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The Analogy of God as a Parent

Christian’s have no shortage of excuses when it comes to their God and how it behaves.   They want to use the Parent Analogy with their God but they ignore even the most basic traits of a Good Parent.  That being to protect and love their child even when that child makes choices the parent doesn’t like.

A loving parent doesn’t say to their child, “You didn’t do exactly as I said so now I can’t love you until the dog dies.  There must be the shedding of Blood in order for me to forgive you.” 

If a parent would act like this we would first take their child away from them.  Then lock them up in a funny farm to get a few dozen electroshock treatments.  We wouldn’t nominate them for Parent of the Month or claim that they are All Loving to their children.  Yet not only does the Christian God do this but then turns around and sends one of his children (Who is also himself) to be a Human Sacrifice so that he can forgive everyone.

Exactly who was this God trying to impress with this act of Suicide via Crucifixion?  It would have to be himself since he is the one that thought this was such a wonderful plan.  Yet the very thought of it screams of a completely deranged lunatic.

For the Christian to actually wonder why a logical thinking Atheist would be laughing at their religion instead of buying into what they are saying seriously brings into question their sanity.  Just because these things were written in ancient texts doesn’t mean they are logical, good or moral.  In fact I would contend to excuse Thought Crime,  Scapegoating,  Manipulation & Extortion doesn’t show that you have morals but that you are completely devoid of a moral center.

To go along with a belief system that bases what you want to call Justice on nothing more then the things someone can Believe (Think) without evidence is simply madness.  That isn’t justice of any sort but simply sadism for the sake of sadism.  It boils down to the Christian really saying, “You didn’t believe me.  You laughed at me.  You made fun of my ideas.  So now you will Burn In Hell Forever and that is your Just Punishment.”

Really you think that is Justice?  Sounds more like Sadistic Vengeance to me.

What Atheism Is & Is Not

                                                What Atheism Is NOT:

A Religion – There is no book or dogma to Atheism!  Atheists don’t have a special building where they gather once a week to swap stories of imaginary beings.  Atheism is not about the worship of anything or anyone!  No one speaks for Atheism!  There are some Atheist’s that do speak about their Atheism and Debate Christian’s, Muslim’s & Jew’s.  However those people are Not the spokesmen of Atheism but only Atheist’s that are giving their point of view.  It is up to the Atheist to accept or reject the ideas of that Atheist not a command from an organization that they must believe these things.

Atheism is no more a Religion then Not playing Football, Baseball or Basketball is a Sport.

Service to Satan or other fictional character – This should stand to reason given Atheist’s reject the concept of magical beings & imaginary locations after death where one is being tortured or in a so-called paradise.  An Atheist can no more serve a Satan or other fictional character then the Christian can be told they serve Allah, Odin, Thor, Loki, or Horus just to name a few. 


A Political Party – There are no rules or laws in Atheism that an Atheist must agree with this or that political group.  There can be Atheist Liberals as well as Atheist Conservatives.  There can be Atheist Anarchists as well as Atheist Pacifists.  There simply is no You Must Think This Way in Atheism.  If anything Atheism is the ultimate in Freedom of Choice!


A Branch of Science – There simply is no branch or aspect of Science that is Atheist Science.  Atheists see no need to try and shove Atheist into things that do not in themselves have anything to do with Atheism.  Science is something Atheists would be interested in but only because it is through Science that we gain further understanding of our world & Universe.


A Philosophy –  Atheism is not a philosophy because the Atheist is free to find for himself what philosophy he likes best.  Some Atheists may like the Philosophy of Immanuel Kant, John Locke, Friedrich Nietzsche, Plato,  Socrates or others.

                                                      What Atheism Is:

The Rejection of Any & All Gods be they ones held by modern religion or ancient mythology.  This rejection of Gods is based entirely upon the massive lack of evidence regarding any God.  As well as the increasing lack of a need for a God of any kind as many of the superstitions of the past have been explained by Science and removed the God wins by Default claim in so many of these cases.

Atheism is about using what we can Prove as the guide for what Exists!  Using Reality to define what is real.  As opposed to letting fantasy define what we call Real.

A Few Pet Peeves

As a Soldier in the Army National Guard I do feel qualified to point out a few things about those who serve in the Military.  It really doesn’t matter what branch.  What I am going to say is basically universal for those in the military or who have been.


