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Why Born Again Christians Disgust Me

There is a major misconception that people can have regarding how I view Christians in general verses the holy roller / born again type Christians.  A lot of times when I write and speak I don’t draw a distinction between the holy roller / born again type of Christian and the kind that believe in a God but are also normal people simply living their lives.  I realize this can give people / Christians a false impression of what I am really about.

I make no bones about the fact that i am a take no shit kind of guy.  I am not one to kiss the ass of anyone and I am not one to take shit from anyone.  If someone has a beef with me my attitude is confront me with it.  If I am wrong or you can explain your position / perception / attitude in a way that I understand what you are saying and agree that you have a point I will do the best I can to correct myself.  However if I have a different point of view I’m not going to back down and try to keep peace just for the sake of having everyone like me.  By the same token what I say to your face is the same thing I would say behind your back.  If I don’t like someone I will let them know it.

All of this having been said, I do want to clarify something for everyone.  That being most times when I use the term Christian I am thinking about the holy roller / born again type.  To me these are the most vile and self serving people on the planet.  With most of them I can see a degree of Narcissism in how they are thinking that frankly disgusts me.  Honestly I feel there is no way that a person can think and act in the manner these people do and not be suffering from a type of narcissism if not fully blown narcissism or worse mental illnesses like delusional disorder or sociopathic behavior.

I do realize these are serious mental illnesses that I am directly linking to fundamentalist Christians.  However I do not say this just to be as insulting as I can.  I do have very real reasons why I have reached this conclusion.  Unlike some Atheists I am one that grew up around Christianity and had these ideas programed into my mind at a very young age.  This is definitely a type of brainwashing that is still permitted in our society but one that I see as having very real effects on the way a person will view reality as they grow up.  Perceptions of reality that are very much unrealistic and potentially destructive not only to their life but to their interaction with other people.

Here is a break down of my major beefs with Fundamentalist Christianity.

1.  Unrealistic Expectations on other people / The Forgiveness Card  – This one is based on the idea that if the holy roller / born again Christian does something that hurts someone else or is just not nice that all they have to do is say they are sorry / repent and magically everything is forgiven.  This is madness for this simple reason.  Just because you can mouth words of how sorry you are doesn’t mean the pain / damage you caused is magically removed.  There are times in life that after you do something no amount of I’m Sorries or Please Forgive me can make up for it.  Some examples of this are as follows.

A.  The Murder / Taking the Life of any other person

B.  Rape
C.  Child Molestation
D.  Child Abuse
E.  Abuse against another person
F.  An Affair / Cheating on ones partner
G.  Betrayal of a Friend, Relative, Partner, or even Co Worker / Boss

There are others but these give an idea of what I am talking about.  A person can be genuinely sorry for what they have done and sincerely mean it when they say they will never do it again.  However expecting the ones you hurt or their family or friends to just forgive you because you ask is honestly unrealistic.  There are times that no amount of I’m sorry or words of any sort can change the damage you have done.

  To say you’re sorry or asking for forgiveness and be well if they don’t forgive me it is on them.  That you have done all you need to by simply mouthing the magic words of I’m Sorry or Please Forgive Me.  This is self centered bullshit not showing where you are actually sorry about anything.

No one is under any obligation to accept your apology or to forgive you when you have done something that hurts them.  If they choose to that is their choice but this still doesn’t remove your obligation to correct your behavior.  In some cases there is a social price that must be paid to the society and that is completely separate from if someone else can forgive you.  I’m sorry doesn’t bring back someone you killed.  It doesn’t make the raped woman unraped.  It doesn’t make the Molested Child innocent again.  and so on.  Your actions have consequences and your being sorry doesn’t mean shit.  You should be sorry but being sorry simply isn’t enough.

2.  The I Turned My Life Over To Jesus Claim – This is nothing short of making a bullshit claim to which the only thing your doing is finding ways to justify / excuse your behaviors with the bible.  There is no evidence the Jesus of the bible actually existed.  Even if there would’ve been a Jew in the First Century that did what this one is claimed to doesn’t mean that it could magically take over your screwed up life.

