10 Deep Questions for Everyone

Since the most popular post for me so far has been my follow-up to the 10 questions I want to see how this one goes.  These questions by their very nature are much deeper in thought.

The purpose of these questions is to provoke you to thinking on a deeper level.  Perhaps on a deeper level then you have ever thought before.  I realize the religious will try to answer these from the mindset of their religious beliefs.  However they are phrased in a way as to make quoting from a bible or a so-called holy book difficult if not impossible.

Just saying well the bible says so is really not an answer.  The reason the bible says so is not an answer is no Christian, Muslim or Jew would accept, “Well this is what the Sumerians or Egyptians wrote so that proves it is true.”

Since no Christian would accept as fact the claims of another religion because it is what their book says then you can’t use that as evidence for what you believe.  To try to do this is trying to have a double standard.  While you may like your double standard because it benefits you there is no logical reason why anyone else should like your double standard.

If you as a Christian, Muslim or Jew want to use your so-called holy book as evidence then you must first provide reasons why that holy book is reliable evidence.  It is important to realize Circular Reasoning doesn’t prove your claim.  Here is an example of Circular reasoning.

1.  How did the Universe come into being?  (Be as Specific as Possible)

2.  How did Life on this Planet begin?  (Be as Specific as Possible)

3.  How did Human Life begin?  (Be as Specific as Possible)

4.  Do you accept the possibility of Aliens having been on Earth in the Ancient world?

5.  Define as clearly as you can what you believe God would be like.  What makes something a God?

6.  What matters most in life the beliefs people have about a God or how they treat each other & live their life?

7.  Since Life is not based on All or Nothing why should an afterlife be based on All or Nothing?  (For Atheists Assume for the moment an afterlife does exist)

8.  Do you accept the idea presented by Quantum Physics of Multiple Dimensions?  That there are 10+ Dimensions?

9.  Is there anything someone could say that would convince you their religion or lack there of is true?

10.  Why should anyone believe in your religion or lack there of?

Bonus Question:  What is the Meaning of Life?  Not just your personal life but all life.

This last is completely subjective and is intended only to get you to think about the grand picture of life.

About mrgoodnkinky

I am an Atheist / Anti Theist but don’t let the labels fool you I am not one that bows before the pulpit of science / the government. I do my own research and reach my own conclusions based on all available information. I am not someone that will let anyone dictate what thoughts I must have. Atheism / Anti Theism is simply a label I accept because it is easier then giving the speech on what I feel the evidence shows. There is No God in the sense of any magical / mystical physical being. These ideas are delusion / ignorance of the historical evidence. I have reached the point in my life where I am going to resist negative thoughts and actions as much as I can. I am open to Evidence but opposed to bullshit and scare tactics.

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  1. I see you have no takers on this one, I choose to withhold my opinion on these questions considering I am a christian who is in the position of doubting his faith. And to be honest with you—I wouldn’t even know how to answer the first three questions

    • LOL No these questions are a lot tougher.
      The First 3 will each be posts that I will do since there is so much to them.
      Typically the Creationist will try and call all of the first 3 evolution but the First is Cosmology the Second is Bio-genesis and the Third is Evolution.

  2. Understandable assumption but flawed nonetheless.

    It is ironic to note that those that decry belief that the Bible is the Word of God as being ‘circular reasoning’ are guilty of the same.

    That is, attempting to employ logic to prove logic. The very same principle is used when Christians prove a theological point by quoting scripture.

    So in short, if someone states that you can’t use the Bible, to prove that the Bible is true, then to be consistent no one can use reason to prove that reason is true and valid either.

    Some things are simply axiomatic, that is, self-proving. For example, the thousands of prophecies in scripture, including the 300+ concerning the coming of Christ fulfilled to minute detail is proof in itself.

    All humans, being finite have an axiomatic starting point for their worldviews. For the ‘atheist’ it is unbelief, for the Christian, it is belief. The real question is: where do the facts lead?

    • You are quite wrong because Logic is Not a Book. Something is only Logical if it is supported by Evidence & Reason! These are Not Dogmatic but based on what has been Proven.

      Trying to claim the Bible proves the bible is like trying to use a Superman Comic to say there is Proof of Superman! That is comparing two Like things. Which is Not what you are doing.

      As for the 300+ Prophecies about this Christ that is Funny as hell since Christ is a Religious Title Not the name of a Real Person!
      The Jews For example do Not believe a Christ existed. Since they do not accept that Religious Title on the Fictional Jesus!

      Additionally there are No J’s in Hebrew so Jesus, James & John are all Bullshit names that wouldn’t exist in a Jewish culture of that time!

      I can also tear apart those so Called 300+ Prophecies.

      After all there is No Evidence Your Jesus ever existed. As i have said Jesus wouldn’t be an Accurate name. Add to that What was this Mans Last Name?

      Nazareth didn’t exist until the 3rd Century!

      Going by where the Facts lead means you don’t look at the Bible since that is only that which is Making the Claim. In order to Prove something you need it to fit an Observed Phenomena or something which can be tested over and over to verify the results.

      With Your bible and God we have Buttkiss / Nothing!

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