1. If you see someone in a restaurant & they are in uniform chances are good that they are on lunch or if they have others around them who are not in uniform chances are good that they are friends / family.  In either case they don’t want to hear Thanks for your service or for you to buy their meal.  They simply want to eat in peace!  You appreciate what they do Fine.  I appreciate what Doctors, Police Officers, Firemen & EMT’s do but I am not going up to them and Thanking them for doing their Job!


2. Just because someone wears a military uniform doesn’t mean they are a Christian or even believe in imaginary beings in the sky.  So saying, “God Bless You” is frankly Stupid.  For me I have been damn tempted at times to ask “Which God?” 


3. This may come as a shocker for Theists but the claim that, “There Are No Atheists In Foxholes” is Absolutely Moronic.  Just because my job can involve risking my life this doesn’t mean I am suddenly going to embrace ideas of fantasy bigoted beings!


4. If You claim to be an Army Brat (Having grown up in a Military Family) then there are certain behaviors you should show.

A.      Self Respect – Not tripping over yourself whenever someone in the military is around.


B.      Loyalty – If you are married not cheating on your spouse!


C.      Common Fucking Sense – Even if you love the military haircut (Flat top / High & Tight) if you are Female you should know, This Is Not A Female Haircut!  A woman with this haircut looks like a Dike!  A Civilian woman with this haircut looks like a Dumbass!


D.      Integrity – Being able to do your job, even during a family crisis, without trying to get sympathy from everyone that you see.  Honestly most people just Don’t Care about your personal issues!  People may ask, “How are you doing?” but have two working brain cells.  99% of them really don’t give a fuck!  People say, “How are you doing?” expecting to hear fine, good, great, wonderful, or something positive.  Even if you say, Oh Shitty or Horrible or something negative many times they will respond, “Oh that’s good.”  Because they really don’t care and aren’t listening to hear all of your woes!



5. If You are not in the military and you go to a bar or club on a military post be warned if you act like a slut.  IE fawning over every Tom, Dick & Hairy you will be viewed as a Cum bucket.  Some in the Military will be completely repulsed by this type behavior.  Religion has nothing to do with it since I am an Atheist and I simply have no time for a woman that acts like a Military Cum Bucket!

Even if those in the military are nice to you this doesn’t mean they have a shred of respect for you!  A Cum Bucket is either ignored or treated as a Cum Bucket!  No one and I mean No Fucking Military Man looks at a woman acting like a Cum Bucket as a future Wife!


6. If You are around a co-worker and they are talking to someone that is in the Military and they reveal that they are in the Military too.  Remember this doesn’t involve You!  The two in the Military, especially the same branch, may talk shop so to speak and neither want your two cents.  Especially, “Oh I never knew you were in the Military”.  If you weren’t directly told them chances are good the person didn’t want you to know and only wanted to talk to a fellow Soldier.


7. Don’t change how you act toward someone when you know they are in the Military.  This behavior is highly insulting.  Especially if you try acting like you are some expert on the Military.  Just because your father was in the Military doesn’t mean You know jack shit about it!  If you do then show some Discipline and Self Respect!


8. If You are married and cheating on your spouse with someone in the Military don’t try comparing yourself to another soldiers girlfriend!  The soldier may not say what they are thinking at that moment because, unlike you they have discipline and can hold their tongue even though inside they may be ready to erupt like mount saint Helens!  There is a Huge difference between two people getting together who are both single and a married woman having an affair with a soldier.  If you are to stupid to know the difference just choke yourself now and save me the trouble!


I am seriously Allergic to Stupid Fucking People!

Why “Everything Happens For a Reason” Is BULLSHIT!

What is the Reason For:


1.       A Child Being Abused / Molested?

2.       A Woman / Wife Being Abused / Raped?

3.       Over 1 Million Children A Year Starving To Death?

4.       Children being born with Major Deformities or Hooked On Drugs?

5.       The Vicious Murder of an Atheist, Homosexual, or Anyone?

6.       A Parent Killing Their Child?

7.       Natural Disasters That Kill Lots of People?

8.       Religious People That Are Quick To Engage In Violence To Defend Their “Peaceful / Loving” Beliefs?

9.       A Person Getting An Incurable Disease?

10.   War, Genocide, Torture & The Mutilation of Baby Genitals?


To claim that a God Exists and cares about Human suffering / Human’s at all yet does nothing to stop any of this is an insult to our intelligence!