Additionally this type of mindset means you no longer have Freewill but that you are a mindless puppet to the whims of this Jesus.  Turning your life over to another being doesn’t mean you get to continue having the same self serving behaviors and just be, Oh I need to repent.  This is not turning your life over to anything or anyone.  No Christian Born Again or otherwise really wants to have something outside them-self completely possessing them and forcing them to make the choices this other being would want.  So stop fucking saying you turned your life over to anything when you are wanting to have your Freewill and continue to make your own choices!

3.  Claiming to Base Your Behaviors on the Bible – This is a common bit of Christian Bullshit that gets uttered but these people don’t really do this.  What they do instead is look to justify / excuse how they behave based entirely upon how they Cherry Pick or Twist what is in their bible to suit their agenda.  These Christian’s don’t actually go by what is in the bible because the Bible advocates stoning disobedient Children, Having Slaves – how much you can Beat them, Killing someone for picking up Sticks on the Sabbath, treating a wife as property & women as being inferior / lesser and so much more.

4.  Claiming to have a personal relationship with Jesus – This is nothing short of complete delusional disorder because it is impossible to have a personal relationship with a fictional character from a story.  It doesn’t matter if you regard the story as being holy or not.  You can only have a personal relationship with someone that you personally know and personally knows you.  This means that you have at least met the person to whom you claim to have a personal relationship with.  You simply can’t have a personal relationship with a thought or an idea.  If Christians want to claim there are hundreds of proofs of there Jesus having existed the first obligation they have is to provide the evidence to support that claim.  Your claim is not true just because you say it.

Additionally your claim is not true just because Christians made fraudulent writings in books like that of Josephus’s book Antiquities of the Jews Volume 18 Chapter 3 Section 3.  This has been proven to be fraud and not actually written by Josephus because of the following reasons.

A. “Now there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man”  Why would it even be in question if such a person existed as to wither or not it would be lawful to call him a man?  The idea that this Jesus was the son of God is a Christian claim not something a Jew would say!

B. “He drew over to him both many of the Jews and many of the Gentiles.”  The only place in the Entire book that the word Gentiles is used is in this section.  While there are 14 times the word Romans is used in this book.  Why would Josephus switch from using the word Romans to using the Christian word Gentiles in Chapter 3 section 3 then in Chapter 4 switch back to using Romans?

C. “He was [the] Christ.”  No Jew would make such a claim as the word Christ is not a last name but a title meaning the Messiah!

D. “And when Pilate, at the suggestion of the principal men amongst us, had condemned him to the cross”  There is no mention of this from any Jew or Roman Historian from 33 AD about this so called event.  So the only way Josephus could’ve known of this was from Christian claims not from any witnesses.

E. “those that loved him at the first did not forsake him; for he appeared to them alive again the third day;” This is just down right false even going by the bible account.  The Jewish day goes Evening to Morning.  The story goes that this Jesus was put in the tomb on Friday Evening.  Friday Evening to Saturday Morning is One Day.  Saturday Evening to Sunday Morning is Two Days.  If this Jesus Rose from the Tomb on Sunday that is Two Days not Three!  A Jew like Josephus would clearly have known this.

F. “as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him.”  This is writing not from the way a Jew would be talking but a Christian.  Additionally if there would’ve been Ten Thousand other wonderful things why didn’t Josephus mention even one of them?  He spends a lot more time in section 4 talking about a sex scandal then he does on this God man Jew?

G. “And the tribe of Christians, so named from him, are not extinct at this day.”  And this should be a given since if Christians wouldn’t have been around there would be no point in babbling about this Jesus figure.  This doesn’t mean the Christian claims are true just because they were still around.

5. The Claim that those who don’t believe in Jesus burn in Hell forever – This one is simply showing how sadistic and purely evil these Christians really are.  To base an afterlife, assuming such even exists, on nothing more then the beliefs one has in their life is nothing short of thought crime.   While putting your “Sins” on a Jesus is nothing short of Scapegoating.  It is not actually being interested in justice or facing the consequences of your choices and actions.  This is simply giving a loophole for people to do any evil and vile thing they want then say, “Jesus Forgive Me” and poof magically it is all wiped away.

