaVeyan Satanist’??

NO, I am a Modern Philosophical Satanist. I use this label to differentiate between what has been coined as ‘LaVeyan’ and my own Satanism. While I have read the full works of Anton Szandor LaVey, I do not follow his ideas, I have my own. I study any/all spheres of knowledge that may enhance my understanding of the world, that I am a part of. Philosophies do not provide answers, they are modalities for seeking them. I do not limit my study to Satanic material, or authors.

Only in the Grosses of general ways could this be even remotely accurate.  Her ideas are a screwy mixture of Lavey, Lovecraft, Dante, Milton, Christianity & her own mental instability!

5.  Are you a Traditional Satanist?

NO, ‘Tradition’ suggests that I follow a generational form of Satanism or a pre-existing tradition. I do not. My philosophy is extremely modern, ever-changing and evolving as I change and evolve.

This is really funny since she uses Catholic Images, Christian Concepts, LaVey ideas of Satan Represents., etc.  Mixing things together randomly doesn’t mean your bullshit is true.  You can’t simply make up whatever bullshit you want.  Doing this only means that you are looking to Con people who believe.  No damn different from the fake ass TV Evangelists!

Since her Ideas / Philosophy is ever-changing this is an easy way of saying she will change whatever bullshit she says to appeal to what crap will get people to give her money for fucking nothing.

6.  Do you believe in, and act from a position of EVIL?

YES, ‘evil’ is a highly subjective term. There are many things that I do, believe in, and aspire towards which may be EVIL to your own aspirations, beliefs and actions. I do not believe in good vs. evil; this is a duality I reject. I come from a more Hermetic aura, in that all things exist within the mind, and are the same at the end of the day. For what is good for one, may be evil to another – hence, there is no duality, only conceived perceptions. You may hold concepts of good and evil, therefore many of my ideas will be EVIL to you.

LMFAO!  First she says Yes then she Contradicts herself by saying “Evil is a Highly Subjective term.”  Simply put she is trying to talk out of both sides of her mouth at one time.

If you believe Evil is a Highly Subjective term which is subject to a person’s perception then there can be no Evil Position by which an act can be from!   To say as she does, “therefore many of my ideas will be EVIL to you.”  Is Not Evil from a position of Evil but only from Perception! 

Perception is Not a Position!

7. Are you an Occultist?

YES, I draw gnosis from hidden symbolism, allegory, metaphor, prolific occult writing, and practice devotion.

Here again she shows She is Not an Atheist!  The word Gnosis Means: Intuitive apprehension of spiritual truths, an esoteric form of knowledge sought by the Gnostics. 

An Atheist wouldn’t believe in Spiritual Truths!  And Gnostic is a Type of Christian!  Which means she Is a Reverse Christian since the basis of her ideas.

Additionally the Word Occult as any First Year Medical Student will tell you simply means “Hidden”.  There are actually Organs in the Human Body that are called Occult Organs because they are Hiding behind other organs!  One such is the Gall Bladder!

8. Are you into Black Magic?

Magic, is merely a new term to apply to human psychology. The colors black vs. white, are concepts to categorize good and bad. I do not believe in such divisions. Some choose to call it ‘Magick’ I do not. There is literally no difference between Magick and Magic. Whether slight of hand, or misdirection of thought. Both are equally magic, and human psychology. I use Magic, and for selfish reasons; therefore my self concerned magic, may be considered ‘Black’ and I accept this classification – even if I do not practice it in my own philosophies.

LMFAO!  This is so Stupid I can’t help but Laugh at how shockingly Dumb Alison Lee Jones AKA Sin Jones is!

First of all Penn & Teller are Magicians but not in the Religious term like Black Magick.  LMFAO!  They are Illusionists!  Illusions are Not Magic!  They are Illusions! 

Magick With the K comes from Aleister Crowley!  However Crowley does term Magick as causing changes in your environment based on your will.  So everything we do can be called Magick in the most general of terms.  Since everything we do is changing the conditions in our environment to suit our will.  Black Magick is simply the act of Harming another by your will.  Rapists, Child Molesters & Murderers do this all the time!

However this is Not what is meant when someone asks if you are into Black Magick. LMFAO This bitch is Dumb!

9. Do you believe in anything?
YES, I believe in lots of things. My Atheism does not interfere in what I believe to be true. Truth and facts, are terms used to differentiate between empiricism, and subjectivity. Belief, truth, and reality are reliant on each other.

This Question is just straight up Stupid.  Atheism is Not about a Belief in Nothing.  It is simply the Rejection of All Gods!  Most also reject all Paranormal too.  However not all Atheists fall into this category.

However her answer is showing more of how Stupid she really is.   Of course Atheism wouldn’t interfere with what is True.  Truth & Facts are the basis of Atheism.  There is No Logical or Empirical Evidence to suggest the existence of Any Gods!  Atheism is just the rejection of All Gods!  It is not a rejection of Everything!

Who asks this question?

A Christian Retard that doesn’t even know what Atheism is about?

About mrgoodnkinky

I am an Atheist / Anti Theist but don’t let the labels fool you I am not one that bows before the pulpit of science / the government. I do my own research and reach my own conclusions based on all available information. I am not someone that will let anyone dictate what thoughts I must have. Atheism / Anti Theism is simply a label I accept because it is easier then giving the speech on what I feel the evidence shows. There is No God in the sense of any magical / mystical physical being. These ideas are delusion / ignorance of the historical evidence. I have reached the point in my life where I am going to resist negative thoughts and actions as much as I can. I am open to Evidence but opposed to bullshit and scare tactics.

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