For Theists to say there is no answer for this but that this isn’t proof a God doesn’t exist is being rather hypocritical.  After all if you want to use a God of the Gaps type of twisted logic to try and squeeze your God into any hole that currently exists in science.  Then a hole in why evil things occur and no God does anything must be proof that none exists!

After all if some magical being would exist and would care about people so much for it to sit back and do nothing while all this horrible stuff happens and people cry for help would make this being the most evil and vile being that could exist!  After all what parent could really sit back seeing & hearing their child suffering horribly and do nothing to help them?  If you want to call this God the ultimate parent then damn it where is its parental nature?

I can explain why these things happen but the answer is not one that will fit with a belief in a Personal God.  The only kind of God that could possibly exist with the explanation I will give is a Deistic / Impersonal God!  The Reason these things happen is simple.  People make choices and those choices do sometimes cause the mistreatment of others.

Only a few can be called things that weren’t dependant upon choices that another person made and those things are simply Natural Random events or the Genetic roll of the dice.  It doesn’t mean a God is mad at you or that you are a horrible person.  All it means is you had a bad roll of the genetic dice or natural disaster.

In all cases Prayer to a cosmic Genie is not only a complete waste of time but counter productive when prayer / wishful dreaming can keep people from taking advantage of the medicine & treatments available!

The Bullshit of – All the paths lead to god.

“Consider Buddhism.  All the paths lead to god.”

This had been said by rohan-iney-shui however to try and assert Buddhism to a picture that denotes the Christian torture device that the followers love to wear seems, well, rather stupid. After all for this to be valid at all one would have to Consider Buddhism in relation to Christianity.

However as the second part of that asserts All paths lead to god. This is an assertion that is clearly false. Especially when one considers Buddhism since in Buddhism there simply is No God! While the Christian God is Jesus & that Jesus was his own daddy. A concept that is really absurd given this Jesus used the words My Father 57 Times in the 4 Gospels. If this Jesus was his own daddy then he was completely off his rocker!

While the Muslim God Allah is clearly a different sadistical bastard then the Christian sadistical bastard. Even though both of them are making the exact same type of tyrannical threat. Think as our Religion demands or be tortured forever in fire.

Then if you factor in the Hindu, Greek, Norse, Aztec, Mayan & Native American Indian Gods this idea that All paths lead to God can only be regarded as some kind of stupid joke.

The only possible way to consider any religion / path is as nothing but mythology.  As Joseph Campbell points out very well in the Series called the Power of Myth these stories that are present in Christianity are also present in all other cultures.  From the Hero all the way through the entire range of human experiences and tribal rituals of manhood / womanhood.  All of these things are stories told to help people identify with a tribe or group.

If you honestly are going to consider any religion then to do so in any other way then mythic story telling is frankly to miss the entire point of all of it.  The stories are not meant to be taken as literal history but rather as metaphors.

Just like George Lucas based the Star Wars movies on mythology, as he was a student of Joseph Campbell and knew the ancient myths very well.  People demanding their God is real because their religion says so is no more valid then for a child born in the 1980’s and taught that Star Wars is real to be demanding the force is real and Darth Vader will get you.

The truth of the matter is If something exists beyond this physical then logically it doesn’t give a fart in a high wind about this physical.  Otherwise it would’ve done something to prevent the Christian’s from committing the worst Genocide in human history.  Spanning two continents and over 400 years to wipe out of existence nearly All Indian tribes.  Add to that before this & during this same time Christian’s were also engaging in the torture and murder of countless numbers of people all because they were Accused of being a Witch or Heretic.  Note not proven to be anything but simply Accused!  To be Accused of something is all it took for Christian’s to engage in Extreme sadism and cruelty!

Then for these Christian’s to want to try and completely Ignore the horrific amount of blood and death that falls directly at their religion and their gods feet. As well as to try and whitewash it with weak those weren’t real Christian’s claims is frankly insulting to ones intelligence!  The only reason Christian’s today do not act like this is it is socially unacceptable for a religion to behave in this manner!  The Morals or lack of any morals in Christian’s hasn’t changed.  We simply do not live in a society were there bible is taken as true and the actions called for by their God are acceptable!