Additionally the claims of Heaven & Hell are based entirely on the physical pleasure or pain of the location.  If this is as Christians claim a “Spiritual” place then physical pleasure or suffering wouldn’t be relevant.  Simply put you must make up your mind is this afterlife a physical place or something “Spiritual” / an Energy form.  You can’t have it both ways.

If You Don’t Believe In God Why Talk About It?

One complaint I hear a lot from Christian’s is if you don’t believe in God why do you talk about it. This question always strikes me as a bit stupid since religion plays such a major part in what laws are going to be part of the society in which I live.  So regardless of if I believe in a God or not the question of religion is of vital interest to me because of the social impacts on my life.  The existence or non existence of a God is really not the fucking issue.  The entire issue is there are a large number of people that not only believe this wacky bullshit but are hell bent on cramming it down the throat of society.

These Christian’s are not keeping their fucking mouth shut about their imaginary friend.  Yet they actually think that since I don’t believe in their delusional disorder that I should just shut the fuck up!  Well I have fucking news for each and every one of you. I refuse to shut the fuck up because you people refuse to keep it out of the society in which I live. The one making religion a federal case is the Christian by wanting to push their bullshit as science when it has not a god damn thing to do with facts or evidence.

Your silly ideas or wishful thinking is not science. It has no fucking place in a science class. For that matter your fucking bible fails to be consistant in the stories about your damn Jesus. Different gospels give completely different accounts of the same fucking story. History is not open to interpretation. It is based on Facts and Evidence.

Why the flying fuck is this so god damn hard for theists to understand? If you people would keep your God shit to yourself and have it a personal thing and not something in the government or being crammed into society Nobody would give a rats ass about it! I am passionate about this issue because of the fact that we could be headed for a theocracy once again. Which for those that don’t know what that is that is a Government run by religion. The exact same kind of government that was around during the inquisitions!

If Atheist’s don’t oppose Christianity & Islam you fuckers will push your bullshit into government and bring back the Inquisitions! Don’t hand me this shit that you wouldn’t personally do that because you personally wouldn’t have a fucking say in the god damn matter. One study shows over 50% of Christian’s believe in a Literal Lake of Fire Hell! Which means over Half of you fuckers believe it is right to burn alive those that do not Think as you do!

If you people think I am going to sit back and not say anything while you assholes push for your Christian crap to be in court houses or schools where according to the God damn Constitution it has no fucking place. Then you are sadly fucking mistaken! When I enlisted in the Army I took an Oath to defend the Constitution from Enemies Foreign and Domestic! For Christian’s to want to Piss on the Separation of Church and State makes you a Domestic Enemy of the Constitution!

I honestly don’t give a damn what fantasies a person wishes to have.  I do not give a fuck what kind of Sexual habbits other people have.  I really don’t give a flying rats ass who is destroying their lives with drugs or alcohol! I really do not fucking care. However the minute someone wishes to put their shit into public laws then I do give a damn about it. Because then it can directly impact my life and my freedom.  You do not have the right to impose your bullshit religious ideas on me! I spit in the face of your imaginary sadistic asshole God. I do not want that mentally ill bullshit put into the society I must live in. You can have your fucking churches and your fucking revivals and if people want to hear your shit they can find you!
There is absolutely no fucking need to have your bullshit in schools or government because the US Constitution is fucking clear on this matter. There is to be a Separation of Church and State! Do you fucking get that Christian’s?
This also goes for any other fucking religion that would think to putting their bullshit in public schools or government!

I’ve heard some Christian’s say how an Atheist should only say something once. That if they are speaking their mind then saying something once is all that is needed. Well this would work except for the fact the Christian or Muslim they are dealing with will try to wiggle like a worm on a hook and try to find any way they can to continue to push their bullshit. These Christian’s want to be able to try and convert the Atheist. They want the Atheist to be open minded to what they want to say. However most of them flat out Refuse to be open minded about what the Atheist is saying. They want it all their way. This is not how life fucking works.

I would be open to entertaining the God issue if evidence could be presented that would give a reasonable chance that this fucker exists. Because then I must make a Moral & Ethical decision on how it behaves. Existence doesn’t mean blind servatude. Otherwise this would mean every Christian would support and praise a Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Jong ill, or any other tyrant. After all I can give undeniable proof that all of those men existed. Which is far more then any Christian can do. However the shear fact that they fucking existed doesn’t magically mean what they did was good, right, moral or ethical! Christian’s & Muslim’s may be so fucking blind by the bullshit of their religion that they can’t think morally & ethically but I do not have this mental illness. I am fully capable of looking at how someone behaves and making a moral & ethical judgment about their character!

The First oblagation of the Christian or Muslim or Jew or Satanist or Buddhist Or Hindu or any fucking religion is to show me Evidence your God fucking exists. Then and only then am I in a position to have to make a moral & ethical choice regarding this being. Until evidence is presented the question of a God is as meaningless as asking me if I support Darth Vader, Pinhead, Freddy Kruger or any other villain from fiction. I don’t hate any of them because none of them exist. I don’t really hate Jesus or the Gods of religion because they too don’t exist. However I do hate the thought of them and the bullshit babbled about from the followers of it!

I like Star Trek but I was never one of these people to dress up like one of the characters or go to a convention. I don’t give a rats ass if these people wish to engage in this bullshit. Even though I personally think they are fucking nuts. They have the right to dress up in whatever bullshit they want and go babble in Klingon or any other bullshit Star Trek language they wish. No one is trying to push that shit in government or schools so frankly I do not care. The same would go for Christianity, Islam & Judaism if they would keep their shit to themselves!

Like it or Not Christian’s, Muslim’s & Jew’s the reason Atheists are as vocal as we are is to try and keep your shit out of our face. You people do not get to dictate who has equal rights and who doesn’t! You don’t have the right to dictate who should get healthcare for their loved ones and who can’t! You do not have the right to dehumanize others just because they don’t think Just Like You!

Some Christian’s are Really Stupid

Link to my Response 5 Questions for Atheists Video

This is a comment I had gotten on my video 5 Questions for Atheists and this is going to be my complete response to it. I am doing it here partly because I don’t have a stupid 500 Character limit. But also this could become the script for a video on You Tube about this aswell.

“So lets be blunt. Are you denying there’s a God who created us or not?”

By all means I will be completely blunt. This dingbat or windbag which ever term you prefer is clearly making a logical falacy right from the start. That being he is Assuming that If a God thing exists that created the Universe that this magically means his Sadistical Bastard from the Jewish / Christian bible is that same one. This is not only completely unsupported by any facts it is also completely devoid of any logical connection between a force creating the Universe and a Personal Deity.

Christian’s if you are going to insist on using the word God you seriously need to learn what the damn word means. It doesn’t mean Your Magical deity and only Your Magical Deity! God is a general term not one that is owned by Any Religion let alone one of the youngest of the worlds religions!

However in the question of Do I deny there is a God who created us. Absolutely! There is not only No Evidence to support this idea but there is a great deal of Evidence that points to Ancient Aliens then a Magical Invisible God thing. You may want to bow and scrape before Aliens but I don’t and won’t!

“I assure you if you don’t accept Christ, you will suffer consequences after this life.”

Then of course it never fails these Christian’s that want to claim to be about Love and Peace resort to Threats of Torture if i do not Think as they demand. Let me spell this out real fucking clear because I know how stupid bible thumping Christian’s can be and a lot of times are.

For anyone to be able to go along with the Torture of another person for any reason means they are as evil as Hitler was. Let’s be clear on exactly what those that go along with the torture of another person are doing. They are saying, Even by their going along with the tyrant causing it, that they support such behavior. If you see someone being mistreated you have a Moral & Ethical responcibility to do everything you can to try and stop it. To turn a blind eye to the suffering of another just because you aren’t being tortured or abused is simply sick. You would want someone to step in if it was you that it was happening to so why can you sit back and let it happen to someone else?