What this clearly shows is not only do these Christian’s Cherry Pick their own bible but they also Cherry Pick history.  Wanting to completely rip out the pages of history that show how they are the most murderous, hateful group on this planet.

However Christian’s take heart the Muslim’s are trying to compete with you for the worst religion in the history of the world.

If you want to consider any religion consider it as mythology not as anything factual!

God Size Hole

This is the typical moronic type of bullshit the theist will try and use.  However when I mentioned this to my girlfriend she pointed something out that does actually fit the beginning of this.

“there is a God shaped hole in every person”

Yea it is called the Asshole!

This is the only Hole that everyone has although I never thought of it as in the shape of a God!

“that is so strong, you can actually feel it.”

Yea sometimes it is so strong (When Shitting) that I scream Oh God!

“that is the most proof God will give you up front.”

Actually this proof would be behind not up front!

If your Asshole is up front then you are Ass Backwards!

Needless to say her and I got a huge laugh out of this.  So in that at least this has been a source of high comedy for us.  Perhaps this would explain why so many Christian’s & Muslim’s are, well, Shitheads!

Then we have something that raises a serious issue with theists claims of having a personal relationship with their deity.

“God is not within comprehension.”

If this God isn’t within comprehension then there is no way that we can have any basis for defining the concept or being.  To threaten someone with endless torture for not believing in what was out of their comprehension in the first place is absolutely absurd!

Talk about pissing on ones own feet!

“if God could be irrefutably proven somehow, there would be no room for faith, and love for Him would become superficial.”

First of all let’s define what Faith is.

Faith is Belief / Conviction in something without evidence or inspite of evidence to the contrary.

Delusional Disorder (which is a mental illness) is a firm belief or conviction about something despite evidence to the contrary!

So right off the top Faith = Delusional Disorder which is a mental illness not a virtue!

Next we have this love for Him claim.

1. What makes this God a Him?  If it is outside of our comprehension then any claim of gender would be simply bullshit.  That would be attempting to put what is outside of our comprehension within our comprehension.  However since it is outside of our comprehension a person making such claims is simply making up qualities which they may like and can’t prove actually apply to what they are claiming.

2. How does one have Love for someone or something that is by its very nature outside of their comprehension?  If something or someone can’t be comprehended then it is impossible to love it!

“just stop. get on your knees, and talk to God. just talk to Him. right now!”

WTF Get on my knees?  Excuse me?  I don’t bow to imaginary beings let alone to Sadistic, Genocidal, Narcissistic beings!

“Hes in your very room right now, as you read this.”

(Looks around) Damn invisible peeping Tom’s!

Well damn it if the fucker is here he better pay rent!  There is no room for freeloading invisible beings in my house!  It either pays rent or it will be tossed out on its invisible imaginary ass!

“it may take some practice, but you will feel he presence of God eventually.”

In short it may take time for a person to delude themself into thinking that talking to Nothing is actually doing something.  This is what could be called intentional mental illness!

If someone acts like they hear voices that aren’t there we call them psychotic.  Unless they are a Christian or Muslim then they are just religious?  WTF

Clearly this Anonymous person doesn’t realize before someone has to accept an idea or claim it is up to the person or group presenting the idea or claim to give Evidence & Proof as to the idea or claim being true.

Additionally in this the person doesn’t specify which God they are talking about.  Is it Odin, Zeus, Thor, Loki, Ra, Enki, Enlil, or another of the over 4,000 Gods that have been worshiped in human history.

Until Evidence can be given to support the existence of a God then there is no reason to delude ones self into thinking such exist.  Even if it would be proven a God does exist then the question becomes which God is it?

After all just in Christianity & Islam there are two Gods.  Jesus & Satan or Allah & Iblis.  Neither of which can be proven to exist but those so called Mono (meaning one) theism’s have Two Gods.

Clearly math is not a strong subject for the Theist!

Why would this require a God?

The entire premise of Intelligent Design is that the Universe needed some kind of intelligence guiding it otherwise it wouldn’t exist.  However even if you assume that there needs to be some cosmic designer this still doesn’t mean Christianity or Theism in general has succeeded at all.