Additionally not Believing in a Religion is Not a Crime. Thought Crime is Not something a Good Moral & Ethical person engages in. And Thought Crime is exactly what Christianity is based on. Unless you hold certain thoughts you are degraded and devalued. This is nothing short of Emotional & Verbal Abuse. It can even be called Emotional Blackmail to threaten someone with torture if they do not think as you demand. Christian’s may think Emotional Blackmail is a Good thing but this is why I regard Christianity & Islam as the most Evil Religions the world has ever seen.

“My opinion, and that of Jesus’ as well. And I will accept Jesus’ word, especially sense He performed miracles of healing as He gave of Himself as opposed to some weirdo who is has no clue despite the teaching of Christ.”

First of all it is extremely pompous to try and speak for someone to whom there is No Evidence they even existed! This would be like trying to speak for what Superman, Batman or the X Men would think. They are not real people so they don’t really have thoughts on what i believe or don’t.
Secondly and this must be incredibly embarasing for the Christian. Not even the Gospels can agree on when this Jesus was Born, what his Bloodline was, When he died or how many people went to the tomb. And those are just a few of the conflicts in the Bible story. To try and call a collection of books that conflict with each other on such basic details as some kind of evidence is like trying to pull shitballs out of your ass and pass them off as golden nuggets. You may think they are wonderful but I see them as the balls of shit that they are!

This guy probably believes in the bullshit contradicting stories in his bible. Hell chances are very fucking high that he never actually read the God damn bible cover to cover. But only Cherry Picks the parts he likes or the parts spoon fed by the church. Either way the idea that a Jesus was running around doing all kinds of Miracles and not one secular writer saw fit to make a single note about it. Is frankly so absurd as to be laughable.

Fake healers on TV have gotten the media to do stories on their fake bullshit. If there was an actual miracle worker running around the secular media would be all over that like flies on shit. To think that things would’ve been any different back in more superstitious times is absurd to the highest degree!

What all of this boils down to is Threats of torture simply will not work to get me to listen to your bullshit. If you want to try and sell me on something don’t come at me with Threats or Scare tactics. I simply have no time for Fear Mongering!

Why I Hate Religion, Jesus & God Poem

I want to make it clear right from the start
I’m going to tear Religion & Jesus apart.

Jesus & Religion are not separate things
They are one in the same to Christian babblings

I’m not putting on fancy clothes while pretening to believe in a childish fable
I use logic and reason laying the facts on the table!

Trying to distance yourself from the horrors of Religion
Yet acting like all someone has to do is make a simple Decission.

Putting A Persons Beliefs more important then their actions
Is a recipe for disaster because of all the factions

It makes me sick to think people want to be slaves
Yet this is what they are wanting when they say Jesus saves!

Mouthing words may make you think you are Good & Saved
Although what really matters is how you have Behaved!

There is more to being good then mouthing Bullshit of Belief
Life isn’t about putting yourself above others or giving them your Grief!

Wearing a Cross while buying blunts to get high
Makes me look at you and just want to sigh!

You believe a book that says Love thy Neighbor is good
Yet you ignore the fact that this would mean the drug dealers in your neighborhood!

You want to act like your God is so real & everyone must believe it or go to Hell
While claiming that Love & Peace are the message that your Jesus wants you to sell!

You simply can’t pick and choose the parts you want to live by
While discarding those things that make a sane person ask why!

Christianity is all about Self Loathing & Fear
The truth about their God is something none of them want to Hear!

To think the ultimate sign of love is your Jesus dying on a cross for your sin
Just so you can sherk personal responcibility with a pious grin!

To claim your God is about Justice and doing the right thing
Yet giving a loophole of Human Sacrifice is disgusting!

Let me make this crystal clear
Your God is something you are to Fear!

Fear and Love do not mix.
No matter how badly you try to do mental tricks

You want to act like life is a Disease & your Jesus is the Cure
Yet deep down this is something no Christian is really sure!

If you would there would be no fear of death
You would know what awaits you when you take your final breath!

Fear of the unknown is what drives religious belief
Realizing there is no God is a major relief!

What if what matters isn’t what your beliefs are on religion
But the way in which your life touches others that have another vision!

At the end of the day your Jesus & God are meaningless lies
What matters most is here and now what is before our eyes!

By MrGoodNKinky


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