Because once you establish that there is a cosmic force behind the Universe the Christian / Theist still has all of their work ahead of them.  Because then the Christian must Prove the creator / designer / intelligence is their God.  While the Muslim’s would have to prove it is theirs & the Jews would have to prove it is theirs.  Hell the Hindu’s & Buddhists could jump in on it at that point and look to prove it is theirs.

After all the Buddhist Brahman would be the easiest to fit into an intelligence behind the universe as the Buddhist’s don’t try and apply any connection between the Brahman and the behaviors of people / situations of the world.

It is the Personal God idea that creates a second and even bigger problem then the claim there must be a God. It is at least Possible that a consciousness exists behind the Universe.  A Consciousness on a dimension higher then we exist on.

I have no problem with this idea.  I can still safely say there is no god because a Consciousness in a higher dimension wouldn’t even be what we would consider a life form to be.  Since we don’t know the attributes of such a consciousness it would be impossible to give a man made label to it such as God.  Let alone for one group to try and claim ownership of it.  As if they are the only evolved primates that this consciousness would care at all about.

Even assuming a consciousness would give a fart in a high wind about human existence to try and assert that not only does it exist but it is an extreme bigot and only likes your tribe, your click, your group is frankly absurd to the extreme!

What all of this really shows is that the god of Christianity, Islam & Judaism really are nothing but inventions of the Secret Societies that have become what we call today the Illuminati & their ilk.

If you really look at who stands to gain from this tribalism based mind control bullshit it isn’t some mysterious cosmic force but those elite assholes that control all of the money and the leaders of our world.

These ideas of a God really come down to what type of behaviors will you accept from your leaders.  If you can go along with a hateful, Think As We Demand Or Be Tortured mindset then you are one that will be apt to go right along with the Hitler like behavior these New World Order assholes wish to bring about.

Christian’s don’t want to consider this possibility even though if you look back at the not so distant past we can see clear evidence of the Disease of Christianity invading a land of Peaceful Indian’s!  Peaceful Indian’s that were willing to Share the land with these new people to their land.  However the Indian’s had no idea the Greed and Bigotry in these Christian’s.

Not only did those Christian’s nearly genocide the Indian’s completely they turned around and made their invasion and genocide a holiday!  Then turned the Hitler’s of that time into hero’s!

Those who stand to gain from these God ideas isn’t a cosmic being but those jackoffs that are controling this fucking world.  If they can delude you into thinking that your life may suck now but just wait you’ll be in paradise forever what the fuck do they care.  You will eagerly accept Slavery & servatude in the Hope of some grand afterlife which these fuckers know doesn’t exist!

They don’t care that this afterlife doesn’t exist because after all they got what they wanted here and now and your Faith & Hopes don’t mean shit.  Their bottom line is Money & Control and you fuckers just hand it all over to them without thought!

How long before people wake up and smell the Bullshit?

How strong must the chains around your necks be before you try and oppose the slavery?

How Exactly is this Not Reverse Christianity?


I understand these type of images are the typical Satanic theme however I do want to point out a few facts about this accepted bit of bullshit that I strongly suspect most people have forgotten.

1.  The concept of a devil / Satan figure as being a figure of evil is a Christian concept!  In the Old Testament / Torah the Devil is nothing but the strong arm of the God figure.  It is not a figure / character that acts on his own with his own agenda.

2.  No where in the New Testament does this Satan character do even one thing “Evil”.  Not once!  Does this really seem fitting for a character whose entire point of being is to do horrible, nasty & evil things?

3.  No where in the entire bible does the Devil / Satan / Lucifer / Any Demon demand or even Suggest a Blood Sacrifice!  Instead the character that isliterally obsessed with Blood Sacrifices that it will even go so far as to demand a Human Sacrifice is none other then the God!  The God mind you that All Christian’s profess to be All About Love, Peace & Mercy!  Where Exactly is the Love, Peace or Mercy in demanding Blood in order to forgive?

To make matters worse try explaining the obsession with Blood & the Commandment of Thou Shalt Not Kill!  Try explaining that one without sounding like you are completely full of dogmatic shit!

4.  If you really wanted to Deceive someone would you go in as:

A. A raving lunatic, foaming at the mouth, Growling, Snorting & Farting how you hate them and want to kill them all?  (The way these so called “Demons” are said to act.)

B. As their Friend.  As someone their to Save them!  As someone that wants to Love Them!  Yet gives a message of you must Hate your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother & Even Your Self or you aren’t worthy?  As well as saying, ‘Think not that I came to send peace to the world.  I have not come to send peace but Division!  A man’s foes shall be they of his own household!”

I would contend that part A wouldn’t deceive anyone!  Not even the most moronic person to ever have lived.  Shit, animals wouldn’t even be deceived by such obvious venom.  But Christian’s want to act like this is the attitude of this Devil / Satan / Lucifer?  What crack pipe have they been smoking?

While the Part B could deceiive some because just like with so called psychic’s people will hear what they like and ignore what they do not.  They will act as if the parts that they don’t like or don’t fit what they want to think simply don’t exist.  This is called Selective hearing or Selective memory!

5.  No where in the entire bible does it ever say a single word about Satan / The Devil/ Lucifer or Any Demon torturing anyone in fire!  Or Casting anyone to Hell!  Instead it is the Jesus figure that talks about self mutilation as opposed to going to Hell.  As well as people being tormented in flames in the Presence of the Holy (Now there is a joke) Angels & the Lamb!  Revelation 14:10

How exactly can Christian’s try and do a shell game of responsibility regarding this Hell message and not be either Ignorant of their bible or Intentionally Lying?

For those Christian’s that want to try this cop out bullshit of You Send Yourself to Hell.  A claim I have heard frequently by Christian’s but None have ever been able to provide Book, Chapter & Verse where this is stated!  While I can give Book, Chapter & Verse where it states it is the Wrath of the God!

Yea Christian’s going by what is actually in your bible instead of what bullshit you want to make up is simply asking to much of you!

In this I am not even getting into how Christian actions and ideas contradict the so called message of your Jesus.

In closing I find it completely ridiculous for anyone to blindly buy into the Anti bullshit figures of the Christian bullshit religion.  Not only is there no evidence their Jesus ever actually existed there is absolutely no evidence supporting the existence of the Christian Devil / Satan / Lucifer.

Without evidence to support the stories to believe into it makes about as much sense as believing Michael Myers is real and comes out every Halloween to kill people.  Or that a Freddy Kruger lurks in your dreams to torture and kill you.  You may enjoy fictional stories but damn can we at least be smart enough to admit these stories are Fiction?

An Interview with Pastor Iblis 01/22 by SassyCat38 | Blog Talk Radio

An Interview with Pastor Iblis 01/22 by SassyCat38 | Blog Talk Radio.

A Very Interesting Interview with MrGoodNKinky on Blog Talk Radio with Sassy Cat.

Prejudice, Slavery, Racism & Racial Slurs

 This is a subject that I rarely cover because for me this should be a no brainer.  However there are times where I encounter stupidity to such a massive degree that I have no choice but to point out the absolute obserdity of what is going on.  The subject of the word Nigger deals with far more then just a racial slur.  It deals with how people treat each other in all areas of life because this gets at is the person a bigot or not.

In the history of Humanity there have been countless examples of prejudice, slavery, racism & racial slurs.  This is an issue that hasn’t just effected one race of people (Black People) but all races.  It is absolutely moronic for any one race to try and boohoo how racial slurs are directed at them especially while those same people will use those same racial slurs with each other and that is to be perfectly ok.  This hypocracy / a double standard at its most evident.
One doesn’t have to look very far in our society to find black people calling each other Nigger or slang derivatives of the word as if they think their using it is cool or even acceptable all because of their own skin color.  This is nothing short of racism & those that engage in racial slurs are by definition of the behavior they engage in racists.  Especially when those same people see no problem in calling white people Honkey, Whitey & Cracker.
To act like one race of people can dictate to another what words the other can say while they themselves are free to not only use the same word towards members of their race but racial slurs about the other race is simply racism.  There is no shortage of ignorance and stupidity in our society however this doesn’t mean we as a society must blindly accept this ignorance and stupidity and not challenge it.
Since so many seem completely oblivious to the definition of the word Nigger here it is so we can see exactly what is meant by it.
1.  Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive .
a. black person.
b. a member of any dark-skinned people.
2.  Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive . a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant,etc.
3.  a victim of prejudice similar to that suffered by blacks; a person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.
Let’s be clear the only part of the definition of the word Nigger that applies to black people is number 1.  For anyone to act like this is the only meaning is nothing short of ignorant.  Which according to number 2 would qualify them to being called a Nigger.  This is regardless of the color of their skin but entirely based on the behavior they engage in.
The people that wish to perpetuate the use of the word Nigger are themselves guilty of keeping that word alive in the social consciousness.  Many of these same black people that use the word nigger like water will also use racial slurs like Whitey, Honkey, Cracker, Spick, Gook & Wop.  To them using racial slurs is fine because they themselves are racists.  Yet these same black people will be completely outraged & offended if a white person uses the word Nigger.  Excuse me but if you are engaging in racial slurs at everyone else including your own race you are in no position to boohoo over them being used at you.  You do not get to dictate to others what words they can say while maintaining your own racism mindset.
To put a slightly different perspective on this the Atheist could be called a Nigger by the Christian because many Christian’s do consider Atheists to be Contemptible, Inferior & Ignorant.  Their basis for any of these is their own narrow minded belief system that says anyone that doesn’t think as they do is of this mythical devil figure.  I regularly see Christian’s treating me like I am lesser then them or contemptable all because I have no “Faith” in imaginary beings to which there is no proof they exist.  The Prejudice is the same regardless of the skin color of those engaging in the behavior.
Another example of a derogatory slur hurled at one group is the word Faggot.  This one is hurled the most by homophobic Christian’s at people that are homosexual.  By the number 2 definition of the word Nigger a homosexual would also fit in the catagory of a Nigger in the minds of these prejudice people which regard them as inferior & contemptable.  This is also not taking the third definition into account either.
When one factors in the third definition there are yet even more people that could be called a Nigger who don’t have to have black skin.  Anyone that is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.  This makes the catagory of Nigger so broad as to be able to enclude Black people, Atheists, Homosexuals, The Poor, Anyone in a political third party or someone that feels disenfranchised to the society they are in.
Then there is the historical fact that long before white people had black slaves in the United States black people had white slaves in North Africa.  European Christians were enslaved by Muslims in North Africa between 1530 and 1780
The truth of the matter is slavery has been a part of human societies all the way back to the ancient Sumerian’s which are the oldest society we have record of.  People of all skin types have been slaves.  Women were also regarded as lesser or property of the male.  In fact the idea that a wife is property and slavery is acceptable is in the Christian Tenth Commandment.  This is one the Christian’s want to try and act like should still be part of our society because it was the law from this imaginary God.
The Tenth Commandment:
Exodus 20:17 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.
In that commandment it is listing the property of the neighbor.  In that list of property are the following.
1. A House
2. A Wife
3. A Male Slave
4. A Female Slave
5. An Ox
6. An Ass (Donkey)
7. Or Anything that is the Neighbors
Christian’s you simply can’t cherry pick out numbers 2, 3 & 4 because it is not socially acceptable to do so.  That is simply intellectually dishonest.  Oh yes and let’s not forget to Covet is dealing with the thoughts a person has which is Thought Crime.  Rather tyrannical of you to engage in thought crime.
What all of this boils down to is if you want to not have racial slurs hurled at you:
1. Don’t you hurl them at others!
2. Don’t use them to others of your own race.
No other race is going around hurling racial slurs at each other as if doing so gives them some kind of power.  You never hear a group of Mexican’s going Hey my Spick.  Now it is true some of them will use the word Nigger which is honestly rather amusing given Mexican’s weren’t among those that were slaves.  But Black people appeariently don’t care if a Mexican uses the word Nigger.  They only want to dictate to White people what words they can use.  Which is rather hypocritical of you.  What exactly gives you the right to dictate to someone else what words they can use?
In all of this I didn’t even mention the race of people that were nearly genocided by Christian’s.  Over 100 Million of them were killed.  Those being the American Indian’s!  Some Indian tribes were completely genocided and the few that remain from the others were put on reservations (Concentration Camps) by the Christian White man!
The thing is even though this was horrible and needs to never be permitted to happen again.  There is Nothing any white person can do to alter the historical fact that it happened.  Additionally no white person today is responcible for what happened back hundreds of years ago.  The same goes for what happened to black people!
It is time people grow up and stop trying to boohoo over what happened to others of their race.  It never happened to you personally so you don’t get to boohoo over it.